ONE MONTH BABY UPDATE 2019 + Postpartum Update (Mental Health…)

so we will be asleep training we can't give him gripe water because he has kidney problems we don't know if he's gonna need surgery postpartum depression it's not necessarily being sad hi guys welcome to my channel oka back to my channel my name is Skye and today's video I'm going to be doing my one-month update on my baby boy Bridger and then also my 1 month postpartum update as well here's the sweet boy I'll be talking about he's a little over a month old I'm behind on these videos already oh my goodness yeah Mama's behind but look how handsome he is and he's growing up so fast it makes me really sad I'm gonna talk about his sleep how he eats if he hasn't made tummy problems his sleep schedule obviously he's not honest schedule but he does definitely have patterns and one of those is that overnight he wakes up around 2:00 to 2:30 and then again 5 to 5:30 it's been like that for a few weeks and he is usually in bed like sleeping for the night around like 10 or 10:30 which is pretty late but it seems like his long a week time is in the evenings when I'm trying to get them ready for bed so we will be asleep training I want to implement healthy sleep habits right away because with my first I waited and I I think that getting into the routine of a routine will help him a lot and also helped me a lot now it is hard because if you are new here we live an hour from town and we're gonna turn a lot I have to go an hour to upload this video I have to travel to upload videos and if you don't know I upload five times a week Monday through Friday and then besides that I have to go there for groceries and when he has appointments all everything everything we do in town and it's it's really hard to have a set like sleeping schedule even with my toddler I usually leave in the middle of his nap so I'm working with a sleep consultant I am working with a steep consultant oh I will leave her name right here and then I also have her stuff linked below I will be sharing the entire sleep training journey with you guys I'll have more information in a upcoming video I just I don't know what all to share quiet because technically we haven't started we just kind of talked about what we'd be doing and stuff like that and then for his eating he is still exclusively breastfed I said that we were going to introduce one bottle a week we haven't done it and I don't think we're going to simply because he does so good on the breast and yes I would like for him to take a bottle or if I for some reason ever need to be away from him which could happen at any time for whatever reason and I think then it would be okay because he loves his pacifier and he's had a pacifier since day one and let me tell you guys it has been actually really nice but frustrating at the same time because if he spits it out he gets upset um he loves his pacifier so I think that not introducing about it will be okay because he's had bottles before well he was in the NICU and then since he likes his pacifier I'm assuming he'll like a bottle as well does he have any tummy problems no he does not thankfully he he has been spitting up after nursing a very tight about like a normal amount of spit up and even then it's only like once a day and it's like I said a tiny amount and it's because he eats so fast but I have noticed that he does get gassy we can't give him gripe water because he has kidney problems and if I like push his legs up do bicycles he farts so much I feel so bad so I do it just a few times a day even if he's not acting fussy I just I will randomly do bicycles and almost every single time he lets out a lot does he have any skin problems no he has it like literally like five little things of baby acne but besides that his skin is really good still it's not dry he's been a pretty easy baby like it's almost weird to have two good kids because I was definitely expecting to have a bad baby but in the Eve he does have the witching hour which is where he just cries and cries from like six to seven ish is when he's really upset and just wants to be held just wants to nurse nurse nurse in his hair color you guys I have absolutely no idea what color his hair is because in person it looks blonder but like to you guys it probably looks brownish so I'll have to do a close-up and you guys let me know what you think his hair color is go to the community tab and let me know he has not been losing any hair which is surprising because by this time I first was absolutely bowled his eyes are getting lighter his little eyelashes are coming in there's really not much else to talk about for him oh for his one month appointment he was seven pounds six ounces he has a kidney ultrasound April 27th that's when he was born he has a kidney ultrasound June 28th so I will be vlogging that and I'll update you guys we don't know if he's gonna need surgery or if it's gonna resolve by itself if you have not been following along he has kidney disorder his renal pelvic his renal area is like larger than what it should be which can cause problems but from what I've read it's it's pretty common and usually they don't really have to do anything I was very hopeful that when he was born then it would have already been resolved and it was not he pees fine and all that so I think it'll be okay he is definitely it's for some reason I just thought about this he's definitely chunking up he's getting little fat rolls on his thighs and his newborn closed hardly fit him anymore like they do like I can get them on but they're pretty tight and he does have a newborn onesie on right now so that's that's kind of what it looks like like see I can get it on yeah I think I'll go ahead and tell you guys about me real quick so the biggest thing I want to touch on is like my mental health because with my first I had postpartum