Opening Embroidery Supplies, New Ribbon and Pranking my Husband! Etsy Embroidery Business

Oh guys look what Riley just did she organized all the tool she put it all the way right Riley yeah she did it all by herself and this is the ARB order I just thought and I'm trying to find an 18 month t-shirt in this huge mess and my child shouldn't open my Amazon boxes and here's the ribbon kids custom designs calm and she's socially open another box I cannot find the 18 month and my husband's telling me to dump it out and I have him over here working no but dumping I know how hard it's gonna be organize this it's 91 shirts 91 she opened the box all by herself what's in there my packages things yeah thank you do you know where it goes yeah oh thank you I guess I need to open the next one okay my mini so cut it here's the second box did I not open that side okay what's in it that is this is ink from my HP printer I spent so much on ink so it's green box thread wow thread green box ain't so I hope it works they had good reviews just ignore my words no she's honest every time Wow that goes on my mailers that were packaged nicely in one container better now all loose pull so these are the New Deal of new ones I got that say thank you yeah oh she's gonna take on one by one and then I got tender touch because my Joanne's here is always sold out so now I think you know from Amazon so that's all the packages I got Riley I told you to leave it alone right say a father clean up his ice mess Riley stop please did you guys just see the face she be didn't I just tell you to stop you gonna go timeout you're gonna break it stop Oh Oh timeout here we go yeah I'm sure the blog you go nuts have out they behave okay four days you're trying to what leave alone Riley guess what Mommy did she put a bunch of start with me I find this so funny I was waiting it away the baby reduces water say ha ha ha class a cigar that was funny right Riley what did the IDS face look like when you drink it let me see what did that is face look like this basically that's buddy all right guys we'll see you tomorrow yeah Bush hey everybody welcome back to my channel if you're new here make sure you subscribe my name is Angela and I have an embroidery business for those of you who don't already know I also run a new it's my buck vibrating a new I also on a new ribbon business so yeah so so far a busy person at 7 p.m. I started this vlog late today do you like my hair guys I didn't straighten it for the first time in like years here's I use the always straighten it because it's easier to manage but it's too lazy so 7 p.m. I Miley is now with her grandmother we took her all the way back to Baltimore this morning she's my grandma for a few days so I made a few of these let me just turn ski this is a Ben I put my orders in when they're done usually the package I woke up early like the bags I woke up really early it's 5:30 I was 5:30 came down here 6:00 and I made some ribbon trims so it's a mess down here made some really trims few of those they need to be packaged there's another shirt that needs to be done of touch um I made this see if it'll hmm I made that not too long ago this one is still in the process Minnie Mouse and I thought this one was gonna be done but nope it says Chuck bobbin so gotta finish this one this one's like a newish design someone requested they got merged two of my other shirts together to make this one more so yeah I am now sitting at some of the last time I posted a video which was all of the 12th I had a hundred orders and I shipped out a lot of orders since then and I turned my sail off but it's made me laugh I'm still on 9999 is that really makes me laugh holy crap well guess I didn't get nothin done so about 99 orders and since I don't Riley it's a little less stressful because I can be down here whenever I feel like it versus you know children have moods so when she's in a mood I can't be down here working and you know still wanna make her sit down here all day so yeah guys I like this shirt it's a maternity shirt like last time I was pregnant Riley you got my pants are button so I ain't gonna show that low but when I was pregnant I lee this is how big I was when I delivered Riley yes I got 12 weeks left so so yeah but I do think it'll come early or they'll induce me so that I guess when these are they feels like eight and a half pounds I just induced me because I think there's not a little 10 pound baby um what else was I going to say yeah ribbon ribbon ribbon ribbon ribbon so I'll put in all my videos because I also have a ribbon business so the ribbon is don't mind this one okay this is all Riley's doing so all this ribbon polka dot $29.99 $29.99 I was buying it for $54 for the very longest time so hundred yards 1/2 inch grosgrain ribbon $29.99 Priority Mail shipping meaning it ships sometimes same day depending on time you order or next day and then it takes 1 2 3 days to arrive you depending on where you live California is 2 days I think like Oregon is like 3 days but it gets to you fast like I said baby the other companies that you can buy ribbon from you got to pay a hundred at least a hundred hours to get Priority Mail shipping so guys come on it's a deal it's a deal it's a deal satin ribbon will be completely back in stock twos but I say Wednesday just I'll just say Wednesday maybe Tuesday but Wednesday for sure fifty and a hundred yard rolls those are 1554 the hundred yard rolls what else um yeah I think that's most of my updates for now oh I got some coffee and then get doing something that's why I'm acting a little crazy right now because I haven't had never go into the longest time you know I make my own expresso coffee latte drinks whatever it's two dollars from 2:00 to 6:00 and then with the cash app it gives me a dollar off coffee so it's like a dollar fifty and writing it's calling me now so I will talk to you guys later I'm back too much coffee because I'm acting crazy huh I just song to my oh let's see let's see oh just clip my finger shoot hockey mushrooms I just heard something to Riley and my mother-in-law because we are we're gonna be going to Disney for Thanksgiving but I might change my mind because the baby will be too young although is only a month difference but I think six weeks is just too early and that's if he doesn't come late so becomes like you can't even go cuz he has a good a six week shot so I'm thinking I'm just doing Christmas because we still have a day I did one day and Disney left and we're probably like a week vacation to Disney at the end of the year um so we're trying to look at all the tickets prices everything now and trying to Haley's book it I'm trying to book this hotel right now just so that it's free to book it booked the hotel and then cancel it but it's months away so yeah that is what I am doing right now just to be safe and not to pay $10,000 cuz we want like a sweet room like an apartment room so that's what I'm doing because I remember the last like I'm a very last-minute trip person all of a sudden I want to go on a trip and I trying to be you know the word that doesn't exist in my head right now I'd rather just type what now be done I don't hear something funny someone would have something that's what they need my date is the 16th sorry that's 11 because if you didn't know today's the 14th and they needed the 16th um it's almost second 99.99999% impossible you didn't pay a rush fee either and the only place that you can get it the next day cuz I'd have to ship it to walk with this Monday would be Marilyn you have to live in Maryland and even some parts of Maryland you still wouldn't even get it next day so you're funny here very funny like super funny so whatever people I love you guys so much but I need to work so let me work boom made me feel awkward you guys see her beautiful hair look at this look at her hair the flowing locks she should keep it like this more than I think nothing a mop you talking about this stuff you found it target you know I thought that I found it it was over expensive a lot of O'Reilly but I see you guys

