One World Birth Trailer – Spanish version

when we’re talking about today we are really at a turning point and it is not it’s a good avoided the history of mankind technology has taken over and it actually adds to the danger too many c-sections too many inductions a woman comes into the hospital healthy with nothing wrong and just because the physiology of birth is not respected this cascade of problems and Sue’s and she ends up with a section that she didn’t need cesarean our surgical birth rates are going up everywhere around the world and every country has a different reason but it all comes down to the fact that we are beginning to believe that technology is superior to our natural ability your countries are imitating the United States and you don’t seem to realize that we’re imitating Brazil that’s how you finish off midwifery totally as you make every birth a surgical birth the issues are to do with power and control we get all the women into hospital and then we can control them countries without a strong profession of midwifery tend to have worse health outcomes for women and their babies it varies country to country as to where the birth has become a business or not there’s a lot of money in it yes in the u.s. it’s a very much a money machine and and the fight is very much against that money machine if you keep women afraid you can make a lot of profit why are we having so much more psychiatric help for women because they are lost and I don’t want them to be lost anymore what will happen after 2 3 4 5 generations if we go on the same way well we survive as a society if we don’t change will we sir I think we we have to mend our ways we are entering on a period of rapid change in Java in which women are finding a voice which they are speaking out the midwives and the duels today are the change we’re going to change women will take back childbirth we have to it’s put before us and we are strong birth isn’t something we suffer but something we actively do and exalt him

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  1. @tranquiladealma There are subtitles, but maybe you haven't enabled captioning. You need to click (or mouse over) the CC button at the bottom right of the YouTube player.

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