24 Replies to “Opie & Anthony: Denny's "Stillborn" Comment to Nicole (11/04/13)”

  1. So now saying some things is inappropriate because some of us have wives and kids. Sad. I’m pretty sure Ant was against but just went with it.

  2. Those stupid effeminates have no clue what they're talking about. I'm not going to "blow up" Dennis's "spot", as they would often say, but they're the ones who are dumb and not comprehending the actual significance of his saying such things. Dennis's behavior at the "Winter Gathering" might have smartened them up a little, but I doubt it.

  3. I've never met a woman who doesn't like to talk about their pregnancy while they're still pregnant, what kind of sociopathic paranoid women are these people around?

  4. Yoo this is gonna make me cry,,, damn I miss this show! Awe remeber when lil yimmy was a thrid wheel… man I really miss this

  5. Denny is fucking hilarious. That's a great story to mention to a pregnant woman, I hate that people get over protective of females.

  6. The CDC must be a religious organization for recommending circumcision for its health benefits. Also, people who partake in lent, Ash Wednesday, etc aren't considering at all how these traditions benefit them as human beings, they just do it because they think god told them to. No personal growth considered. Nope.

  7. Sam was stillborn for the first 17 minutes of his life. …and he turned out just fine and muppet-like.

  8. I love this maniac Dennis Falcone…his lack of social queues is what led to his beautiful attacks on Opie.

  9. lol opie was obsessed with Justin Bieber and Real Housewives. trying to imitate the new version of Howard.

  10. Denny is right and based and the world would've been a better, smarter place if Nicole had shit out a stillborn.

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