ONE WEEK KETO RESULTS | Keto And Breastfeeding | Postpartum Weight Loss

hi guys my name is sky thank you so much for stopping by as you can tell from the title of this video I'm gonna be sharing my one-week keto experience and results with you guys if you want to know how I feel my weight loss all of that good stuff my thoughts on keto then keep on watching excuse my wrist jerk you hear him his name is Russell Crowe because he crows so much so if you hear him I apologize there's nothing I can do right off the bat I'm going to share with you how much I lost I'm not gonna make anybody wait until the end I am so embarrassed to tell you guys how much I weighed before not because it's like a big amount like I'm I have never considered myself fat ever it was an unhealthy weight for myself that was 182 pounds because I gave birth at 179 somehow I gained weight after I had my child and I was blaming it on him being the NICU stress I was blaming it on breastfeeding I am very guilty of using a pregnancy and breastfeeding as an excuse to eat like crap and truthfully when you are breastfeeding some people don't have an appetite at all but me I could not eat enough and the biggest reason is because I was not feeling my body with good stuff but that's beside the point so I did lose 12 pounds of pretty much all water weight everybody holds onto water differently and also bloat blow is like a big thing that I experienced I did not do like a video Journal of every day like a lot of people do simply because I didn't know how I was gonna be able to stick to it since I am breastfeeding but good news is everything is great I feel amazing my son is just fine now I do want to add people have their feelings of keto so if you do not agree with the way of then just exhale this video go watch some videos that you agree with and move on with your life I don't know where to start exactly so I chose to do Kido because I'm just gonna name a few reasons first off I had headaches every single day I would wake up feeling like crap literally I would wake up wanting to go back to sleep and it was just so unhealthy especially the two children I was kind of mean because I was constantly hungry cramping from my PCOS which by the way keto is a very recommended diet if you have PCOS my back hurt all the time and I was like oh it's just because I had a baby no it was not felt sluggish 24/7 I truthfully felt like I was not a very good mom I reached a very low point of like going to bed every night feeling terrible for not being the best mom that I can be and obviously I still have a lot of work to do those are my reasons for starting keto and I've done it in the past so I knew what I was getting myself into when I started on day one day one was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be any time I'm home I really don't have any food in the house besides keto and like cue snacks which I never ate anyway I did not experience the keto clue at all there are times where I get low on my electrolytes and I can tell immediately because my head will kind of hurt a little bit or I'll just be a little like moody in a way like a little upset literally I just go drink some electrolytes in 20 minutes later I'm back to a normal self the hardest part has definitely been trying to get my calories in so I I'm doing like 1,800 calories a day I believe it's a great thing about keto is that you get to eat like you're not starving yourself and the food also keeps you really full so me not being and meeting calories to feed my child and to fuel myself it's been difficult but I've managed they one-two-three it was pretty easy because I was at home all day but day four I went and watched twin two-year-old so I had my 20 year old twin two-year-olds and my 2 month old I was like I don't really want to bring food with me I'll just wait until after I watch them to eat so that was a terrible idea so I had pizza and then since I had the pizza I was like whatever I already broke keto so I'll just go have some fries I've honestly had a great experience I have nothing negative to say about keto and let me tell you guys it's so fun eating keto because I get to try all these new recipes and because I don't only eat bacon that's a huge misconception when it comes to Quito is that we only eat bacon and that's it honestly I think they can once this week and it was in with alfredo sauce pretty much everything I eat is like a substitute for things I'd be eating off of keto let me know if you guys want to see any like recipes or what I eat in a day so like yesterday we had chicken thighs with alfredo bacon spinach sauce so good and I like the day before that I had a fat head pizza again so good I actually prefer keto Pizza over like frozen pizza or pizza at Pizza okay I feel like this video has been all over the place but my head only hurts when I get low on electrolytes I don't experience cramping anymore I do get hungry a little bit every once in awhile so I do snack quite a bit throughout the day just keto friendly snacks I do track everything on the Senza app that's the one that I found that I like the most I've tried card manager and I did not like it quite as much but they're both great if you're doing keto you know I wake up in a good mood I wake up ready to hang out with my children and I like actually like come on wake up especially like right now my toddler is napping and I'm like my gosh I'm so bored I just want to play where before I would literally be like oh my gosh please sleep or feather or so I can get some sleep too and I was never keeping the house clean I hate to admit that but I hardly kept the house clean because I had no energy to do that no matter how much caffeine and I drank you guys I have a very round face I feel like everybody can tell that but I wish I would have taken a before picture or like maybe I'll find like a sit down video before can it's right here I don't know if I'll be able to but my face it's just crazy like before I was literally just be sitting here and have a double chin I'd like find the perfect angle to try and talk at which is just crazy in one week my double chin has gone down I mean I still have a little bit of faster and on my face is less bloated still bloated but less bloated my arms are a little bit less fat I wish I would have taken a before video I'll do all that now I'll take measurements before a video all of that for week two three and one month in taketo besides that my jeans are fitting a lot looser I'll show you guys I still have little fat rolls the best to be expected when you have children so here are my jeans that by the way we're tight it's hard to get on as we for quito like I said I wish I would have taken a video but yes my figure looks good right now but I still have a little bit of Pudge which is fine to be expected like my thighs these are fitting looser which is crazy my arms are much smaller and this shirt you guys used to be much tighter especially on my arms this just to be tight so although I did not take a video of day one I did take photos oh you guys I'm so nervous to share these photos and I want everybody to know that I was not unhappy with my body because I'm so thankful that I've been able to grow two children and provide for them through breastfeeding and I was I don't know everybody just has their insecurities in my body has always always always been an insecurity of mine and especially when you go through so many changes in such a short period of time in two years in two and a half years my body has gone through a lot and you literally feel like you're not in your own skin anymore but I just I want everybody to know if you're watching this you're perfect the way you are but for me it was more about hi felt I thought like such a crap mom and that's like the worst feeling ever a terrible wife and I was supposed to be this fun stay-at-home mom and you know and I just I was not that and I was very disappointed in myself and I knew how Kido made me feel and I did it the first time with all that being said I'm gonna show my before and after photos with you guys I am in a bra and underwear it's it'd be the same as if I was taking photos Muslims ooh so here they are now that you guys saw my before-and-after photos I want to just give it run down I have not experienced any keto flu or anything like that and that does not mean that I'm not going to because it's very possible that I will I will be continuing at keto for I don't know how long I'm not necessarily gonna call it a diet because it is a lifestyle change and I have to remember that in the back of my mind this is not for weight loss it is for how I feel from here on out if you want to see this progress hit subscribe I will be taking measurements today I should have done this day one but like I said I wasn't sure if I was gonna be able to stick to it on Monday my husband is starting with me which is so it's so exciting besides that I want to start exercising probably I'm gonna give it two more weeks maybe not even I have started walking again which is crazy because I would have never had the energy or motivation to do even just a walk so I have been walking every day with my kids and I'm gonna be starting a workout I don't know which one yet let me know below what your favorites at home workouts are I have tried Beachbody in the past I loved it I'm just not sure if I'm gonna go that route again or if I'm going to try to find something for you on YouTube subscribe if you want to see the rest of this journey unfold I can't wait to share everything with you guys my meals some of my favorite recipes and but maybe if I do get the Q tofu I'll share with you guys how I like combat it or get rid of it and how great this video was I just kind of rambled because seven how many notes written down I apologize next week will be a lot better I'm gonna start today doing a video diary I don't know what but thank you guys so much for watching I really really really hope you enjoy and we all see you next time hi guys you

