Oral Care During Pregnancy

If women are planning to become pregnant one of the things they should do is get
a dental examination prior to that. People don’t realize how important your dental hygiene is. Pregnancy contributes to the onset of a very special gum disease called “pregnancy gingivitis” and about half of pregnant women have pregnancy gingivitis. It can actually determine how soon you have your baby. They determined that there was a significant higher rate of low birth weight
babies and premature deliveries because at the inflammation through the
gums that can affect the entire body. When there’s infection in one part of your body, it can spread. You’re all connected. This is really important. Fortunately treatment is actually quite
easy, especially if you use what I call a “combination approach” We’re talking about routine oral hygiene: a good power toothbrush, a toothpaste, and a mouth rinse that are
specifically designed for gingivitis, and of course floss daily. If you go around our house you’ll see little flossers. Now what’s interesting about that and what can be a little complicated for pregnant women is that not every toothpaste is designed to treat gingivitis and some mouth rinses contain relatively high levels of alcohol so you might have to read the label or actually visit some websites to pick the combination that’s right for you. I’ve already gone to the dentist, thank goodness, and he was really awesome and he said, “When the baby is born, you’re not the only person that has to have good hygiene.” One of the great things about pregnancy is you have a chance to focus on on you and the baby, and you’re going to have that relationship hopefully for a long time, and so one of the things you have the opportunity to do, is if you focus on your oral hygiene during your pregnancy, those habits and
behaviors you develop will carry over after the birth and help contribute to continuing oral health even after your pregnancy.

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