Orlando Brown on Raven-Symone "Abortion" Rumors & Stolen Phone

first of all Orlando Brown thank you for joining us oh thank you for having me I really appreciate it blessings have been blessed in highly favored taking over the world doing it what it is I do that's what I've been doing just just just flooding the world with with all kinds of truth in and in the knowledge but known to the world see see on the last to the Mohegans this was really going on here you know exam I'm one of the last of this generation and the greatest of this generation to do what I do and and I think that my fans are gonna enjoy enjoy what I have in store for myself so a lot of the truth that you've been revealing a lot of you've been also getting a lot of criticism for it you know what I could give a shit less and and and and and and to be quite frank I just it's just like you know a pleaser like assholes everybody has one I'm not really trippin it's just you know I'm glad that it's entertaining and and if it wasn't entertaining you motherfuckers can stop watching like why do you think you I mean a lot of people seem to attack you a lot of people I mean I I'm not worried about the attacking I'm just more worried about the followers and all the hate is really what I don't see I see positivity out of this shit and so um you know I'm just happy you know like I posted on my page the Lord did give me a strategic plan and and you know that that plan is being sought out and my asked him for a few things and in exchange for me obeying you know I was given the world back in the name of Jesus so now it's all good you know I mean I guess I get to tell my version of my life instead of letting the media tell tell a tarnished version of my life you know what I mean yeah so okay so tell me let's start from the beginning describe like your upbringing in LA my upbringing was me and my mom we didn't we didn't have much but we ended up you know I'm saying we were on the portside you know nigga wouldn't Boeing would go swimming his mom but at the same time my mom worked hard to get you know get get us uh get us what we needed or whatever the case might be but at the time that I where I was discovered up you know we had just moved out of Gardena you know we I got family all over you know what listen captain you know you know what I mean I mean even in watch hey I see a great street Nick yeah and then um you know you know it's just like Englewood you know that shit up I'm sorry but anyways you know it you know we moved into an apartment with my mom's boyfriend at the time Anthony ball and from there his friend Bobby D Allen came over and seen that I had an enormous amount of energy for such a little guy at five and asked my mom could he take me to you know his managers house they all started from there so did you have like like a passion for acting could you say that like at such a young age I had a passion to make people smile just as a kid see you let me tell you something as a kid you don't know that you getting paid shit you know you don't know that you're like you just doing it for the fun and I was doing it as a kid to make sure that you know yeah I was doing number one I always wanted to do it my mom said you know me but I knew I was making people laugh and I knew that I was being a part of a certain big situations it's like you know family matters and all that I was I was able to make the world laugh and so it's like it's like a when you start hearing people laugh and when you start making people smiling you know that it's because of you you become addicted to it you know you just did me so but other than that as I got older it was all about the money yes so tell me how was it being a child actor you know many of us did have the privilege of being around celebrities making a lot of money even though you said you didn't know you were making that much you just did it because you wanted to make people smile yeah well I mean it's a beautiful thing it's it I mean starting off you know you got to realize we're all told as kids not to talk to strangers so imagine being in a movie by the name of major pain with with Damon and all this other stuff you know you know you're not really noticing the fact that you know like like you're you're doing this and there's gonna be feedback from the public at 5:00 and or you know turning turning six and it's like like when you're when you're in that position it's like you just like I said you're making people happy but then when you get back from Virginia and you are literally like back home and reality you know a little time goes by and then promotional things start happening like you're on a billboard and then and then and then you go in the mall and in and everyone's everyone's trying to come for you and shake your hand and touch you and shit you like what the hell is it well I was taught not to talk to strangers so therefore I'm hiding I'm not you know it's kind of hard being you know to be told not to talk to strangers they didn't have to talk to strangers you did what I mean but at the same time that I got over that it was real real cool it was it was it was a lot of a lot of great things that I took from a lot of the grips the lighting men I can definitely say a lot of people you know along the way I've grabbed a lot of positive things from you know and and being able to meet the people that I've been able to meet and I mean you know my family and and you know my family and industry family you know it is just it's wonderful just like having having the power to be able to to you know just man travel all over the world and see great things I love New Zealand New Zealand was one of the greatest experiences of my life and you know it you know it's just beautiful you know to be that young and be that blessed to be able to experience so many things so being a child started it definitely is fun it has its ups and it has its down it's a gift and a curse the same way it