15 Replies to “ONE WEEK KETO RESULTS | Keto And Breastfeeding | Postpartum Weight Loss”

  1. Wow your results so far are incredible! I love watching postpartum weight loss videos. It has been taking me ages to lose mine. New subscriber here, I hope we can support each other xx

  2. This definitely inspires me to start doing keto. I've always wanted to try it. I'm a breastfeeding mom and knowing you are doing this breastfeeding and it's still working and you still have good supply. Now I'm looking forward to doing it. Your an amazing mom!

  3. I really don’t know a lot about keto! Can you do a video kind of explaining how it works?
    Can’t wait to see how it works out for you!

  4. Im catching up on your videos after having a super busy last week!

    Lol I love your “excuse my rooster!” 🤣
    I don’t do Keto but I love your videos so I’m watching and I’m so happy you are feeling healthy again! ❤️ I can truly see how happy keto makes you and I believe doing what works best for you! I am vegan but still love seeing what other people do. ☺️ yay for good moods and positive energy, and big smiles! I can totally tell your progress girl congratulations Skye 💗 I think it was a prefect choice of shirt to wear 💕 are you still doing the no makeup? Your skin looks so good 🥰 loved this video glad to see you doing well girl ☺️

  5. I feel exactly like u said at the beginning of the video! I have 4 kids and just can't get motivation! would love to see what u eat on this diet well done on the weight loss you look great!

  6. My husband and I are on keto. Monday will be the beginning of week 3. We love it! It’s just difficult when “health professionals”, such as trainers and the people who work in the health food store are telling you not to do it. And yet I’m seeing amazing results, and I feel so so much better.

  7. I’ve been wanting to try keto, but have no idea how to do it “correctly”. I’m losing myself slowly and feel like my bad eating habits have a lot to do with it.

  8. Thanks for sharing! You really did a great job. My cousin did the same thing and she lost a lot of weight. But the sacrifices that she need to do is no joke. She have PCOS as well. Maybe you can share your recipes? Chicken thight with bacon and alfredo sauce sounds really good. You look really good. Having insecurities is normal, but you need to love yourself. What I mean by love yourself, don’t be harsh on anything. If doing keto makes you happy, thats good. I'm proud as mom that you want to i prove yourself.

  9. Great job! I’ve tried Keto before but I always end up cheating 😂🤦🏻‍♀️. Excited to see some recipes in the future.

  10. You're mom goals !!! Internally and externally you're beautiful and I saw parts where you got uncomfortable in this video and I thank you for sharing a vulnerable part of yourself.
    So happy that you have had an awesome keto journey so far.
    When I go low carb, i feel better as well

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