Opening Up A $501 AMAZON CUSTOMER RETURNS Mystery Box **LIVE** Join Me!

okay I should be live that was everybody's not going tonight give me a big thumbs up in the chat box if everything sounds good everything looks good everybody is having a fantastic evening so far let me know everything's looking good on your guys's in everything on my end appears to be okay the screen looks good everything appears to be going okay crippled bazooka hey what's up man so right now we've got looks like 50 people watching so far so we've got superfast tortoise in chat we got John shots Andrea jewel let's see John Ericsson Carrie Myers Randy Taylor Donald fashion Nia if I butchered that little Kimmel Brad Jenkins Cora Thiemann Monica Baca Cory or the Gower he said that Mary Skelton Fred shot John shots jws Gadget one Johnny Gordon Oh going faster for me I seen Ireland lavender what's up everybody Shane Guzman Ian geez Graham Mary Steven Raymond Edie what's up so tonight I actually bought a specialty not even a palette just like one single like my normal size like liquidation boxes you know that usually see me get on my pallets you know they come in like between like 2 and 15 per pallet just depends I've been trying to get just uh just like one and all they're kind of hard to come by it seems like but I managed to get one from the liquidator that head just has a value in it about five hundred Anna one dollars and I got it for it was like 60 seven dollars plus then sales tax for the state of Indiana plus then a 10% buyer's premium and it was like $78 is what I had to pay for it for like five hundred and one dollars total value so supposed to be health and beauty I was trying to get something of just like a one box of either like electronics or something but there is nothing available and I'm actually been trying to get something for like two weeks now two and a half weeks I've been trying I've been waiting up in Paige because I wanted to do like a unveiling on this YouTube channel which is a purely live channel but I mean I didn't really want to do like you know five boxes for the first video until I figure out how to move everything around well I do like a live kind of video so I've been trying to just get like one but that's kind of a challenge most Liquidators don't want to sell one box they want to sell a pallet so um I got that and I've got something else that's kind of interesting I think I collect I'm kind of a big kid still and like out of my palettes whenever I get certain kind of action figure let's say if I get up like a wrestling figure I usually keep it well let's say if I get like some kind of cool action figure we're done I just got out of Captain America I had to glue his leg back on or his foot or something something like that like I kept it so I actually had been hearing a lot about companies like hot toys and mezco something like that and I actually purchased my very first kind of like high-end collectible toy unboxing live on camera I got a half off – it's even it's even better this is actually from ThinkGeek this is a mezco toy not a hot toy but if I guess hot toys if anybody is familiar with hot toys which I've never purchased a hot toy but those things I guess are like 304 bucks for like one was like super high in collectible hot toys you know they've got like Iron Man's they have ones of me you know like Thor's they've got you know DC Marvel they've got Back to the Future ones they're crazy expensive so uh like I kind of think my upstairs room which is my sneaker room I think IMAX gonna I'm gonna read it a little bit and make a little corner in that room of like collectible so my clickable toys that I have like some my wrestling figures and some of my autographed Funko pops like these are all my sign Funko pops like I do keep like the pups that are signs or like the ones I get signs something about like doing like a little corner of the room like a collectible corner kind of like ripping off some of my not ripping off but copying some of the other youtubers that I watch like the luau how we have at the background and pretty much every bubble pop youtuber known to man like Shawn Ryan and they're two peas in a pop you know like pretty much everybody I'm gonna try to get like little display in the back you know like sneakers and then a collectibles like I might do like a sneaker have a little break in and have like a little like collectibles with look like my wrestling stuff and then go back to sneakers we'll see anyway let me do a few more shoutouts let me see ooh we jump 250 people now freaking awesome I've also got in the chat let's see goostman Shafiq what's up Fred shock Jason Kyle we've got Johnny Gordon Chris Howland zombie bites again Dean Winchester Corey Thiemann Charles Martinez John shots Oh actually that's top Chad not I actually need to update my thing to live chat right now I was doing top chat I wasn't even seeing the live chat right now that's an issue now I'm seeing live chat let's Oh like the whole thing that's changed now I was seeing like the live chat or the top chat not the live chat um see you know I was wondering why the video was so blurred that I realized I no longer wore my glasses much better now I know my wife right now she streaming some Netflix movies and then I'm live-streaming on the computer so it's possible that this live feed might be kind of like choppy at times because me and her both are kind of like streaming right now well she streaming I'm live streaming so this might get kind of choppy at times who knows let's see hey Fort Wayne Christopher King wassup I've been to Fort Wayne forever got an Illinois house Alabama optic sauce epic sauce I mean that under Indiana Nova Scotia it's a long way away New Jersey Canada you know my favorite reseller what's up man let's see that okay so far yeah I'm not too sure how it's going to be and I like our internet here we've got like upload speed of like 15 megabytes per second or whatever the speed is it's not like super fast so I'm just letting everybody know since she's watching Netflix and I'm doing this the internet might you know kind of be a little bit you go at times so I'm actually kind of IMAX intrigued I'm gonna crack open this Nesbo toy never want to jump into this Amazon customer turns on liquidation box live on camera we'll go through that together but come let's see this toy I'm intrigued I've never purchased a high-end toy before this toy at make retail was like 90 bucks on it – no it was more than that it was like 120 maybe there were seats in here but thank gave like the online websites closing down so everything was half off and this toy sold out very quickly and I got it before it sold out there is a receipt I don't want to show my addresses like I'm address on it no price tag plate was it was half price so yeah Iron Man Emma has a everybody likes to have a little bit of Iron Man and alive I think right looks like nice packaging though from the packaging side the packaging yes this is the Iron Man mezco 112 collective pose play and design toy I'm not sure if anybody in this chat room is like into high-end toys like I'm actually not this is my first one I've ever purchased I'd be kind of cool at the cover to it but the Iron Man I think how much was this thing was it like 120 half all for 60 it was either 120 I got for 60 or even 90 I got it for 45 but Oh Maria in I just looked down I actually had lost some weight the wife and I we started a Nutrisystem like three weeks ago and I joined a gym like two months ago and like in the past six weeks I've lost like over 30 pounds and past like six weeks or so little were 30 pounds so far so yeah I'm actually doing decent I need to drop about 200 pounds because I'm getting way too fat I just turned 39 a couple weeks ago so I