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  1. Why do people think you can make things happen instantly? They don't realize how much work goes into making your outfits. I'm glad you said no to that one.

  2. Totally Agree with your hubby, your hair it's beautiful 😍
    Don't know if you've heard about it or not but I totally recommend LUS products for curly hair, they're life changing!!!

  3. You should check out I saw the marble mailers you buy from amazon in different sizes. I believe 100 of them size 13 by 19 are like 6.99. Shipping is like $8 but I think it’s so worth it if you buy a couple different patterns bc shipping stays about the same price. Check them shipping is also super quick like 2-3 days which isn’t much more then amazon prime

  4. I’m a new subscriber and I just have to say that It’s so amazing how many shirts you can put out everyday and your work is gorgeous! I also use Instant Ink and I save so much money on ink and Love having it delivered without even having to order it.

  5. Hope you are getting some rest and not working too hard.
    What kind of software do you use for your embroidery? Thanks!

  6. Girl, you're silly! By the look on his face that drink was real nasty, lol. But it was funny. Hi Riley! Tfs

  7. I agree with Sterlings Style, I have had HP insta ink for about two months and its great. I got 3 months for free using promotion codes and they gave me two months free also. I pay $12.99 in Canada and thats an amazing price for ink. After my first month I had 138 pages roll over to the next month. So I had 438 pages to use for that month and I haven't managed to finish the first cartridge they sent me. Its great is you use less pages also they have different plans.

  8. Yes sign up for instant ink. I had it for 4 years now and I love it.
    If your printer is not compatible Best Buy has printers that are for like 50 to 99 dollars. You won’t be disappointed.

  9. Sign up with HP instant ink! I was paying 9.99 a month to print up to 300 pages. I just had to increase to 500, but it is just 14.99 a month. I know I would spend more than that on ink if I had to buy it straight out. It doesn't matter if it is full color pages you can print up to 500 pages and then it is like 1.00 more for every 20. If you happen to go over the limit. Also every time there is a 60% off you can order tender touch online at Joanns and do pick up at store to save on shipping. I just paid less than $8. My store is forever running out too!!

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