Opie & Anthony – Dream Analysis

no I had a dream gift all of his saw popping in my head now finally I had a dream last night that a nurse came up to me and she had a blood pressure thing and put it on my heart on and started pumping it up and she was like don't come in it because I have to use it so she's pumping but but she didn't know she goes I don't know if this is gonna hurt when I you know start getting the pressure on it and I go well just give it a couple of pumps and see and I was like oh wow that's pretty good and she goes alright I'll pump it more but I can't keep pumping it cuz I have to use it so don't come in it all right I don't know what it means I need someone that reads dreams to call immediately a dream I'll wait what was that don't what was she saying she said she at first she didn't know if it was gonna hurt me but I said well give it a couple of pumps you know you wrapped the fucking blood pressure thing around around my heart on I was already you know in my dream I had a boner and um then she goes okay so she squeezed it once and I was like oh that's pretty good I go keep going so she's squeezing a couple more times and then she told me not to come in it because she has to use it I don't know if that's sexual or not or health-related no but it's a fucking look the blood pressure thing tests blood pressure and heart and hard-on sometimes it's fucking weird the way your mind like they said like a lot of times if you dream of an ice-cream it's it's ice cream it came translated really yes and phonetically broken down not always this was purely like I wanted to fucking cum in her blood pressure sleeve that could be a plan I was very angry that she made it like had this stop I was like fuck it yeah you could wash it off let me come in your blood pressure cuff yeah maybe I'm wrong but I'm saying sometimes it's not always as a parent as it seems well yeah that's true gotta get someone that knows this shit cuz that's my old one oh sure Lydia will be calling up any minute hi Anthony what that means is that you want a heart monitor thing on your penis for that ejaculator right thank you damn Bella why do you feel this way you know I didn't come in the bed I wish I love wet dreams I haven't had one in many many years bring up something that's pretty interesting though blood pressure fucking thing and your dick no hmm I think I might be kind of feel good I don't know man when they take your blood pressure gets a little tight sometimes it's a little tight but the stethoscope on your balls maybe you're afraid to get a girl pregnant maybe it's something like that maybe that's a deep fear for you that would be I'd be dreaming if that was me being afraid of getting a girl pregnant I'd have that dream every night it'd be like no I I don't know well let's uh let's go to Joe that a good one the dream analysts are starting to call here Joe what do you got good morning boys aye sir it's how big is your dick did you dreaming about it I just dream about my own dick what is it Wow there's a picture Danny is that Danny of Travis Travis Travis with a big win today Travis with a picture of a fucking blood pressure sleeve around a hard-on there it is someone's done it now you can't really think of anything that someone hasn't done already um and that's kind of a natural you know you might feel good I don't know it's like it's a tennis racket thing yet Kyle writes hey don't leave us hanging did you come or what no I was I was good I didn't come in her fucking things she gotta use it sure was a her and it wasn't the fucking Angel of Death type of that nurse was some guy with a beard weighed 300 pounds you know fucking pillow with handles on Mongo the truck door is actually a dream analyst Mongo does when he's fuckin driving along a stretch of i-80 through fuckin Iowa he thinks of dreams or what they mean driving all day I think Anthony is worried for his health because his hog is so big whenever gets a hard-on his blood pressure just drops oh maybe that's it oh shit no it really I really was very like sexual like it was a very sexual dream like I wanted I wanted her to keep doing it and you know I wanted her to watch wow there's some as I fucking shot all over her cuff like this blood pressure cuff this guy's got it Jeff injury yeah Jeff yeah I think it's that you're looking for a younger pussy and you want it to be tighter as you keep going oh is that at the gauge the gauge shows the age is that what happens it's so pumping up and the gauge goes down in age as it gets tighter maybe I'm in Chicago time I think subliminally your body's telling you you're gonna have a stroke shut up you fucking asshole or maybe you mean stroke you know oh that I'm stroking right yeah yeah no the fucking age thing might be right because nurse that's how if he dates a girl that's how he wants her to feed real dream analyst there was no we Laura mantle at dreams means it they don't mean shit it means whatever the fuck is happening and then later on I had a dream that me and my family were having a picnic in a warehouse but then we took a u-haul in had to unload all the furniture as like it was a house in a warehouse and we sat around had a picnic and it got to be like five o'clock and and I was bummed because we got to pack all the shit back in the