gotta get back to a little bit of a healthier weight before before I die so ya need to drop a little more weight but yeah I've actually I've dropped the shirt size I've dropped a couple pant sizes in the past just the past few weeks yeah thanks for noticing it's awesome well yeah trying to I'm kind under this toy without actually making a mess oh and make a mess let me keep this thing down for now so here we've got a die cast iron man mezco toy seems high quality seems nice huh interesting so I don't think this is really supposed to be like a child's toy actually like that you play with it I don't think it's supposed to be as far as I know but uh yeah I'm just going to just just unbox his live on camera as type of my appetizer before we get into a liquidation box as kind of my first ever high-end collectible toy kind of a thing that I've ever purchased in my life but I'm very much I paid though it was either it was either 45 or 60 it was half off but yeah Iron Man kind of cool so yeah I plan to redo my sneaker room upstairs and make a little like collectible wing in the room so coming soon newborn Rilla sighs yeah here here in a few months months hopefully I'll be back down to a more healthier weight like my goal weight is to get back down to about 250 I know when I was in the army my army weight I was around like 225 I hovered in like 225 range and but course that was back when cuz we worked out like freakin twice a day workout in the morning work out in the afternoon I mean we worked out like beasts so I doubt ever get back down to that kind of weight again because that's almost you know that's like a full-time job working out staying in shape and training and all that so well I'll probably never get onto that weight again but my goals kind of 250 so I've got like like a hundred pounds to get at least so yeah we'll get there though so yeah but my wife's actually doing the the Nutrisystem too and she's losing weight but of course she only has like like 20 pounds to lose I think she doesn't have much she's already pretty thin so I'm pretty much like I think two of her maybe maybe three two and a half so I'm like that let's see I don't actually was kind of exciting to is this channel you're watching right now finally got approved to be monetized so that's exciting so YouTube finally approved it to be monetized actually I'm scooting this table back so I can bring this box a little bit closer not sure I'm really going to do this I'm used to like the whole recording setup with the camera and and all that jazz like right now like this is my computer and so this is kind of awkward I'm gonna clear out this setup but yeah this is still factory sealed this is how they've come I'm sure if you watch me on the franchise cake YouTube channel you've seen these what the past eight nine months three times a week so my cat my cat likes to call these boxes because I stash these up in the corner in my office by like you know if if the palette was like five high I'll make a stack that's five high that's like toys and then if the next one was six high I'll stack a six high for hodge podge well then my cat though my cat thinks that they're his scratching post so I'll be here then I'll hear him just sometimes he will destroy these boxes like this one he started to work on a couple days ago and yeah that's it's all from my cat he thinks these are a scratching post this is kind of funny but I believe him scratch these like then scratch our furniture so I actually encourage him to scratch these boxes and not scratch furniture and he'd he'd never scratches her furniture which is awesome like once in a blue moon he does this weird stretch thing where he's laying on the floor and he'll stretch out and grab like the side of the couch and like pulled himself down the couch the entire length of the couch is very strange I think the only time that he will like put his claws in the cow just more like he's exercising or something it's kind of strange but yeah is there am I ready to see this box you won't start this now or do you want to do a little Q&A session I'll let everybody decide what you want to do consensus wins let's do this t-shirts click we need to sail them open it Clayton Geary he is my original troll who's trolled me for like three years now what's up Clayton he's the original troll open the box Q&A box cat scratched the mark territory hex is probably true open the box open at box box how much sleep do you average Clint about five six hours a night five hours I actually work a lot reselling business honestly is all I put in a lot of hours in the reselling business the more I work the the more I make honestly do this box Clayton be nice yeah Clayton grab the connive I got the connive I got make sure and close it up so I can do it box box honey I think the box wins people want to see the box oh yeah it's supposed to be health and beauty but sometimes health and beauty turns into more like electronic plug in stuff sometimes so it'd be kind of funny though if we get out some kind of uh you know mmm like bedroom type of toy in this box is we've seen them on my franchise kicks channel we've seen them it's it's actually been a couple months since I've got out one of the bedroom toys it's been a few months so I'm kind of I'm kind of due for one you know it seems like every like what six to eight weeks I'll get one out and it usually comes in packaging that I don't expect and it in it usually kind of surprises me because I usually don't expect that last one though that thing was like it was it was like a whole contraption thing that thing was like high-tech it's crazy great do this let's do this stop rambling do the box I know I know I know stop rambling I'm a Rambler slicin oh come on try to watch the chat while I cut the box and I can't really watch what I'm doing in duple the same times give employees I actually don't work at my own shop now I I do not work in it other people work it nice knife yeah it's just most of my knives are in tech not out of pallets honest I think almost every single one I get them out of pallets and I just keep them honestly yeah so this is what we got there's the top there's no brown paper in it I've noticed the past few weeks they're using less and less Brown packing paper on top of the boxes you know if you've watched me most of times they use that because it helps to kind of keep stuff kind of tight and it helps like if you stack boxes if there's airspace in it boxes get crushed so the brown paper helps things not get crushed and I'm kind of worried that they're getting cheaper not using brown paper stuffs gonna get crushed more so yeah what looks interesting now let's see here we go live live nothing like a whole case of toe warmers tape shut it's like somebody bought this from Amazon returned it well packaged of them or a whole box of them the entire retail ready box of toe warmers so this is something excellent to put onto your display case mark these things like what 50 cents a pop it's easy money right there using money he's in here I don't even know I don't see how many is actually in here 40 pairs it says 40 pairs so this is worth like what 20 bucks or so that's not bad and in this oh man spilling out there's a second box in here oh come on it's all spilled out there's a second box of toe warmers so we got two these boxes in here this one's actually still original factory taped but it kind of gently hold to well in the box so with those two boxes I'd say it was like what 20 bucks a pop if you piece them out at 50 cents apiece of course not really this time of year here's all the village so that's like 40 bucks between those two right yeah it's not bad you know like these likes the whole box I paid 70 it was like site it's like 78 bugs I think it was