hi guys and welcome to my channel today's video I'm going to be doing my one-month post partum for you guys just a little update on how I'm doing and I'm going to update you guys on how Liam is doing as well cuz with one a month postpartum means one month update for the little one um he's currently sleeping right now so that is what he is doing both of the babies are sleeping but anyways it has been a month on July 22nd it has been a month up on month um and basically for my labor and delivery and went really easy and really smooth for the most part and I've just got really fortunate with that and with that came a really pretty much easy recovery as well I only had one tear and labor delivering I know anyway and I only had one tear so they only had stitched that up so obviously I was a little sore the first couple of days and stuff like that and I wasn't up and active as I normally was but very quickly afterwards I was you know completely fine with walking and moving and getting in and out of bed and all that kind of stuff so I had a pretty quick recovery I bounced back pretty fast but again I did have a really easy labor and delivery so I didn't have much to really hold me back from you know healing fast or faster than normal I guess I feel a lot faster than they did with Jameson or I felt at least a little bit better than I did with Jameson um so there's been a CH I have lost some weight I haven't lost all of my late again I'm only one month postpartum so I really shouldn't lose all of my weight I am starting to get like my body back and look more back to normal I will show you guys like my belly um and show you guys what it looks like but I am starting to look a lot more normal and like my original self I'm obviously gonna have some working out to do and my I'm also just gonna have to wait for my skin to kind of tighten back up and do its thing that just takes time that's not gonna happen overnight so there's that I stopped believing around like three weeks mmm two weeks five two and a half weeks and then I've just been having spotting ever since every now and then nothing crazy so that's been really nice um but yeah I've been feeling pretty freaking great and I have no complaints about this liebherr delivery recovery all of it so I'm really excited and happy about that that's pretty much it for myself I'm feeling great I'm feeling good I am so ready for my six-week appointment which is next Thursday I'm having a couple of days for my actual six weeks but that's because my doctor so busy that you know it was the one that was able to work for me and her so that is why I'm having it a couple of days early but she said it's only a couple days it shouldn't matter you know he should be fine especially since my delivery and all that stuff went really well and then we have one tear she's like you know he should be pretty much back to normal by then so I should be pretty much good to go which I'm so excited to get you back into working out obviously I'm gonna have to get really slow and be really easy on myself for the first you know month or two which I'm totally okay with as long as I can get my butt in the gym and start walking and start doing stairs and start building some more muscle back up because I've definitely lost a lot of muscle I just I'm ready to like get back to a normal self and be me and I feel like working out is one of those ways it's gonna get me back into feeling like myself again so once I start getting working out I'm gonna I've already started trying to get back into it eating healthy eating and a good eating habit healthy eating habit whatever I'm trying to say that is lamb he is sleeping up a moment right here so that's how I'm making my cyst but I'm trying to get into a good healthy eating habit right now I'm not doing perfect and I'm not you know cutting up everything if I have slip-ups if I have my days it's really normal especially you know I have two kids and I'm still learning how to balance two kids so it's gonna take you know a process to get there but I'm trying to start out now that's like I'm gonna have a game but if I'm you know I don't to be hard on myself yet but as for Liam he is one month obviously I post a picture on my Instagram if you guys don't follow me on Instagram it'll be linked down below it's always linked down below on my social other social medias if you guys want to go check those out as for Liam he is doing absolutely great he is definitely put on some weight which is good he's definitely getting a lot chunkier than what he has been he's still sleeping pretty much the same at night but he's done pretty good for the most part in general last night he woke up twice a couple of nights before that he woke up once so you know he was on the two-to-one schedule hasn't woken up three times the earliest he'll really wake up in the morning is like five is what I've experienced so far and Jameson wakes up at five so that's not really too bad for me because sometimes Jameson's already up so that I just consider as being up in the morning and I don't consider them all a night so that's how that's working out for us but yeah he's been sleeping pretty good all the way except one to two times in the middle of the night which is awesome for me and you know he's eaten good he's gained weight he's been more awake throughout the day which has been awesome too he's just you know more alert and I try and keep him up more during the day it's not to keep a baby awake because sometimes they just fall asleep because there's not that many ways to your team and important so there's that but I try and give him like as much as I can during the day that way he does sleep a little bit better at night so he is just doing great and alive and thriving so yeah I have nothing really to add to him you know he has really bad baby acne right now but we're hoping that goes away soon we haven't do anything to feed it or ask to doctor yet because it says you know up to three months they can have it and I'm hoping within the next couple weeks it'll subside if not I'll contact my doctor and kind of ask her you know what's going on but yeah he haven't gone indistinct eye color they're mostly just gray they're kind of leaning on the blue side but I feel like some other gays they kind of lean more Brown so we'll kind of see what I feel like he has but for now I mean they can change for up to a year but for now they're still just kind of a gray doesn't have a distinctive eye color also so pretty brown hair the top looks like he's losing it I don't know if they lose it or if they grow more hair on the sides I don't know how that works but he definitely has less hair on the top of his head on the sides so he's looking a little old mannish but that's okay he's chunky old man with baby acne but yeah that's pretty much it for our update it's nothing too crazy but I just wanted to kind of put it out there good a little update I'll show you guys my tummy don't mind the background because it's a mess in here so bear with us for that part but here's me tummy this is it it's pretty flat it's find out a lot but I do so hot like some extra skin hanging around next we can tell this is just a kind of extra skin and then my love he knows I definitely got to work on but that's what the chance for we want to get there and then I'll show you Liam because apparently he's waking up right now so and you can't really tell on the camera he looks well yellow right here and I come on so he is jaundice but he definitely did not and definitely does not look yellow and person but he's just so cute and he's getting Toby Toby cheekers and he's just so he's getting pretty big in the tummy right here he's getting pretty big he's just so big okay I know he's probably gonna wake up T anyways so that's it for our one month postpartum and one month update I'm not gonna be crazy it's only been a month so I just adjusting my body has really bounced back and I've been super grateful and I'm definitely still have a lot to work work to do to get to where I was before I was pregnant with him because it's in amazing shape before him and I'm so sad but I still have work to do and he has so much more growing to do with unless he first year it's going to be absolutely crazy I will keep you guys updated you know maybe on me if you guys are interested in that and how I do what I do my workouts and what I eat and all that kind of stuff to get to my body back if you guys are interested let me know down in the comments below because I would love to film that for you guys if you guys are interested if not I won't waste your time also if you guys want me to keep updating you guys on him I can definitely do that as well and make those videos for you guys but yeah that is it for my one month postpartum video I hope you guys like this video don't forget a little but don't forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel down below so that you guys can always stay updated with us I am getting better at post I will get better at posting I've been a little off my game since Liam has been born but I'm trying to get back to it so vlogging doing any little updates for you guys information that you guys want to know I've been thinking about doing my skincare routine soon or any favorites or any new bit boring items that you guys you know want suggestions on just let me know in the comments down below what kind of videos you guys want to see I can definitely make those videos for you guys so thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you guys in my next video I [Applause]

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