One Month Postpartum Baby & Mommy Update | Parenting FAIL + C-Section Recovery

everyone it Samantha and welcome to our one month post part of my baby update I cannot believe it olivia is actually one month old now I feel like the time has gone by so fast and she's already changed so much in this first month and I can't believe how much our lives have changed this month I just can't believe how much she's already taken over our lives and taken over a place in my heart I just feel so complete with her in our lives now I'm not gonna be able to have Olivia in this video so I have some home movies I will attach to the end of this video at the very end I just have some little clips of her I have been filming her a lot more so not a lot is different with me i'm still about the same i'm still just a little bit sore and i have about two weeks before my midwife appointment hopefully i will get cleared for exercise and everything and if i'm still having some discomfort in my pelvic region i will definitely be talking to them about that but I've still got about two more weeks before then and usually people heal in about six to eight weeks so right now i'm only at about four weeks and i'm still feeling great we've been doing walks when it's warm enough and i'm still a restriction so i'm still trying to take it easy but it's getting harder and harder to take it easy because i'm feeling better and better as time goes on so um I'm just ready to get the all clear from the Midwife super wait I am down one pound and 171 and last week I visit 172 so just one pound but that's still good I mean we're not doing anything being down a pound is pretty good so as far as Olivia goes I think things have been going great with her we did have a couple of problems this week and it all was revolving around trying out the bottle for the first time so we ended up using the bottle a total of three or four days I can't remember which and it was just a terrible experience um the first time she had a bottle I had just put two ounces in it thinking you know she's a newborn she's not really drinking that much I don't think and since she's breastfed I didn't have any way of measuring it so we just estimated two ounces the first time and she sucked down the two ounces superduper quickly and started screaming bloody murder I was actually pumping as johnny was feeding her so I was able to pump an extra else real quick and give her that so she had three total ounces and after three ounces she seemed okay but she still was not satisfied you could tell she wasn't happy so I ended up having to breastfeed her anyway so the next night I had five ounces pumped i read online tonight asked on instagram how much their newborn ate at three weeks and people gave me all sorts of ranges from 2 ounces all the way up to five or six ounces so i went ahead and put five ounces in the bottle and she drank it all pretty quickly never stopped never paused and shortly thereafter she acted hungry again and we were like there's no way she could be hungry after five ounces you know she's three weeks old there's no way I'm producing that much milk all at once I have been over producing and she does get a lot of milk but there's no way she was getting five ounces plus at a sitting and a short while later maybe like an hour later she projectile vomited everywhere she was bombing it up everything but she seemed perfectly fine we were frantic I was a really really frantic thinking oh my gosh what's wrong with her something's not right maybe I ate something weird you know I was thinking all these things maybe she's sick freaking out and everything I read online said sometimes babies just vomit it's no big deal that just happens you know randomly like that and so we were very careful you just watched her all the next day and again we did the same thing with the bottle we didn't connect it to being the bottle at this point we did the full five ounces again this time shall we drink three ounces but then shortly after she was acting very very hungry so can I nursery no we were like there's no way she's that hungry and sure enough shortly after that she projectile vomited again and then we're like oh maybe it was the bottles maybe she's drinking way too much and the only thing I could think about it being the bottles was she's just drinking it down so fast she's not used to such a good flow and she's just not picking up that she's full as quickly because the liquids just coming out so quickly so I think it was just she had way too much now I feel like horrible horrible parents because we gave her way too much food in depth may here throw up we have not messed with the bottles hardly at all since then it was just so traumatic and having her throw up and even though she seemed totally fine afterwards I was just a wreck like feeling like the worst parent in the world cuz we over fed her and made her sick and she threw up everywhere you know watching your baby throw-up and knowing that you probably caused it by overfeeding her it was really bad so that was just a huge parenting fail on our part and we decided we're not gonna do the bottle what I was thinking is if Johnny gave her a bottle every day and I pumped once a day she would just have a nice little bonding experience with Johnny and he just didn't feel as strongly about this bonding experience as I did he's already plenty bonded to her and they are absolutely in love with each other you could totally tell by the way they interact with each other but he wasn't really into the bottle feeding and also it just created a lot of extra work like having to pump once a day clean the bottles warm a bottle it was just lots of extra work so we decided we're not gonna do the bottle a day thing and to know a lot of people talk about nipple confusion she has not had any nipple confusion at all whatsoever she's tried pacifier she's tried bottles now and she was fine with any of them but she hates the pacifier so the pacifiers been a fail we've still been trying it every once in a while when she's fussy we still try to introduce the different pacifiers she still mostly won't have it maybe she'll suck on one for a minute and then she'll spit it out and scream hysterically if we try to put it back in so the pacifier thing has been a complete fail and then the bottle thing has been mostly a fail although you know she could drink from it she just didn't have a good experience with it we decided we will use them if absolutely necessary you know I'm going somewhere or I have to take medicine that she can't have things like that so we'll have him we know she could use the bottle she didn't freak out about the bottle at all but we just decided it was not for us so she is going to be an breastfed little baby so I mentioned last week that she was fussy around nap times but she was really good at nighttime and that's still the case still maybe the first time we put her down at night she'll be fussy other than that she goes right back to sleep after nursing and nighttime has been amazing I was talking about she had gone six hours well consistently every night this whole week she has had one really long stretch and then two to three shorter stretches after that of sleep the longest stretch is usually about five to six hours but one night it was seven hours and it was insane I you know I wake up all the time and I check on her all the time cuz it's just such a long stretch then just check and make sure she's okay and I kind of freaked out a little bit when I wake up and realize I've been sleeping that long and she's been sleeping that long but overall it's been great she ends up going to bed about ten to eleven o'clock and then she'll have a really really long stretch she'll wake up in early morning and feed her again and then she has those two to two and a half hour long stretches after that so she'll have a couple of those usually too but sometimes three of those it just depends on if she'll go back to sleep after a nursery after that second little stretch um but it's been amazing I feel incredibly lucky that we've gotten a really good night time sleeper but as good as she is sleeping at night that's how horrible she is sleeping during the day um especially like the last couple days her naps during the day had been like 30 minute naps she had today I think she had like 4 30 minute naps and that was it during the day but she ended up sleeping like way late into the afternoon almost this morning she's definitely not getting her sleep during the day she is getting all sorts of naps at night social take like a late evening happen it'll be a couple of hours then she'll have the big long stretch and then she'll have a couple other two two and half hour long stretches so she's getting enough sleep like if you add it all up but it's all just happening at night like hardly any of it is at all during the day which is really really weird another part of it that's really weird is she screams when it's time for that time like we try to put her down it's clear she's tired she's rubbing her eyes she's yawning she's getting fussy where she doesn't want to do anything else and she will not sleep like she will not go to sleep you cannot rock her to sleep you cannot just set her down and let her go to sleep usually she's got to be in her swing she's like cries or screams for a couple of minutes usually her little scream sessions don't last any longer than just a couple of minutes like I've timed him in the longest one was seven minutes long out of all of the ones that we've had but it seems like every time before she goes to sleep she cries so that part has been really really nerve-wracking and really frustrating because I just hate hearing her cry and that's the only time that she cries pretty much other than that she doesn't really cry she'll start getting a little bit whiny if she gets bored with something we tend to have to change activities a lot like change positions so then have time and going to sleep thing has been really frustrating but other than that like everything's been great she's a really sweet little girl and she's starting to smile a lot and she coos and makes cute little sounds and totally in love with her and it's been a great month so my husband gets eight weeks paternity leave and we decided to take four of them now and for them in the summertime we're gonna go do some traveling but right now we just took four week and his paternity leave is up so this next week is gonna be my first week being a stay-at-home mom officially just me and the baby I'm really excited to be back into a routine to get into some sort of routine with her at the same time I'm really nervous because aside from Johnny running errands I've had something here helping me the whole time um i was gonna be the first time i'm doing it by myself and I'm a little bit nervous so I've got a lot of plans lined up for the week and somebody has asked me on I think last week or the week before his post partum video if I was gonna do day in the lives or requested day in the lives I definitely am going to Johnny goes back to work I definitely plan on making one of those for you guys and I do plan on having those pretty regularly I didn't film any of those in late pregnancy because I wasn't very active like I barely did anything Johnny did most of the stuff and now that olivia is here and I wanna be a stay-at-home mom I definitely want to film some of those for you guys so I think that's it so at the end of this video I have some rule video clips of her and that is it so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you've got any kind of questions or video requests please let me know in the comment section down below I am trying to do a couple of videos a week but with a newborn it's pretty hard so I will try to do as many videos as I can I know the breastfeeding stuff was really requested so I went ahead made that it's up on the channel and I'll link it down below for you guys be sure to subscribe so you can follow along with my videos don't forget to give a thumbs up if you like baby updates and I'll catch you guys next time so thank you so much for watching and see you soon baby baby you last circus earthy oh you hungry people are you hungry like the bird you got any so dramatic when she coughs children's switch