like 70 a12 bad check the date they might go bad it's actually true they're just expires 5:21 so it got almost two years to go on them at least on the second box 5:21 so good for two years but honestly these I probably will hold these things back I won't put these out for sale until probably like September because if I put those things up for sale right now they're just gonna sit there and take up like counter space they're just gonna sit so I'll probably put those in the storage and break them out in like three months cuz yeah it's right now what I'm trying to do is actually quite a bit of stuff that you see me open up on camera like on my main channel I'm actually putting stuff in the storage overage because I have so much stuff right now for sale I'm actually trying to hold stuff back for Christmas time because fourth quarter actually I talked about this last night's video fourth quarter starts in like three months in fourth quarter is like game time for resellers for businesses October first hits you better have your stock like ready to go like you better be stocked up because if you're not you're in trouble so lots of items like I'm holding stuff back like I'm not selling everything right now just because I've got to have stuff held back for the holidays for Christmas you know let's see what we got just a jock ooh yes magical yeah a jockstrap with a cup quiz time if you got this out of them out of a liquidation box without gloves on would you pull this thing out see if it was newer used quiz would you I wouldn't I never have I don't see any magic on the inside of the cup ha I'm not sure the cameras gonna show anything but that's the inside of the cup so I don't see any like loose hairs or anything so it might you know just be tried on once and sit back damn is fine ya know there's certain things they should not accept back open package items and stuff like this should not be able to be sent back that's just my personal opinion I hi Jenica let's a real word hi Jenica one think it is but yeah yeah stuff like this I do not sell it I actually donate stuff like this I donate it and if the or the company or wherever I donate to if they want to sell it or donate to a good cause or to underprivileged something or if they want to just you know wash it then they can but yeah I don't stuff like that I don't sell it because I don't want to clean it take no chances yes barb Lee it is a tax write-off that is 100% true but I can't write off the entire retail amount of it because I didn't pay retail for it that's kind of like the catch though since the way it works if you're a palette flipper legally tax reasons I'm not giving tax advice right now so don't take this as like gospel okay I'm not an accountant but you know I have people who do taxes for me and everything like that anyway you can't if that sells new for 25 bucks if I donate that I can't write off $25 because I didn't pay $25 for it okay if I try to write that off 25 bucks and then if the government the IRS came back and said we want to see proof that was $25 I don't have proof that that's $25 all I have is from a liquidator that says I bought a pallet for 78 bucks so here's the problem the pallet has let's say 40 things in it 78 bucks if you break it down you know I paid like a dollar and let's say 40 cents a piece for each item so for taxes I can learn right off the amount divided by the item for tax purposes you cannot ride off $25 because I did not pay that amount for the item if you write off the full $25 you're actually committing tax fraud you know because if you write that off times a thousand times then you begin the tax refund and if they say if they audit you boom you're committed tax fraud so you got to be careful if you resell about how you do your tax write-offs because you don't want to commit tax fraud be careful yeah so they get it but it is a tax that is if I donate that I can't write that off but you can only write off the value of what I paid for it yeah anyway yeah water pit water flosser that was actually some reselling tips for people don't commit tax fraud that's a good tip for people looking at tax fraud you'll go to prison what is one well that's that cordless one this was actually not that expensive I ever seen this one several times now sounds quickly though I think it's like what 35 40 bucks this thing still looks factory package – it's like Titan they're not only want to mess with it too much but it appears like it's still all factory packaged in there pretty tight but the factory seal on it is broken so stuff like this is freaking awesome that's a good like 20 25 bucks right there yes fraud is bad fraud is very bad how many people that like work on Wall Street go to prison for like illegal trading and stuff like that because they have all these rules with insider trading that they have to be careful with what they do with insider trading and sometimes I think they don't even know that they're committing a crime and then they get caught and sometimes I don't think they even know the same goes with like reselling like some people would see that cup and they like oh it sells new for 25 bucks I donate it I'm just gonna ride for 25 bucks and they'll claim that not realizing you just commit a tax fraud cuz you didn't pay the 25 bucks for it that's not what you paid and if you claim that times a thousand times a year whew that's like a felony because in in my state over a thousand bucks you're talking a felony so and next what we got swim shower and bathe our protector I had one of these when I was in a cast early 2017 18 when I had surgery on my arm and mine leaked I actually had to go for two of them because they leaked but yeah these things are cheap these I donate these I will not sell because they could leak and I do not want to be responsible for a who buys it from me it leaks it ruins our caste and didn't that they had to go back to their doctor and be recast and then they come back and try to sue me because now they had to pay a deductible for their hospital bill and so yeah things like that I don't resell just in case of leaks what if I miss any good hits Zack any good hits um now this box has a value of 500 $1 so there won't be any like big hits in it just a lot of you know like $23 things in it you ever go to Dinky's I don't know what Dinky's is well clue heard about changes eBay dropping PayPal yeah you may drop in PayPal I think it goes into effect officially like next year sometime and I have my thoughts on my feelings on it I'm fine with it I mean it'll save me 3% paypal fees if they dropped it it's fine so I mean either way yeah honesty doesn't matter is the Waterpik $20 shift oh no no dad to ship the California will probably be about like six fifteen or sixteen bucks and just shipping cost to California so I then I gotta pay federal estate taxes on that and then I got to pay my selling fees and I would actually would lose money at $20 ship like I would I would actually have to pay money to sell $20 ship depending on if you lived out west so yeah if you were like in the Midwest I could do like maybe 25 ship because shipping the Midwest is like eight bucks cheaper yeah I used bidet I've got a few of those used ones yeah oh I'm holding this thing in my hand I mean oh the thing is before the computer is like five feet away from me right now so I'm like strain and like read the chest so that's why you see me like squinting trying to read so I'm sure my facial expressions right now look kind of strange that's just why is unlike five feet away from a computer what is this lip gloss or something moisturizing eye balm I have never received this in a liquidation palette or a box before not sure looks almost gone whoever had it use the whole freaking thing and they returned it got