Optimal Positions for Childbirth

this one and in regards to other birthing positions there is no right or wrong way to birth um the the metal stirrups get a really bad reputation because sometimes they can be really uncomfortable I know women that loved that position so again there's no wrong way so squatting is a very popular birthing position mmm and it can be really great for helping you to utilize gravity for facilitating the opening of your cervix your perineum making it easier for baby to slide down and out it can even help to minimize some tearing but it can also be really uncomfortable or or tricky for your thighs so if this is something that sounds appealing to you you can practice the three different types of squatting that I'm going to go over so the Leapfrog squat is the really low classic squat that you see women get into and if you're very pregnant please do this with the support of your companions I don't want you to get stuck or injured when you're trying to do this so you just lower all the way down and you either support yourself with your hands in front of you or behind you and again when you're practicing at least the first few times have your companion there with you have them may be supporting your shoulders and and just see how that feels tune into your body as you practice this notice how your perineum feels notice how your pelvic floor feels your legs really do a body scan and see how you feel I know that if it's a little bit uncomfortable at first or your legs start to get tired know that if you continue to practice it that will likely go away as you get more flexible as your legs get stronger but if you really don't like it you don't have to do it and there's some some modified squats one is is a sitting squat where you're your companion they sit in a chair maybe like this one and you squat down and lean back into them and they'll be supporting your body with their hands and it won't be as low of a squat as a Leapfrog but that's that's totally fine and it'll take a lot of pressure off of you and if you don't want to be that low to the ground you can do a standing squat so your companion they stand up against the wall they have their arms out and you lean back into them so your your back would be on their chest and you're just squatting down a little bit and you can open up your legs pretty wide and really put all of your weight into them and if you want some movement they can also do just some light Swain in this position and that can feel great and if your care provider gives you the go ahead the the squat can be a really lovely position to birth your baby and if everybody is set up for that and another nice nice position where you can bond with your partner is kind of like the the standing squat but you just turn your body around so you can maybe rest rest your head on their shoulder and they have their their arms underneath maybe your armpits or maybe you're holding hands or they're holding you under your your elbows you're leaning into them and same thing you can go to sway back and forth they can whisper in your ear it can be a really romantic position and and if you're doing that then maybe a nurse midwife doula they can get good access to your back I I've had that setup with with many clients the dad is there in the front and then I'm back there working on the back doing the hip squeeze if you find that you're really tired during birth and moving around using gravity doesn't really feel good you can lay on your side and just support yourself with pillows pillows behind your back in between your legs get really cozy if you think you might be able to sleep even a tiny bit in between surges this is one of the best positions to get into and you can also birth your baby from this position you would just have somebody hold your at your upper leg up that's actually the position that I was in that position right before I birth my son and then they switched me on my back in the stirrups which was actually fine and that is another position and and depending on what type of birth you're having your care provider might like really really push for your feet to be in those stirrup be flat on your back the reason that position kind of has about reputation in some circles is because it doesn't utilize gravity and it can be kind of uncomfortable to be flat on your back especially if you're having back labor but but someone then find a lot of power in this position and they can push off the stirrups and that feels really good and there's no there's nothing wrong with that if you find your power in that position yeah use it yeah and also like again coming back to that every birth is different and you really don't know what you're gonna expect and when I was having my home birth I like everything that I always heard about home birth was that like you have your babies squatting and it's like you know this whole primal thing but for me I had the urge to push which we will talk about but I had the urge to push so intensely before it was time to push that my Midwife wanted me to go against gravity so she had me go on my back to slow down that feeling cuz she did not want me to push yet and then I ended up birthing my baby on my back in my bed there weren't any stirrups but I had to hold my own legs up and birth her that way and it was it was great so again it's like you never you never know what you're gonna need and you know let go of what the the feelings are around all of these positions you're gonna intuitively know or your care provider is going to help you in the moment right essentially any position your body can get into can be a position for birth yeah so another really interesting one and this was actually besides just sitting like this one of my favorite positions sitting on the toilet because guess what your body is used to opening and releasing when you're sitting on the toilet it has that association with it if you're worried about pooping at all that can also take some pressure off of you it's like well whatever you're already sitting on the toilet so if you push push out some fecal matter so what for me I had a hard time urinating during birth so sitting on the toilet would help me just be able to pee whenever I had the urge I don't have to get up and go to the bathroom and it can just be supportive if you're in a birth center a hospital especially they usually have a bar to hold on to by the toilet that can feel nice for some women they are sitting on the toilet they can can lean lean on that bar and between surges something to hold on to the birth ball is really popular it takes some pressure off of your hips it also allows for really easy movement if you feel like swirling your hips during surges the birth ball is great for that so you can either sit on the birth ball set up straight you can lean forward onto a bed or you can put a towel a pillow down on the the ground and lean forward onto the birth ball if you don't like that that kind of sticky material you can put a sheet over it or a towel to make it a little bit softer I had a client that put a sheepskin rug over the birth wall that was really nice for her if it starts to roll away from you stick it in a corner and then use it that way and it'll stay put and then let's see being on all fours I'm being on your hands and your knees can be a really nice position if you need to reposition baby a little bit you can get on all fours and then lay your head down on your hands and your butt is sticking up in the air some people call that the polar bear position and that can help get give baby some room to to just readjust their position a bit to come out of mom and the speaking of that the ideal position for baby to be in this is the front of your body you want and this is the back of baby's head you want baby to come out this way so you want their nose facing the back of your body and that makes for it for the easiest descent and emergence and this is kind of the pattern that they take out of your your pelvic region so those are most of the positions that come to mind one other one is the the birth stool and it's just like a horseshoe shaped stool that's low to the ground that allows you to squat but it also provides your your care provider easy access to your vaginal opening because they do like to watch what's going on down there when when baby's coming out and of course the the tub if you're choosing to have a water birth there is so many different positions you can get into in the bathtub but again tune into your body as you practice these different positions and I do recommend that you you practice all of them just try them out do some meditation spend some time in them see how your body feels in that position see how easy it is to relax in that position and start to gain some some body knowledge that way by by trying out different things

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