u-haul and drive out what does that mean your dreams are exhausted mine are fucking terrible I didn't know what that meant go to they have a million of these websites where you pop in your dream and they they can help you out a little bit it don't mean shit is what the Internet's I don't know about that or dreams right now I know they might talk to you a little bit I think they could be affected by what happens in your life right but I don't think it's so out there and vague and weird I think it's it's obviously let's say you're you're stressed out for your job and you keep having this fucking dream that you're gonna be fired work dreams that that day I'll just read your dreams well I used to have dreams when I first started in radio that the disc was fucking going and the song was running out and I couldn't get to the fucking CD player in time we all had those I think I think in general dreams are just dreams yeah some maybe you could analyze like I mean I have a good example of that Scot in Chattanooga Chattanooga Scott listen to this dream you tell me this means something maybe Jimmy will figure it out though maybe he will ahead Scott I had had this dream where I was there were like some shit about three feet long and about the diameter my wrist and I was thinking the tapered ends and putting them together and making a huge change what does that mean it means that you have somebody and you're not too sure what to get them for Christmas figured you'd make your own charm bracelet out of duty it's how you look at life it's just a big fucking it's an unending fucking shit eh yeah just a chain of shit yeah it goes round and round and links yeah thank you Scott is that real by the way are you fucking around for the show oh that's real funny thank you alright more people calling about well let's see I know about dreams so uh let's go to Merrill Merrill yes tomorrow morning hi you guys you look good good how are you man good about dreams of three different stages of dreams yeah there's three different stages while you're dreaming out one of them is usually a dream about the past one is a dream about the future and the last one is usually a dream of fantasy so I would say that his dream about the arm pressure cuff is a probably fantasy but the the one about the warehouse is probably a dream about his path about the way he had to move Oh like always moving with the family and stuff yeah that's a good one yeah you never know just when you were settled down you had a move again and I was bummed that we had a like pack of it I wasn't bummed that we got to pack everything and leave I was bummed that the work involved in packing everything like exactly oh fuck yeah that's why what they know about the dream so that I think that one with the the arm pressure cuff that might be something you hear subconsciously you might want to do in the future why why would I have a fucking dream that we went into a warehouse for a picnic just talking about your beer your past and you having to move all the way up to California and all that why am i connect ya picnic well because of your childhood and you know your your great represents family I mean that's yeah everything I have certain sets in my dreams to like sets that I revisit every so often just like there's a house the eagle's nest there's certain houses that are all in recurring dreams a certain road that I Drive down a lake that's full of these like giant sea urchins and giant like grouper fish and I have to I have to get across it and the the water is crystal clear and it's fucking scary as shit cuz I'm looking right down the bottom a giant fish and the boat I'm on is always ready to tip over whoa your dreams are exhaust crazy that's fucking falsely oh I think you're just no doubt about that right guys but no all right well this guy had a dream we want real dreams not ones where you get on the air yes Jim in Canada what do you got I got a dream last week Michael Jackson stuck in my way my life that's pretty fucked up what the fuck is that what's that buddy read you joint tea leaves I think Jim you're breaking up a little bit I'm hoarsely all right we'll get you next time warehouse what does that mean they're dead you're on a dream site yeah it says here for a warehouse to see your warehouse and your dream represents stored energy or hidden resources the warehouse also refers to memories alternatively you may also be putting your ambitions and goals on hold was it an empty where well they were like pipes in there and stuff and it was was it was empty until we came in and unload of the furniture Paul says to see an abandoned or empty warehouse indicates that your inner resources have been depleted you need to take some time off to restore your energy and replenish your resources all right I'll be like Steve I need every Monday off it says in my dreams they're telling me I need every Monday on it spoke to me it had a brain that was empty our dreams are telling us that we need five days off Wow the empty warehouse well that's interesting what about um see if I can find a picnic about a little late yeah picnic your picnic let's see let me see picnic whoa it's terrible yes yeah that's something that was I was actually a derogatory term used out on Long Island for the Hispanic families that would