their money back so that is what you call a customer return scam to Amazon they used up the entire thing returned it and got their money back yeah it means empty it's gone the thing is empty I mean it that things like swiped clean yeah have some return scam though yeah yes you know it's trash sneaky sneaky yeah that's the problem with Amazon is they'll take anything back as long as you send back something you'll get your money back but here we got thing a batteries though 20 shipped on a bomb yes Jetta I could if that thing was all and new 20 bucks shipped in a heartbeat here's a looks like the person they bought it they only needed one so they returned the rest makes sense I mean because you usually can't buy batteries and packs of one so you know the person they just you know took the one they wanted they returned the rest it happens another customer so I've got a package of two four six eight nine I got nine sizes this Oh the L lr44 nine lr44 batteries missing at one so these sounds nice that they return nine I mean they could have like kept nine and returned one I've seen it before I've seen that happen where the customer used them all and just returned one I've seen it you've seen on my channel on the franchise kicks channel though back to back kind of little screwy customer things let's see what's this this is different oral syringe come on nice there you go Wow this will be a hard sell here's a whole box of syringes FDA approved at least thanks are these medical please don't tell me these are prescription if they're prescription I can't sell these I don't think no I don't see rx on so yeah these are not prescription so ten milliliter oral dispensers so I have no clue my just think how much the thing sells for I don't know if this thing is like expensive rรชveur fits cheap this thing has a hundred pieces in this box that says the brand is brands aghh 100 oral syringes I guess you could use this to get a pet that needed to be like injected in their mouth with their medication boom I got you if you you need these for your pit I've got you so yeah these are gonna be interesting to sell these ones they count this entire box make sure there's one I'm honored in here and you know what I'm kind of curious do you trim your beard like once every two months it's actually it's it's time for a trim I need a trim it really bad it's all raggedy right now I usually trim it like the first one month every two months and it's time that's not doing the screen-capture bear with me for a second if anybody has done his research this quicker than what I have go ahead and shout it out in the chat so we got brands egg ten milliliter I guess that it Wow okay Wow this is not what I expected that is it so that is not a homerun that is not gonna make me rich this whole box sales new for 1699 that is it really 17 bucks and a boxing beat up some fierce Wow so I'll be lucky get like 10 bucks on the entire box of syringes why it stinks that's the liquidation game now I really had no idea that thing was like worth 20 bucks or hundred bucks I had no clue a dollar piece man I love it if it was $17 that's terrible man I just checked my account out right now we have 274 people watching it that's amazing right now I'm trying to do kind of like a split screen I have one screen of like my live Google hangout so I can like make sure I'm centered and then the other ones time to pop out chat so I can actually see like the live count or anything so when I shave my head yes I'm actually been shaved my head for like 20 years by choice but now like I'm actually mostly bald up here like here I'm bald and then I'm patchy and then I'm like bald but uh yeah like my late teens through my 20s I was involved my 30s I wasn't really bald now I'm 39 I'm going bald so I was bald by choice now I'm just shaved bald and I would be bald if I didn't you man bulb well we got my stomach left in this box $500 value I'm all he's seen 500 bucks so far okay here we go more these curlers could be worse could be a snot sucker what is this express curls and waves these so extremely fast though like I've been priced these things off of like I was like twelve bucks and if it's selling like within a day um I actually need raise prices on some of my things whatever you resale sometimes like I'm more about the quick flip like if an item like this let's say if it sells new for 25 bucks for the pack jump on this thing is you know it's coming beat up I mean it's taped up it's kind of beat up it doesn't the bumps doesn't look pretty you know I'm saying it's not the prettiest box so I'm more of the kind of person since I got this box here I got this whole box for 78 bucks I'd much rather sell this thing for like half price just blow it out like that get rid of it make my money back make profit and just keep the money going but like these have been selling so quickly at like around twelve bucks I might actually want to raise the price to like fifteen yeah it's only three dollars it doesn't seem like much but three dollars times these the curlers the straighteners times on ten fifteen a week could add up to thirty forty five bucks a week times a month you know it starts end up quick yeah curlers gram I guess we'll talk about that bedroom toy on video every time I get out a bedroom type of toy I'm keeping it clean I always have a lot of emails of people that want to buy them people want to buy them every time I get a pallet that I get one out there's always an influx of people wanting to buy it and I always tell them I'm not checking to see if it's used I don't know if it's used I don't know if it works I don't know if oh that is my first ever super jet I've ever had Amanda McLovin thank you so much Nick love it I love that name McLovin yeah thank you so much $1 that's my first ever super jet I've ever had so ships will shout out to Amanda McLovin um oh saying oh yeah I always tell them you know I'm not checking to see if it's newer used I'm not gonna check to see if it works if it's supposed to do it is supposed to do I am NOT looking and if you want to buy it you're buying it and you make sure you clean it whatever you're buying it for I'm not going to ask every single one you've ever seen get out of a pallet on the franchise kicks channel every single one has been sold and there's been some times that I haven't wanted to sell it and people have offered me very high prices form like over prices that are like let's say if I would normally charge like 20 bucks there's been son that sold for double of what they're even worth I don't know why people have been like I'll give you $40 please please please and I'm just I don't I don't know no questions asked I'm not judging but Graham yes every single one has sold I I don't know why but Tommy McCoy adoption thank you that's my second ever super Chet I've ever received on this YouTube channel awesome thank you so much so shout out Tommy McCoy yeah so – super chats another super chant Ivan Lazarus $2 thanks man I appreciate it three super chats that's so awesome I did not expect any super chats this channel just got monetized a couple days ago YouTube has to review your channel to make sure it's like up to their standards and community guidelines and they monetized it so yeah channel can finally actually make some money you know so yeah Thank You Ivan thank you so much – 2 bucks thank you so much yeah let's let's get back yeah everything will sell no matter what it is people will buy anything sometimes some sometimes I I wonder why people buy stuff I don't ask questions I did tell them if you buy it please clean it down plan clean so we have a wall trimmer brand wall so has been on somebody's bathroom counter you've got some water stain is going on the bottom of it was this is this like a nose one