6 Replies to “One Month Postpartum Baby & Mommy Update | Parenting FAIL + C-Section Recovery”

  1. Oh those smiles! What a sweetheart! You know, babies cry and babies spit up. It happens. Please try not to feel too guilty about those things happening (I understand and felt the same, but it's just not your fault.) Thanks for sharing your Olivia with us!

  2. She sleeps like my son slept. Great at night, not great during the day. And kind of cranky during the day too. He's 16 now and still fights sleep, though once he's asleep, he sleeps long. He is a rather light sleeper though.

  3. Hard to believe it's already a month! Weren't you just pregnant? Lol. She sounds like quite the little one to keep you busy, but in a good way. I can't believe you've figured out what she likes. I wish you and her well!

  4. She might be getting air with drinking it so fast! My little girl was the same way when we gave her a bottle for the first few times! Our pediatrician suggested burping her every 2 ounces or so! Burping just isn't some thing us nursing moms think o!! f Hope this helps!

  5. There is going to be no holding Olivia down!  She is so active and alert at one month… and can charm people with her smile.
    It is a delightful video!  Samantha, I know how you felt when you thought you had harmed her.  When I cut my son's nails for the first time, I cut a little too closely and it bled a wee bit.  You would have thought he was going to need stitches if you had seen how I acted. From that point on, my husband did all the nail clipping!  Parenting is a bit of experimentation and a lot of learning to see what works and what doesn't.  I look forward to seeing more updates as Olivia grows.  (By the way, she has the perfect name.) 

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