take that would get out of their car on the side of the parkways yeah because they're big grassy sides to the parkways and just open up a blanket and start eating and a hibachi and barbecue I tell that same story people don't believe me it happens more than grazing yeah and I care to remember whatever bet and they just they just pop their hood and make him believe their cars yeah the cars busted and their little kids are running around with fucking diapers on and shit miss traffic doing 80 next to them I've seen it more than once I don't get that Oh picnic you got it you found it to dream that you're at a picnic signifies a joyful and tranquil and tranquil domestic life you prefer the simpler things in life to see a picnic basket in your dream indicates an opportunity to learn and share your ideas and opinions sounds like nonsense yeah but the first part maybe like you know kind of tranquil and nice although that was it was a warehouse hey this guy's got a great crush damn dream oh it's a girl Erin and Aaron hey guys when you're creative I just wanted to discuss people that I always have in my dreams I've never seen or met oh yeah idea who the hell they are where they come from or if they even really exist I used to like fall in love with people in my dreams that I didn't know like I'd have sex with a girl and my dream and everything then I'd be like I'd wake up and go oh my god I really liked her you can never see them yeah and then the image like the image of what they look like fades during the day and you're like well that person's gone oh yeah who are these people other strangers and your dreams imagination it's just somebody you'd like as you're turning your head in a crowd on the streets you and your brains with brains you take somebody out or yeah or maybe just a random fucking mr. Potato Head thing that's put together in your head of other people's features that's a good question Aaron I don't know all right let's go to we might have to do a dream show like the dream show Greg Marilyn what's up Greg guys and this is a serious dream I dreamed that I was a sweet potato in the middle of a basket of sweet potatoes I have no idea what fucking belong in Chelsea you're a flaming homosexual sir you're a sweet potato and you want to live amongst other sweet potatoes who don't laugh at you when you walk a small dog and blow them behind dumpsters Greg thank you dream up falling asleep driving oh yeah I've had that one wow really oh yeah any time I'm driving I barely have control of the vehicle yeah when I'm done there have been times I've also been in the backseat of the car and I'm supposedly driving the car and then I realize like oh my god I'm in the backseat and you got to get to the front it takes forever you're getting ya angled up and all sorts of shit is happening there and there's another really creepy one that I had and it's the same location I am taking off in a 747 not flying it but I'm one of the passengers and the the cabin is very open and the seats aren't placed right you know they're kind of odd and I can see out the the windshield the pilots you know the windshield and we're taking off on like a grass runway where the trees are I swear it right at the wingtips and there's wires everywhere and the plane like you feel the plane going up and then I feel it start dropping and going oh we're fuckin you know we're going down planes crash don't have that type of dream oh that's a creepy-ass one that's that just sucks and it feels like so real like you feel that that feeling me stomach like all three going down feel real yeah some are weird because sometimes I've been shot in dreams and you don't feel anything right you're like when you're dreaming a lot more when you're dreaming for the most part you're not sitting oh now there's a dream everything yeah everything you're dreaming buddy like Fox like those fuck uh how their helicopter crashes into my friend's house and I haven't lived there in 15 years dream that I beat Jimmy Norton in a donut eating ha hey Dan what's up yeah actually had a dream last night of a little Jimmy Norton I beat his ass in a chocolate-covered Entenmann's donut eating competition I had a nice night that was very similar that somebody was stealing all of all of my duty filled socks socks of duty in them Judy I have duty filled socks and I swing them in yelled hi oh the funny part was that Norm Macdonald and J Moore were there egging you on to beat my ass because because I beat you in this competition it was ridiculous Wow that's produced our stuttered dream yeah what do you think that means well Jimmy no I'm not sure you think you're funnier than Jim Norton absolutely not I probably just can eat more Donuts for that guy well I think that means sir that you wish to have a hat made of donuts you just take off and eat whatever you want to you want to have a doughnut hat like that's the bill isn't all our crawler hats what do you think Jimmy I love to be healthy god this is fun topic Wednesday people love this let's go to Leonard Leonard I gotta tell you everyone's missing the fact that both of Anthony's dreams last night are related to each other okay first off he has a cock so big that you can put a fucking blood pressure cover on it that means when he's done banging his girlfriend her badge