no no no it's beard trimmer it's lightly used kind of gross the lightly used beard trimmer I used to sell these things like six to eight bucks we got another one Donald uh I'm very bad with names fast fast bassy on Oh Donald two bucks thank you so much I really appreciate it and Ashley Shannon a dollar thank you so much everybody thank you so much for the super chance I really appreciate it thank you so much everybody a but tremor it might oh don't tell me that because I actually touched the tremor like not to turn part black handle part that's gross germaphobe now I have these thoughts in my and in my mind now of what that might have been trimmed with next oh it's a respirator it's nice yeah worse worse okay they're always keep wipes next to me for times like this I should sanitize just in case just in case that's true who knows what that thing might of trans or how many times a mytrends it's true yeah when like a lot of people say or say that I should wear gloves whenever I do this and I agree I really should like seriously I should wear gloves I don't know why I don't but Burton cats thank you so much for the $2 Morton that is my Lego guy he buys so many of my Legos and Morton I saw your email about buying the Legos from the toys from the last two pallets and the invoice I'm gonna send you for them so that's on my bucket list I just haven't seen it yet but it's on the way for I actually have your pile right there it was like five of them that you asked to buy you're the first one to reach out cuz he like whenever I do a twenty one like he's like on it for like the Legos like he he reaches out like that but yes there's five of them so that's coming that's coming but Morton thank you for Phyllis for the super chat thank you so much okay we were wiped down in the end the invoice I'll send to you PayPal tonight if I don't forget but if not it tomorrow yeah next where I reach you guys what I make sure it's not grow let's do this yeah it's used there's like I got nurse super chat Star Wars 1323 thank you so much Kevin first Star Wars juice smugglers box I know I'm seen there any kind of spoilers yet which I tried to not see those Oilers but hopefully some coolant this time hopefully with the new Star Wars coming up here like what six months could be some cool pops littles boxes coming up Star Wars looking 23 thank you so much so yeah we've got a 3m used it's got some stuff in it so I don't want to touch it too much but some like this I'll probably donate honestly oh I know granny monkey $2 thank you so much I think I remember that name granny monkey it sounds familiar maybe you've emailed me about something if you have I can't remember but that names familiar it stands out to me thank you so much for the $2 I really appreciate it thank you so much let's see try using all caps I hope so he does drink I wonder Clint drinks coffee yes I drink like three or four cups a day because of the caffeine I'm I'm like addicted to caffeine caffeine is kind of my drug of choice is caffeine I love caffeine gas-mask what kind of coffee do you like Clint uh french vanilla any kind of flavored coffee but not like the way I like creamer or like the liquid creamer in my coffee but not right now is right now I'm on the Nutrisystem so we can't have creamer stuff in our coffee the coffee has to be black because you can't have like sugar in your coffee or any kind of creamer flavoring in the kaabah so right now I'm just drinking it's like black flavored coffee so yeah any kind of like french vanilla coffee or hazelnut coffee yeah I love coffee yes you like Starbucks I love the Starbucks the mocha frappuccino that's that's my favorite one there's the mocha cappuccino the binti yeah but all right now I'm on Nutrisystem I'm losing weight I got lose weight I'm getting kind of kind of fat well I'm like obese right now I gotta get a little bit thinner those loose from the box from like 30 minutes ago what's next we've got 40 silk fiber eyelash mascara so I could go and do a little 80s hair band stuff and mascara myself real quick I guess it's never used well it's like moist so I don't know that they're used stuff like this I'll ask the wife I'm like is this never used she's like I don't know mascara no clue if that's even worth like a buck or not big boned nah I'm just fat yes I use my pickup truck to pick up my pallet yeah got myself a man-sized Dodge Ram 1500 we're not fat we're just big-boned yeah big bone fluffy baby Rilla size oversized my kind of thing that I like saying is I'm kind of girthy let's see what what's next probiotics this interesting-looking box all kinds of different stuff in this thing this ins choice acid resistant technology professional grade what's this for dr caps veggie capsules oh this is leaving for no clue Pro prebiotic yeah what are that's for oh the stomach okay so that's for the stomach that's what killing Willis is for the stomach another gram out thanks for stopping in Graham appreciate it next you've got this is nice it's like one of the more expensive things in this box hard waxing kit safty wax warmer plus three kinds of home we'll use wax I've never seen this before well it's kind of fancy the box is like an immaculate shape hey this thing has not gone through any kind of abuse yet it's like a little bit boxed and was there there's the inside it looks like all the wax is still sealed wax beans other package of wax so this thing looks like it's still brand new hard wax and kid one of this is gonna be the best thing in the whole palette I bet it is let's look it up real quick some kind of cure so gotta get something good out head touch be like something big in this box keep saying palette I'm using palette this is this is just a one box mystery box that is that was all it was say that it well it's not too bad I guess looks like it's on Sarah now on Amazon for 25 dollars and a 49 cents so it could have been better and it could have been much much much worse so 25 bucks not bad how do you like more than that though mean looks like a nice contraption thing this is the kind of item that I'll probably put this into my storage you hold this back for Christmas time this is kind of thing that will sell for like full price for firm the top price at Christmas time this kind of a thing well we've got a nurse super chat conceptional that's 2 pounds so that's it that'd be from the UK thank you new bit idea you tries to wax about your legs dare in order for me to wax my body live on camera I'm gonna need I need a little bit more than a couple pounds though I don't know it might take a couple cases of beer and maybe like five or six pounds I don't know I don't know it might take a little bit but I'm actually not too hairy though actually wouldn't take a whole lot of wax like all the hair that's on my body's like right here like you know Mike going bald here like my arms aren't really that hairy my legs aren't really that hairy it's most all the hairs is like right here and that's really about it I'll donate 5 bucks um no we don't want to start up a GoFundMe to have me do like a waxing video we don't want to do that now that idea no bad idea no it's a popcorn and watch it no nobody wants to see this you know mildly obese man wax his legs on camera nobody wants to see that my wife and I thought did like she she probably not like getting mad about but she probably like Clint that's gross seriously you need to stop like she'd be upset about it'd be funny the wife would be so mad let's see we got two things left in this box okay next we've got oral-b replacement heads open package item least the customer returned all three heads they do not look used they all look new but these aren't really that expensive though don't cost much where's Becky she was watching a Netflix movie