ONE picture changes her mind on abortion in 14 seconds!

what about you ma'am you pro-choice you are what's your name Okoye for advice the mirror do you know this is a nightly baby you think it's okay to kill that baby over she can answer please what do you think no I know you don't so have you changed your mind yeah pictures worth a thousand words so anybody hands us a great what about you what about me do you think it's a woman's right to choose choose what kill a baby in the womb amen excuse me you have me confused yeah it's okay for a woman to kill a baby in the womb yes I believe that you ever 18 I am 18 okay get up where do we go yeah but I like to propose this to you don't you believe God created science don't you believe God created that birth control napkin Planned Parenthood so that Souls couldn't be wasted so that baby shouldn't have to be raised in terrible homes God are saving no no this do one of the time you said it's okay for a woman to kill a baby in the room why is it in case the kid grows up on a happy no I didn't say that don't put words in my mouth tell me I was asking you what I was saying is that the Lord gives those people that choice because he allows them to live in the flesh right it is our choices people have God to choose if we want to believe in him or not right so understand that when he created science and the universe and everything that goes with it he gave those people that right he allows the Google that choice yes exactly now rapist says in choice to rape the womb you're right is that okay no so it's okay to say it's wrong for a man to rape a woman it's okay to sex wrong to kill a baby in the world this is a nine week baby yes so tell me when it's okay to kill it okay well when that image isn't it's plated we can help big it is that baby isn't that size in real life so why are you using something false so what get better evidence this is evidence that's nice baby suck factual Vegas let me go back 50 yards and you can see it this is a living human being made in the image of a benign it's a picture the caning is okay to kill a baby in the womb chamber obviously believe in God's exist amen are you a good person I believe so why Latonya can you be honest waiting to ask you some questions have you told your life I can't count it so Kanellis twice I can't count it okay this can you know I don't know exactly no you can't can you count your own lies no exactly so don't try to patronize me mother hate reminds me I watch your language because of the children I apologize okay second question if you ever stolen something yes so you're a lying thief you can't tell me that I asked to you said you'd stolen and you'd like some on you a line think I'm gonna lose right to choose it's a woman's choice the woman has the right to choose so you think it's a woman's right to choose because a woman's right to choose absolutely yes well I'm personally I'm pro-choice I believe you should have the right to get an abortion women have the entire choice to choose what they want and no one should dictate that so I want to give you knowledge that's going to change your mind about everything you believe have you changed your mind about abortion today I mean yes I did you know it did change your perspective on abortion are you beginning to change your mind about this issue of abortion I guess you can say yes you know you had good reasons you just changed her mind about aborting the child yes well I just wanna say thank you for opening my eyes like I actually touched my heart about pro-life yes changed your mind yes have you changed your mind about abortion of course you're gonna vote pro-life yeah so you have changed your mind about abortion actually you know what yeah yeah so you're gonna vote differently now yeah oh well you just changed your mind about abortion tomorrow so you're gonna vote differently when it comes to abortion yes you're gonna vote pro-life yes but you take the life of that baby I can never you know you had a good reason you you

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  1. Hello Ray (And Everybody Else), On The 22nd I'm Going To Be Passing Out Tracts On Abortion And Hopefully Get In Conversations As Well On The Topic Of Abortion, Please Pray For Me For Courage And Confidence And That I'll Say The Right Things

  2. When I told my mom to abort me because for some reasons am passing through the Lord called my name 3 times and didn't know who was calling and then my mother told me thst the Lord was calling me to tell me that I don't know what am saying. Asked God to forgive me.

  3. What a blessing to have this kind of information in our hands, everything for the glory of Jesus. God bless you Ray.

  4. It must have been tough to learn, he like the rest of us aren't perfect. With a foul mouth like his, he may have realized while walking away that he just like the rest of us must pray for forgiveness for the sins we commit not just one time, but continually. I hope it happens for him before his time is up here on this planet.

  5. Women talk about toxic masculinity, well there is nothing more toxic than most women's opinion on abortion.

  6. I was dealing with the same type of stubborn 18 yr old via Insta DM… I say he doesn't get the full picture, he says it back to me. I ask him an urgent question, he answers "don't tell me that! Stop putting words in my mouth!" The pride and arrogance in these types of people is just UNBEARABLE to deal with most of the time.

  7. Mankind uses the same failed concepts, #1 SCIENCE (I believe in science – as I am so intelligent) yet they believe they evolved from an 'elite group of monkeys with ZERO evidence to prove it). #2 The Universe was created by 'something/nothing' but it created everything (SCIENTIST are still working on it……) #3 Rejection of JESUS – and it goes around & around in a circle (prove this, no prove this and on & on & on). One will never win this argument, however mankind has FREE WILL to decide where they will spend ETERNITY in HEAVEN or in HELL

  8. EVIDENCE is the creation, mankind can do anything they want however there will be a day of judgement regardless of 'science' that is a bogus co-op excuse to revel in SIN

  9. 3:00 pure satans servant this boy is… and he has the audacity to say Amen in a mocking fashion…. and he is also a pure coward and runs away. Shame on him.

  10. Pride is the most dangerous sin… it made even one of Gods most beautiful creations fall, how do I think I can whistand it?

    Lord, please humble us all. Amen.

  11. And that's how our young society behaves. They can't have civil conversation and admit their wrongs and faults.

  12. He's the kind of chump that gets mad if you don't buy him alcohol. He is definitely on the wrong road
    Praying for him. The seed was planted. It took my seed 33 long years to grow , through a lot of trechturous storms and wouldn't have made it if it wasn't for God's mercy. So I pray for God to bless this young man 🙏 and deliver him from his ways so that he can see the light ……………………………


  13. I personally think that if you yourself go and have fun with someone and get pregnant than you should be allowed to abort. But I think not right to not let a woman who has gotten raped to not allow her to get an abortion. For example, right now there is a 11 year old girl who got raped, but she is not allowed to get an abortion because of abortion bans in her state. Now she has to either go through all the pain of pregnancy or she has to fly all the way out of a different t state just todo abortion. That’s personally what I think.

  14. Size is a curious thing. Apparently, it's not so difficult to drop bombs on tiny, black dots on the ground. And if the first life form was microscopic, its origins are unimportant, and unworthy of our consideration. And if all the matter in the universe was once compressed into a tiny ball, it's unreasonable to demand to know where that ball came from. The size game is perhaps one of the most dangerous games we play.

  15. Look at the fruit that is produced from ray comfort's evangelism. Wonderful job, And all for the glory for God

  16. That kid made me angry lol how arrogant and proud he is! He has a lot to learn and a lot of maturing to do. We should pray for him.

  17. GOD doesn't create everything in this world. Satan plants evil in the world and in our minds. We tend to forget about Satan and want to blame GOD for everything that is going on in this world. Our purpose in this world is to preach the gospel and anticipate for our Messiah's return so that we can have everlasting life. We are to be watchful of the devil and it's conniving ways so that we do not parish for eternity. We either choose Him and his son Christ or follow Satan. Simple.

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