is the size of a warehouse you could have a picnic those are adjustable that's right good call horrible name if your name is Leonard call yourself Lenny cuz you sound like fucking DeNiro from awakenings hey Leonard and there's another Leonard Leonard Laura they're Lara only faggots and sailors are called Lawrence who are you Lawrence of Arabia faggots and sailors are called Lawrence what an observation for gunnery sergeant departments and make faggots and sailors it was a fucking funny line let's go to James and Pennsylvania James yes thanks recurring dreams and clouds about this 4th in house I was always trapped in the basement but I was escaped from the storm doors I actually went around New Paltz we're going to school looking for this house never found it never thought of the dream couple years later I moved to Pennsylvania I'm driving down one of the rural roads down here I actually passed the house I swear those for my drinks to the point were actually got out of the car and almost knocked on the door but I realize it was probably a bad idea that this is the house that I was almost killed to know my dreams but the house exists and I never seen it before and it happened like five years after I sometimes miss recurring dream but it was every night for several weeks whose creepy and that hasn't this a couple times a week that's pretty fucked up no I pretty fucked up how does your mother know I don't believe my dreams are tell me anything but see that building standing on the side of this country road with corn stalks all the places very very odd recurring dreams I have this recurring dream I don't know if it's a nightmare or not but that I'm in front of a room full of people and they're expecting something from me and I can't deliver it and I don't know if it was a dream but not doing well on stage but then one time I dreamed farther like I went farther with the dream and I realized what they wanted from me was they wanted my recipe my famous marmalade recipe do you have a name for your marmalade no after the break you'll have a name for your marmalade right yeah that's and marmalade that's that's my dream it's my nightmare it's just it's a snail slithering through a head full of marble arriving is there anything worse than orange marmalade I'll tell you what's worse than orange marmalade Donkey shit spread it comes in a peanut butter like jar and it's pure but it's softened donkey shit and you spread it on melba toast and you fucking suck it off a bull caca that's worse than Marsh marmalade donkey ship spread on melba toast sucked up a Volkov Beach orange marmalade by a smidge in the worst department I run on all fours like a dog in my dream you want that one yeah let's go to Matt Matt yes Oh hey yeah yeah just a recurring dream oh man I've had it for as long as I can remember I'm just running out for it's like a dog just and that just running and running and then I wake up and and I feel tired I don't know how is it to run on all fours though that seems like it would be pretty cool hmm edge seems cool in the dream oh yeah I don't know how I can ever do it in real life but it makes sense in the dream did you ever dream that you called a radio show and came to the conclusion that you're an ass alright yeah my dream I was driving to my motorcycle test in Plainfield I got shot in the forehead and woke up the next morning or actually as bit right now seven plays I got shot on your head probably felt it growing under there and terms about it when I was shot like I ran into a wall all right just like this call trucker dreams that he's driving in his sleep and wakes to freak out wild trucks move around him James the Poconos I think he's doing this one for the show are you doing this one for the show James probably I hope so I keep fucking my fifteen year old neighbor and her mom keeps getting mad at me I just want to see if you know what that means means you're Anthony that's a fucking that's pretty obvious you want to fuck your 15 year old neighbor and you're afraid of the consequence that's nice you know what why does why does his mom get mad at you he's God let's see how that caught my little joke there I guess so why this is mom get ready like she's a beautiful [Laughter] marvelous who a golfer a garden I'm tired Ethan and PA Ethan yes hey guys hey I've been having a dream for years and years now actually I'm I'm in a fight and I can't I can't land a punch I mean I can swing but my fists are stopping just short yeah I hate those not those two it's like when I can't run in a dream or you have a gun but the ammo doesn't fucking fit in a clip and shit like that so you're swinging and you can't land a punch you're getting hit well it's like and the swings are going just as fast as they're supposed to but yeah stopping the running dream is bad too when you're trying to run and you just so fucking thrust away um I got you're almost crawling like and run you can't do that I've also I was reading uh Steve from Bay shores a dream thing reminded me I have this one too where you travel back in time like I'll be like holy shit it's I go it's not fucking like 2009 it's like in the 1960s something and I'll start telling people what's gonna happen I'll be like oh you are gonna freak out at this that the other thing and then I wake up