or she's or no she's she that starts a new TV show on Netflix think it was she was watching that yeah that's what she was doing whenever I started this live feed like what an hour ago that's what she was doing I don't know if she's still a she's playing bed now I bet more likely she's probably in bed she's usually goes to bed kind of early well to me it's early so she's playing in bed now more unlikely well got one thing left in his box this box is done already you should do a live EVP session from Honda room this is the haunted room right here I know this house was built back in like the 60s so it could be haunted you never know I always think this part of in the end is haunted like we're not this like this part of the states not like around any kind of battlefields or anything or around a part of any like hunted historical areas or anything so I don't think ROM I get old burial ground we're not like a pet cemetery as far as I know you never know though but inception Oh another two pounds new video do your teeth I don't think you want to see that either oh you want to see all the the toothpaste suds and bubbles like stuck in the beer I don't think it'd be kind of gross funny but gross yeah like that video might might go viral the who it's good idea but thank you so much for the tooth for the 2-pound super cheddar I really appreciate it and so the UK right now or you're six hours ahead right so there's like what 5:30 in the morning I think or 5:20 for the morning I think Kentucky time 1024 yeah here Eastern Time were 1124 p.m. Indiana time we're on a New York time you believe in aliens I've seen aliens will not see them but like we've all seen stuff in the sky that was like weird you know you like you've seen lights and you seen stuff moving around the sky before that maybe you know you've looked up you're like man what's that you know was it aliens I don't know was that somebody's drone probably you know but was is it aliens it was like a UFO it was an unidentified flying object yes was a controlled by a little green man probably not but it was a UFO though you know we got one thing left let's kill this box last thing we've got a size exhale Sunbeam Agra heating like like you wear it it's like a heating pad goes around your back goes around your neck XL pan it's different I think I've ever seen this this model before an excel pad extroyer the soften ultra luxurious field melt tension away with spa inspired heat therapy huh I'm I have to keep this that looks kind of nice or if the wife sees it I can bet you she'll keep it actually looks kind of nice though how it kind of like heat will go all the way down your shoulders down your back and everything I mean kind of Awesome that's like you're like 20 bucks of it yeah it's awesome Oh got another super check diamonds life hey Clint can you shop my wife's company out it's not a coffee at WWE coffee calm would you like a free sample yes I love a free sample so everybody go check out naughty coffee dot-com yeah check it out but yeah diamonds life thank you so much for the $5 super chat I really appreciate it thank you for supporting my channel I love a free sample I am liking I love coffee I'm a caffeine fiend I'm not really a big like a soda pop drinker I'm more like I'm like a coffee guy yeah yeah I always leave my UPS mailbox in like the description box to all my videos so if you don't have it it'll be in the box like once this video is done it'll upload to YouTube like a finalized product and I'll make sure all right it's probably gonna be there just just like upload it like once this is done it'll be like UPS mailbox this is it yeah awesome thank you and uh whatever you send I always open up on camera on the franchise kicks channel for like my mail day which I'm gonna be doing a viewer package mailed a video this Sunday I've already recorded it I recorded actually couple hours ago three hours ago four hours ago now I think so I'll be publishing this Sunday packages sent to me from some from subscribers this Sunday so yeah so that is the five hundred and one dollar Amazon customer returns single box so everything next to me make sure my nothing is showing to the left of me that has mine nothing that like reveals where I live before I pan the camera over that's everything next to me kind of yeah that was in the box so not too bad I got off like 78 bucks so uh I'll make money on it not a whole lot is it had a value of 500 $1 was it worth 501 or was that a true value to it I don't know I think that a liquidation appraisal might be a little high on it I can't think it might have been I don't see 501 there unless maybe the hot hand the toe warmers maybe I totally missed the price on those because I estimated those about like what like 50 cents apiece I think maybe I totally missed those might have because I guess made those hot hand boxes at like 20 bucks a box maybe they're like like hundred bucks or something maybe that's actually where the money was see it bear with me for just a second that's not it so looks like on Amazon I'm saying one of these packs are 374 piece as an add-on item that right 374 piece even go back go to close or have it like three bucks apiece he was in a box hey this is actually where all the money was there's 40 pairs per box if these things were three bucks a pop you can say that that's like 120 a box that's probably actually where all the money was was I guess then these these two boxes and totally missed it wait I can't sell these things right now for that much I kind of gauge these things like 50 cents a piece but they're actually three dollars between three and four bucks apiece I guess I try size things morph like a dollar piece at least but not right now I'll wait till like October September try to get like dollar 52 bucks apiece so actually it got a little bit better then I underestimated those quite a bit so that's where the money was is it three bucks for two pairs pot hands have you can get from you get a 2-pack for 525 or buy one for 374 or you can buy 240 for $250 so if you want to buy in bulk then you can then there's like an aunt brand called Tostitos but you can't go by that one because that's not the same brand or you can buy 240 or 250 of them for like a buck apiece if you want to buy in bulk on Amazon so that's all the money was then not bad bad so let's see been on for about an hour 15 minutes not bad I was Shirley how long I was gonna be on tonight wasn't really too sure how long that box is gonna take me because I tend to ramble a little bit whenever I go live or even not live just on a video I tend to tend to ramble a lot once I pay for the banca I paid like I was trying to think back I pay like it's like 66 or 67 dollars plus sales tax plus a 10% premium so I think it was like 78 dollars is there city 778 bucks once I added in sales tax plus 10% premium if I remember correctly yeah bring it in you should do a meet and greet me and my boyfriend will drive 10 hours did you hit a fort you showed a Barnes that way we can meet you and pie boxes there I'm actually gonna be at Barnes tomorrow actually my short time I'm gonna be there but uh I'm actually gonna go there tomorrow tsukai new new house that they have is I got an email from the owner that they've got in new pouts there of electronics like eight foot tall pallets brand new program that they're doing with I'm not sure which company it is I don't know if it's like Best Buy or if it's Amazon or if it's whatever company that sells electronics but I guess they've had they have some new contract with somebody and then he's got in their first couple semi-trucks couple days ago or today yesterday something like that so I'm gonna go tomorrow and check him out I think they're like 500 apiece 600 piece for like an 8 foot tall