depression and I don't really talk about it much and I want to share the few things I think have been helping me this time around and obviously if you're gonna get postpartum depression you're most likely going to get it regardless it's nothing that you can really control but I think staying busy with YouTube has helped a lot and then also having my toddler for company I know that sounds so silly you can come in baby better you can just let him in but like having him to keep me busy helps a lot having the animals and stuff but yeah just staying busy and like keeping my mind busy has helped a lot and then I don't know if it's because I'm a second hi mom I'm a lot less worried about everything I know that that sounds silly but I know that he's going to be okay I know that he doesn't need to be checked on five million times a night I'm actually getting sleep I've also just made sure to take care of myself I don't know I think that's important it's just self-care and staying busy so that you don't get into a bad mindset and since we live so far from civilization having my toddler and then also all the animals just to go out so my mental health is good and my husband has checked up on me a lot he's very worried that I'm gonna get a postpartum depression again and it did not hit with my first until four months so hopefully I'm not speaking anything into existence knock on wood but everything is good this experience has been so much better pop up with everything breastfeeding has gone easier which I think helps a lot as well I kind of knew what to do and how to help but there are still days where I get overwhelmed which is normal and I will just I I know that I'm getting overwhelmed just when I noticed I'm getting overwhelmed or like worked up where I feel like I want to scream or cry I will and then I'll just take a minute to re-evaluate that's not the word I'm looking for recoup and then within just a few minutes of mine so like if you watch my nighttime routine you can like see me leading up to feeling super overwhelmed and I was like you know there's dishes to do and stuff but I'm just gonna sit down and watch a movie and just that sitting down for a few minutes helps a lot I am NOT against medication I was on medication with my first so if I do start feeling things I know that postpartum depression it's not necessarily being sad I just did not want anybody to hold heel besides me like I was terrified that they would drop him and kill him or some days I felt like I just wanted to drop you off and leave because I wasn't worthy for him like I wasn't a good mom so I know that postpartum depression is not necessarily just being sad so I know like what to look for this time around I know if any if I start feeling that way at all to just go in right away because and don't put it off that's the biggest thing so besides my mental health being good I'm going to talk about my weight my weight loss I have 20 pounds left to lose but it took me nine months well not necessarily it took me almost nine months to grow him so I think it's gonna take me about nine months to lose the way again with just fine I do fit in my pre pregnancy clothes because this is about the way that I was after I had Hugh so I have all those clothes so my milk supply is absolutely amazing I pump typically around like 10 to 20 extra ounces a day so like this morning I nursed him and then I was able to pump 7 ounces afterwards and I do have my breastfeeding nursing schedule up if you want to watch that see breast feeds on demand and then I will use my hand pump anytime I feel like I need to empty more which is quite often I think we have not experienced my status for a while now I'm donating yes so far I've donated 275 ounces I donated 150 ounces at two weeks and then I donated 125 ounces on a month I had a month ish the cramping stopped like around a week postpartum and then the bleeding stopped about four weeks right around a month is when the bleeding slowed way down but I am still wear a panty liner just for safe measures I said mama oh you want to save a baby brother yeah I can he is such a good big brother I know I already said that but you're the best big brother ever he's so sweet to him I am not having any postpartum hair loss yet I never experienced it with my first so fingers crossed I don't experience at this time around my hair is actually growing quite fast which happened last time to you guys do not let me cut my hair I cut my hair and I regretted it instantly don't let me do that again a little more about Bridger he does not like tummy time I was not like tell me time on the floor but he absolutely loves to me time on our chests so that's when we will do it the most he does really really well and he lifts his head up for a good amount of time so tell me time isn't no go unless it's on our chest he loves to baby wearing sling is our go-to also can I just say that he has the cutest cry ever I think that is all for today's video I really hope you enjoyed I promised that my two month three month four month five month update will be on time I will film it the day that he turns that month or after his appointment so that we can give you more information I'll see you guys in like two weeks for his two month update he was giving him kisses right now oh my gosh oh you guys want to see our two boys together or more of our farm line all that I hit subscribe because I do post vlogs a few times a week and my gosh I freaking love them so much that's the only time I'm like really emotional is like seeing them together like now I want to cry again are you freaking kidding me just seeing them together is what makes me so happy and I'm just so thankful and so blessed but yeah that is all for today's video I hope you enjoyed it we'll see you next time bye guys [Applause]

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