but but it's like telling people the future that's better than watching a movie it's pretty cool there's some fun dreams but uh boring and most of them action-packed like crime and gunfire and chases and car chases that's could you keep the TV on simple as it probably is and I always had family because Crimea channel a lot of us did dream whatever woods the last show you were watching just before you turn the TV on you're dreaming that that shit Beth might have a real real interpretation in her boyfriend plays of the band and never comes home why would you want to be with the boys yeah be with Beth I know you know she might have gotten fat ah sound yeah we can't find the sound that's coming out of the fuckin that's a good song house come on it's not I want interview Peter Chris there yeah yeah man you fucking beat breast cancer men don't get that often that often that's true why don't you ever want to talk about beating breast cancer for your man with this well that's a rough one I know right so I want to be more embarrassing than other cancers or you just not give a fuck once they say cancer you don't care what they call early cares Beth of course though all right Beth now you heard ants dreams what do you have what do you got in that my thought is that he's feeling very confined and some authority figures are telling him not to do things he desperately needs to do think that our society is so silent an age of consent lists society and their dumb rules my wife did Anthony now why would you interpret it like that give me your you-know-what how you worked it out just a different perspective because you you keep going like to the obvious and dreams usually aren't that obvious yeah but how did you come up with that from that like I could have said I could have come up with anything like you could have just made something up why would you think my dream meant that well because you've been complaining a little about your bosses and your inability to do what you used to do on air that's true even when you own any W you had you seem to have more freedom than you have now on satellite oh let me let me just quickly bring that up I was driving home yesterday listening to the fucking replay and it was from any W was it the porn music yes yeah and we stopped we started bitching because someone came in and said guys just want to let you know they're dumping out of a lot of this bit and we freaked out like oh my god how dare you as I'm listening to the bed I'm like how the fuck were we saying any of this maybe aunt doesn't like restrictions or bosses no one that's what his gym beds oh but what would how would that be interpreted into a fucking blood-pressure cuff around my cock and being the crashing house I wanted them to keep going right but you weren't allowed to do what you wanted because you weren't allowed to oh they're telling you can't legally you can't but I think it's obvious to all of us a can't come on a fucking blood pressure cuff well if the tightness represents something else if you know what I mean Oh a little relationally you're not allowed a restriction on pleasure you enjoy your job a lot I still love it I don't like getting up in the morning but I like everything else with the job fun lately we're loving this again I like the job we'll go back to hating this and a few months ago fucking roller coaster thank you Beth she's got a pretty never really gave me you know what it's just as good as any other fucking excellent explanation Danny's got a website up that he feels confident about because he hasn't moved from that website but it's scary well cuz it's creepy it's and it's been popping up on some of the site site I frequent lately it's called this man org and apparently a lot of people across the world have been dreaming of the same guy and they sketch them out and they're all similar sketches it's this guy right here oh Jesus and it's creepy handsome gentleman yeah and here's some portraits that people have made other day like hundreds of people have dreamt about this it's a big yawn a unibrow guy that's like the common denominator with kind of a roundish face balding okay yeah let me see his face yes no way yes a half when I dreamt that when I was having difficulties with my marmalade distributor he was the man who's in charge of the marmalade warehouse he was dropping them like jars of honey with tumors feet I don't know whether it's real or not if I ever dreamt about this guy I'd be freaked out now we're all good what theories well there's just looks like a bald prick yeah and everyone just kind of sees him and goes yeah me too but some people say that it's an image belonging to the collective unconscious Oh unconscious that could surface in terms of hardship some people think that it's the creator it's the form in which God manifests himself today wow what not first of all how would you just dream about somebody and go huh where can I find a bunch of other people who dreamt of a pile looking guy here that guys think that doesn't this sounds like the story there was a patient in a psychiatrist's office drew the face of a man that they'd been repeatedly dreaming about the picture got left on the guy's desk another patient came in and said dreaming about that guy did you go to fucking Snopes on this not yet this