pallet of electronics so I'm intrigued there's no guarantee that I'm gonna buy one now like I want to see him first see what kind of product is on it just make sure it's not all like private label kind of knockoff not knockoff but private label third party stuff you know yeah I will be at Barton tomorrow so if anybody else plans to stop in I'll be there Bobby apply be after like 1:00 o'clock I bet because in the morning I'll be editing my video for tomorrow is actually once I probably go off live here I'm actually going to record my video for tomorrow and then start editing it because then tomorrow once I get up I'll finish the Edit and then go to Barton's and then by the time I get back from Barton's then I'll publish it so I actually have to record it like in the a.m. Saturday morning like right after this video I might to record my video for Saturday because if I don't then it'll be a super late video Saturday night yeah don't see crunch force ones I actually bought my crunch Force Ones Zach was mentioning that there's a youtuber my name is Seth Fowler who worked with planners peanuts and they had him design a sneaker form the crunch force ones so it's very cool how a lot of companies are reaching out the youtubers now to work with them design stuff for them so I I'm not keeping my hopes up but deep down inside like I kind of have a little hope that someday a company reaches out to me and you know says hey we want to work with you to design something about you you know I don't know probably not but it's happening to a lot of gamers I mean just like that one dude you know they've had monster drinks made made about their YouTube channels and you know let's see gonna record her trip thebardens I probably will it all depends on like honestly like it all depends on kind of like the moment if I'm kind of a more of expert of the moment kind of person whenever it comes to like live recording you know like if I get there if I'm just kind of like and there's a lot of people here and you know like I don't really want to put people on camera they don't want to be on camera you know as you walk around is I don't really want to invade people's privacy and put them on camera you you know just as walking around but if the place is not packed then I probably will I need to I need to edit part two of my biggest trip still I honestly I keep forgetting I mean I need to do it I'm gonna do it this weekend I think I think I said that the last time I went live last week that I'm gonna do it this weekend I'm gonna do it this weekend try to get that up yeah my part two of my biggest trip the wife and I we went to Arizona back in March and we kind of logged that trip and I still haven't edited that video from back in March of it wasn't really a video we just took like small little highlights of our March trip out to Arizona because I wasn't really too sure if we're actually going to publish a video buddies took like little like small clips so there is some clips that exist from our trip in March I don't know if I actually will make a video about it but it's there so it's possible but I don't know if people really want to see that because I'm not really a vlogging channel because I put up a vlog the wife and I went to a convention couple weeks ago and that video got the worst views then I've had in years like I think it hasn't eat like cracked five thousand views yet and I mean five thousand views is is a lot of views but for my average it was the lowest viewed video in like two years so I was like man people certain vlogging kind of videos people don't want to see on my channel I guess have you cross got to drive anywhere in US California I've long been in California once we actually drove through California to get to Coronado Bay for the honeymoon a decade ago I've never actually stopped in California but I kind of want to go on a cross-country Drive and kind of vlog along the way kind of I don't know I had this vision of wanting to take this like a month-long cross-country adventure and vlog the trip and I don't know if I'm actually gonna do it but I mean it'll cost a lot of money I don't know if I nan show you if we can do it but I don't know oh the shirt I got this in Las Vegas for the AE W the I got box fuzz on me from the brown box the star cast the convention the star cast – and a Las Vegas never Bret Hart did his signing their word the Bret Hart son figure remember I met Bret Hart they had exclusive shirts made of Bret Hart and that's when I met him and then he signed this pup for me whenever I met Brett that was like about a little less than a month ago meaning Bret Hart was freaking awesome I mean he's one of the best wrestlers of all time mr. Bret Hart yeah ultra cool I was awesome to meet him by pound each state that'd be kind of hard to do because if I'm traveling what would I do with all the stuff though cuz I actually thought about you know kind of like do like a month-long vlog travel buy stuff but what would I do with all this stuff if I had if I'd pay to ship everything back home man I kept in constant be insane like man I I play go broke yeah so that's kind of my issue is what would I do with all the stuff if I cross-country resold or went cross-country and buy storage lockers kinda like a UH the Jebus guy tell him and his wife I'm not sure if it's his wife or his girlfriend but uh how they kind of they travel a lot and they I think they hit storage lockers kinda like not in their home state and I'm not sure how they deal with that I don't know anyway man where's Barnes in Indianapolis it's off of Keystone Avenue as you go downtown it's on the north side of Indy it's like what is it I think it's 15th Street and Keystone if you know where that area is say I'm behind on the chat right now when you met Bret Hart how much hair gel do you think he wears he actually didn't have any kind of hair gel in his hair at all his hair was pretty dry actually yeah he he was this wearing just like street clothes if I remember correctly I like I posed with a picture so I could go back and look but yeah I don't remember him having gel in his hair don't remember doesn't mean he didn't I don't remember I'm having Jonah's hair a trailer for my truck yeah that'd be a big trailer if I traveled and bought stuff along the way to be a big trailer I was watching the channel with Jebus a couple days ago and I guess him in I'm not sure if his wife or his girlfriend but I guess they're in in a place out in California for like the next month because he has to buy lockers out there or something so I'm kind of cure where his channels going kind of curious cuz I used to watch him back when he used to dumpster dive a lot and kind of like forgot about his channel for a while and he reached out to me a few times kind of tack lab I mean this is like last year and we're I can't he was lived in the East Coast somewhere maybe I don't really I'm I'm bad with memory stuff half the time it has never really worked out since we're not close whatever like where we live and then he like we we talked a few months ago and then I notice how his channel start blowing up and mine was blowing up and he started doing the Locker thing and I was like man that's awesome so I started to watch his channel again I've noticed that he's just he's is blowing up good franchise kicks red hearts hair I didn't diss his hair how did this his hair but it wasn't like his shiny slick though that I remember I put his hand on his shoulder in my hand in and get wet I think his hair is pretty dry amber look is is that her name I don't remember her name yeah that that's probably riding yeah he's killing it on his videos now I mean he's freaking killing it yeah but he started doing some of the videos that I talked about doing like last year that