is kind of new I don't know if it might have yes I know who that guy is creepy his name is Mark Herbert or yeah no more of her Marv Herbert he sells shoe leather out of the back of his fucking Vega Vega Chevy Vega nice old shoe other tongues only have you seen this man forums I'm gonna go to this one this guy this guy's pretty serious about his dream John and Connecticut John hey hey John how you doing hey good man your uh your dream yeah my boy was uh was killed in Iraq back in 2006 first of all bad I'm sorry sorry twenty-three years old he was killed about three months after his death I started getting these dreams of him basically seems like he was saying goodbye no come in my dream that was like I was home and he'd walk into the room and his uniform you sit down to talk to me then on its clears but you know a few times does it happen maybe four or five times 55 and I free creepin one time it spoke to me about the day he died another time he had told me that he was okay didn't want me to worry again he was in a better place I think we feel like okay okay you don't say it just he's fine did you I and you believe in huh oh yeah yeah talk about all the time videos my wife oh my it's kind of cool to get a little visit from dead people every so often I get the dad dreams every so often ever saw I'll be in California I'll be riding a horse and then my father will be there and you know he's been dead since like 95 or something like that and then you talk to him and then you could wake up and you're like oh that was cool and a little visit what my dad's death was unexpected and I had a dream sort of similar to what the John's talking about where my dad like hug me and this dream and I swear to this day it was it was fucking real in some way it was so fucking bizarre like I was so aware remember how we're talking about how you're aware of your dreams I'm like that's crazy yeah but in this case I was aware that wow this was way more than fucking dream really though I was you know how cold asleep yeah I had a creepy because I've had all the dreams with people that I've known that have died and they're in my dreams it wasn't there was something something physical about really does your I send you your wife get the dreams too sir no actually she has good she feels as if loved you know at least one of us is she'll ask me in the morning out how my night was you know we we joke about it sometimes because we seem to seek comfort too knowing that there that there's definitely something out there you know right so you know I'm sorry just chill how long ago mm it was a very publicized thing he was killed along with nine other Marines Musa – no it was an ambush outside of nazriya on March 26 Jesus and it was very well publicized how they let you know they'd actually come to the door like we see in the movies or do they call you or is it how do you find out okay they come to the door he does very very personal thing but I'll tell you what you get a peek outside see the vehicles Vardi so when you hear we know her that well but you heard that bell ring you kind of look out the the window and saw that it was a military vehicle I just have to peek out the window and I saw the vehicle out there Jesus said I went outside and I bet that that's back door yes my wife already uh she already lost did she go oh shit Jesus are you uh are you military yourself French military um retired anyway okay well I served there the first Gulf War were you in the Marine Corps – yes sir I mean do you do you when something like that happens do you feel like all I should have told him not to go or or do you feel like that that was it was a decision that he wanted to make him and he made and you're cool with that it was it was his decision to make uh I'm cool with that I have come to terms with the fact that he was killed regardless he served this country had he that he died regardless of my feelings my political feelings are irrelevant he answered the calling and he paid with his life man was here the same thing I was willing to do when I thought when I signed up during first off for yeah even though we didn't see nowheres near as much as what these boys see now write it bill the thought was in my mind I knew what I was Oh loosen John you're a hard time he found just cut off and what a great call and John with lost yes how could I think it's such a real dream about my dad once that I actually smelled the spaghetti sliding down the wall when he throw it there's good old it's terrible vehicle pulling up and John thanks for sharing we should take a break I wonder if that was his only I was gonna answer that was only like kid that he has the military does you have other kid as well I want to ask him if it if it gets easier no I'm sure what what does it become three years later you know what I mean yeah I'm not saying it's easy by any means but what does it become I think when you lose I don't guessing you lose a kid it's different than losing a parent because it's against nature to outlive your children he's supposed to write died before your kid when his bomb died as I was about my dad's death he was 74 and had horrendous heart issues and but he ends up dying in the car accident that's different than losing a kid unexpected yes special ostomy somebody else like in a war you even though you understand why they're there it's you know it's it's something that you know it's a military it's still you know that somebody else has done that right I was a uplifting call we go back to jerkin off exotic animals uh yeah yeah we can't no that was you know that was a good that's a real moment turn I will have a name for the marmalade yeah I've been tossing a few around and I've just put the kibosh on hullabaloo 'z thank goodness no one would buy that hullabaloo marmalade could you pick me up some hullabaloo marmalade anybody so popular they'd say let me have some hullabaloo blueberry or a little hullabaloo Azaria you won't even have to say marmalade they all know everybody would like hullabaloo a day they wouldn't some info on that website by the way somebody did some research is it true but that it was registered by a marketing company in Italy yeah ah a liar pants on fire viral marketing company gets driver to make peepee well think about that it's a great idea cuz now anyone that went to that site and saw that face will see that face in their dreams plus you can print out flyers to ask if you've seen that man right downtown all right wait true or not it's creepy good to know there's not a good story some voodoo out there who market who fucking registered as the marketing name is if a guy if I didn't think he would look I know well you know what it is it's if the guy's name but then the email address that's listed if you go to that domain you see that it's a domani sign but it tastes even as from Baker wants to guess your marmalade name okay he wants to know if it's fruit FR o oo t molt fruit malt and you LP from all fruit mumble it's not bad but it's multi VIN a word cuz that's a great motif is an ass and even though you made me laugh there Stephen no Island a game for you oh not to take you sorry tough shit I've tried I've thought of different ones I think the names for after the break I'll just say what I thought of but I'm gonna scratch it okay more MEK to me you show two pieces of fruit one's gone I want to know about dreaming about your dead relatives it's just dreaming there's no way you're gonna know it's things you wish you could say or things you wish you could hear I'm sure now you know you know what mine would never have profound or anything it's just like hanging out stuff like well what's up how you know I wish you could but yours was based on like a memory add you rode horse horses were you dead yeah but it was because it was new it was a new thing it wasn't something we had done like it was new and I knew that he was dead so it's like cuz it was like what the fuck is he doing here and then you wake up and just go oh cool I got to visit and it's fake you know I know it's fake it's not real but it's better than you know an animatronic Disney dad going hello you know a dream it kind of seems real didn't make you one of those happening yeah pretty cool like that dreams are basically just your mind telling you stuff dude it's a bunch of bullshit I don't even listen to it you think it means something running out of gas Bob I got a make wee-wee all right let's do that John climb back hey John in Connecticut help out a landline father of the killed son that brought a few people to tears right before the break Salter in Iraq including Crisco and Chicago John what's up buddy hey well you got everyone crying today my my brother I'm sorry I just wanted to say to you guys do that uh I've been uh been a fan for you guys for quite a while my son used to listen to you and that's pretty much when I started this playfully he died because I knew they loved you guys talked about you all the time jeez hey where do you lean politically lean yeah hey where'd it allows me to keep my weapons I love it Abby to the right very good my friend and John III was wondering because none of us in this room obviously know I mean does it become something else like your son's been gone three years or is it just just as brutal as the first day you found out to break down as far as the you put it the initial pain that was numbness if you feel yeah that net forget G's here missing him okay it does you know course not right I've ambition every day I think about it he's always on my mind is it how do you I said we can't we come from a long line of veterans combat veterans my family we all pretty much served at one point or another hmm some of us dying in battle and others not so paper like oh my god like nowhere in the near right – dollars there's bad other parts my family can't say the same thing right do you John D of other kids so it was well you guys Wow oh Jesus I'm really sucked was he was he married at all did he have children no he did no David his uh saving it for after he had a girl but uh he wasn't gonna bury her in foster he got back yeah – planet planet simple he said to her that I have no idea what's gonna happen he's just but I don't want to make you a widow Jesus do you have do you guys still keep in touch with her at all or is it just too hard for everybody oh no every every year we because we see her she has you know she's gone up leave she's still at college right now but uh how do you feel about those savages over there that took your son [Applause] well I think I think I want to keep that one to myself