I should have started cuz like was it mid last year I started seeing a trend on YouTube how people would do like the lottery tickets they would go spin like like hundred bucks and buy like fifty scratch offs and then just scratch him and they were getting like insane views and I was talking to the wife I mean like a year ago and I was telling her like we should do that like it would be fun and what if we actually wanted some money and people watched those and we just never did it and I noticed that he's doing that now and I was like man a lot of people are doing that now and I was talking to her about man we should like a year ago that we should have done it a year ago but we just never Dix I'm like I don't know but that was back on still doing sneaker stuff like purely sneaker stuff when I was trying to find something new to do I should have done it still code though go buy a bunch of lottery ticket just scratch them in front of the camera oh good i angel I love Washington they also do scratch off tickets yeah what the Hales I don't watch them much I just not my style of video it's not that Ida it's not that I don't like them it's just just not really my style of video I don't know I might to watch more of them still does your eBay ship to the UK actually my eBay I have international turned off because I was having too many issues with international shipping for my eBay store I was having issues so I turned off International shipping a couple years ago because it was I was having too many problems and then I started doing a shipping what was that shipping called where you'd shipped to the eBay center in Kentucky and then they'd ship it off and all seven problems with some issues so then I turned that off too so with eBay now I won't ship outside the US whenever I sell on eBay because I always have way too many too many problems that's just eBay though eBay issues with International shipping California like I was actually kind of thinking that Jebus might have gone to California because that's where they film most other storage wars so if he wants to get on storage wars probably the best thing is to move out to California and pretty much that's probably the best way to get on the storage wars is to move out there to work your way into storage wars I bet that crossed my mind I mean that's what I would do if my throat's get dry oh talking that just I mean oh I'm not saying that that's that's that's what he did but whenever I watched the video I was kind of like I wonder if he moved out to California for like 45 days just to see if he can maybe get on the storage wars or something I don't know is canceled oh no it's not canceled it's it's a pretty profitable show still it's it still gets a lot of views oh yeah the show's fake oh yeah oh yeah the show is 100 cent fake all the lockers were planted nothing's real about that show totally fake I mean I haven't watched it for five or six years now because they just got so incredibly fake that it wasn't even fun to watch honestly because it just it was so fake lockers were fake some of the original cast they quit the show because of the fakeness of it and a lot of the newer people that they brought on I didn't like and with the show being fake and some of the cast being fake I don't watch it the first couple seasons were really good like my favorite was berry like I think whenever berry left the show went downhill in my personal opinion Barry I think was the best part of the whole show in my opinion in Ohio I have no idea where to buy pouts in Ohio like I only know palettes like honestly people ask me like where do you buy palettes in Georgia I I don't know like where do you buy pallets in Michigan I don't know because I buy pallets here I mean in my my area that's where I know I mean outside of here like I don't know I mean I know like the major hubs like major hubs are Southern California Las Vegas Dallas and Indianapolis like those are the big hubs and outside of that like I don't know I mean if you live in Nebraska I have no idea where where you can buy from me now I'll take research on your part to find where to buy from because I do not know I have no clue and I think my my throat my voice are about done Pam and I had to record a video still hmm there about shot oh he went to California to East Coast West Coast battle storage locker I'm never seen it he had a heart attack I hope not but Barry sure sure hope not yeah Renee from storage wars yeah he has a channel he does lots of videos I've talked to him many of times and yeah he's he's a cool dude but yeah I think I'm actually gonna have to kill this life y'all because like my throat is like incredibly dry right now like my throat is shot from all the talking so I'm gonna have to shut this thing off but uh thank everybody for tuning in I really appreciate it everybody um mm who's sometime to be tonight I really appreciate it everybody gave a super chat well thank you so much that's awesome much appreciated and I'll make sure and do some more of these I'm going to try to get like one box kind of a thing of electronics stuff like that but it's very hard just to get like one box of like the cool stuff cuz they want to sell it in multiples or like a pallet so I'm gonna do my best to try to get some more kind of like this but get like cooler stuff hopefully maybe so bear with me yeah it's shot so I'll be back I'll be be back live soon so make sure you have your bell turned on so whenever I go live I'll try to give like an hour kind of a notice before I go live so let you know and I'll see you next time so thanks for watching I'm out

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  1. Just wondering if you ever going to do a show off of your house with all your Collectibles and and stuff cuz you keep talking about all you Collections and autographs and and other stuff like that just wondering if you ever going to show it off and let us see your collection or how it looks I I'd be into that

  2. I hope I get to catch you live soon!! ..I had an accident so I was offline a while and am just catching up on all your videos so I've only just found out about your second channel ๐Ÿ™

  3. I think it would be interesting if you rented an RV and toured the states! And just visited interesting places! ๐Ÿ‘
    I didn't catch you LIVE but still enjoyed yr extended ramblings! ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

  4. You need to keep the weight off this time once you lose it, buddy. It's no joke that when you get older it gets harder to lose weight, I'm 61 and I'm on a diet.

  5. Missed sorry mate,watchin on catchup now,your live streams are early hours of the morning in uk and weekends is carboot time here ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. The oral shringes are brilliant for giving medication to small children. A lot less fuss than using a spoon.

  7. #34:12 sells for $68 on Amazon ouch they probably put it in another container then sent it back. I just heard on news where someone got caught returning at Amazon (they committed fraud) I would not suggest it. #38:00 artists can use these and people who refuse to take medicene they put liquid it it and put it in their mouths. Artists may buy them. #54:58 for ultimate digestive health. $20.65. "What The Hales (I think ) hopes That Amber and Jebus goes on a state to state tour with them in a year (I think.) Treasure Hunting with Jebus is on the East Coast but I seriously think I heard that "what the Hales" wants them to move to Ohio with them in their area. So Jebus's mom is funemployed now and is traveling with them. So is Baby Jebus who designs t-shirts as well as "treasure hunting" . I love watching all 3 channels. Yours and theirs.

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