yeah yeah oh yeah I keep that one to myself I hear ya I'm real wife I wish he would have gone to Afghanistan but that was my own personal opinion yeah but the fact that he was called you know he was he was doing what he was trained to do I backed him up 100% you know it just just the thing you got to do no no I hear he's uh bleeding her fucking liberals excuse my French but that's not French that's a good curse word good American one it makes me sick sometimes yeah I mean what makes you sick that they say like what's the biggest thing that they do that just really fucking gets to you oh I'm glad your son's dead that fucking assholes who actually said that I had a confrontation with uh Westboro Baptist Church oh I saw a documentary on them I'm sorry I'm kind of jumping ahead of myself I'm not stating that they're liberals yeah just that these are some of the things that I've heard okay liberals it's just one of the things that happened and now they do they come and protest your son's funeral oh no they didn't trust me they're glad they didn't because I would have been pleased the way where did you confirm they really are as far as I'm concerned they're they're the most hated group of people in the country they really are where they're reprehensible fucking individuals listen to you guys for a long time Jimmy you're awesome thank you I missed your show up in Manchester but I'm sorry but I believe it oh yeah Harvard yeah I missed the show but I really wanted to see you um my uh I've gotta say uh your shows not the only show that I listen to I listen to Iran in the product PES right I nearly had a freakout and he has that woman out there you know yeah I understand his point and I and is the method to his madness but it really I ain't havin to turn the channel you know it's just well Ronnie is able with her though the thing I like about it and I wish that we would be able to do this but we couldn't our emotions would get the best of us if she finds her as repugnant as everybody else does but to just it's almost like to allow her to be her you can really see one of what unabashed just assholes those people are it's really easy to get mad at them but you allow them just to speak and and and allow them just to to say what they want to say you really can't let them just kind of he's got a personal frigging you know of course I'm saying what I would find it entertaining yeah is is they're just they're just such pigs and the more they talk the more you realize like wow they really are as disgusting as people think they are so where did you have a confrontation with one of them uh me and some of my boys went to a soldier's funeral in Washington oh and uh we were helpful helping with the Patriot Guard leave well we're not I'm not part of the Patriot Guard but we tried to make it to the funerals as many as we can to pay our respects and we were had a confrontation with a Westboro yes who sent us here front that confronted one of them and when I mentioned that my son had died she pretty much just looked me dead in the eye and so I'll bet your son's dead did you knock her fucking teeth out the image went through my brain I mean I what's that that there's that show there I forget what it was where the guy's just imagines it blowing his wife's brains out yeah but how do you go Johnny hold back like how do you hold back after someone says that jail yeah the condo us I understand yeah it's just that's Wow they're all lawyers you lose your house it's not worth it right right I can't I can't tell you I just I figured that if there was a day that they came that I found out that maybe I was dying a terminal cancer you know yeah there you go yeah I believe I believe in that stuff the gloves are off you know so I want to see my boy one day and uh you know he'll be he'll be standing there in his uniform and ready to greet me whether my time comes I hated it never I never would have had to bury him you know it's never thought that I was thought that my boy was gonna feel one to bury me yeah they say that that's obviously much harder just the way nature works you know it's like as people or what any creature you're supposed to kind of die before your offspring like you know if to be creature ish about it you know I know the crowd and I love the crowd they're a bunch of ruthless people sometimes and I know how they can get I'm gonna let you guys go so you can get on with the show as they're talking about jerking off animals John you rule well we argue we're gonna get Jim Norton's orange marmalade name I want to see how Jim saves into the orange marmalade bit but that John thanks for calling Nate your call thanks for listening thanks for sharing with us today John all right

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  1. I’ve been looking for a clip that used to be up called “Ant’s racist dreams” where he dreams he’s at a party and there’s an intimidating chimp that everyone in the party keeps sucking off. Look out for that if you can lol

  2. No making fun of the military caller guy? No sound board laughs after the caller mentions his son has died? Feels odd

  3. That guy and his dead son story was disgustingly pathetic. He called back using his dead kid for attention, God what a moron

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