is now he's okay you said it's like a blessing but um you know there's been a couple of celebrities that that said that they missed out on their childhood like you know they didn't yeah well yeah yeah definitely didn't have a homecoming I definitely didn't have a problem I definitely you know never had my own locker or never been in a school gym of my own but at the same time it was all for the greater good and it was through the grace of God that I was able to make you guys happy you make you guys smile and I can say that on behalf of you know great friends of mine like Raven and the rest of that you know what I mean it's like when we're young you know I'm saying we just we just appreciate you know you guys being able to appreciate us you know and that's that's what it is so you've been on roles on family matter you've been on That's So Raven major Payne and the Jamie Foxx show just the name food right yes the most memorable I guess role my most memorable it would have to be without good Damon we actually he gave me the green light we can ready to do major pain – he asked me was I working out he was in Japan I believe at the time or China but uh yeah I want to say I love him so much and a lot of people don't know he's been going through the diabetes thing and it's a very deep situation and I wanted to let him know that I love him and I can't wait to get back to work and you know major pain – coming soon what up man what can you bring to that though like you know you're different you know you're mad but now it's all about me being pain but we're tattoos on your neck well that's that's what the makeup department is for sweetie don't don't don't don't do that let me get my checks you did what I mean yes that's all good definitely ready you uh after that I guess you know years later you ended up on that So Raven how did that come about well that was auditioning auditioning it definitely plays a big part and that's what I always did my manager was great enough to always have me go out on three or four auditions a day as a kid so I was working you know quite a bit so many shows because you know they had me going out and I just you know I was booking booking booking and and then I really really you know I appreciate her even looking at me at that age and seeing that but yeah it carried me over to the audition of that So Raven and an absolutely actually a lot of people don't know the name of the show was actually called absolutely psychic right okay so a raven was was originally the white girl she was chelsea right and so at the end of the day we did the pilot in his son ass dude it sucked ass and it was like we're gonna fuck with the shirt so and if it wasn't for Ravens dad Christopher pyramid going to you know the the big heads over there you know like Gary Marsh and at the time Matt Jackson what'd I tell you better cause we was like well yeah you know but at the end of the day it's more like you know he went in before the big wigs and and he you know he fought for us you you know II fought for the fact that me and Raven have a great fan base and and in that they have you know they already had the money into the you know into the project and so they switched but he basically could you know told them that why we just put Raven and make her to write you know do the girl demand girl you know keep Orlando it was and it's fine you know Chelsea so they went with that idea and it was magical it was really really magical and then we didn't find out it was gonna be called That's So Raven into the last stages of it but at the end of the day I just remember you know sitting there beret and Ray was looking at me I was looking at reading everybody we'd lead it everybody in there I just hope I get the job I just really want to go back to work I was like me too me too me too but but uh we ended up being blessed enough to do what we got to do you know I mean was there any resentment like resentment on the in the cast with uh with her being chosen for the lead role I know because at the time I was I was I was dating at the time so it wasn't like it wasn't like a you know there was any kind of reason a man or whatever but you know and it's so good you know I was like Eddie shit you know but other day night you know it turned into something more like a family relationship and and uh I'm proud of the historical moment that we have all shared together since you brought it up y'all dated how long did you guys date for we dated for a quick second it wasn't it wasn't too much but I remember me on the phone on damn night because she can talk her ass off she just talked about now you ever been on the phone with somebody love and it yeah you wake up you heard you had got boo I love you it's over the whole shit so you know we was kids and all that our cruise ship you know I mean but other than that you know you know I'm no longer you know that that little boy the man's body so it's it's everything is different and then my mental state now is is a you know more more stuck on my wife and market my family and my kids and and my future you're not I mean and all this money I'm counting dad down you think you don't hold that nothing so like even with your your Instagram followers you know you you always do these video posts and you eat like this one policy you says I don't mean you you jerk you clearly you joke a lot but you know you said that you ate a pussy and that might be the reason why she's gay now Oh daddy no well that was in is that that was in a song and yes I didn't even pussy I lied was it I believe that this morning I tried to hit two motherfuckers that I smelled it you know but it's alright and I'm not trying to be just disrespectful it's just truth is truth and shine on them on that but at the end of the day you know what I'm saying I'm just just you know keeping it keeping it as real as possible you know I mean and I mean kids really it will really hurt my feelings was how can her hurt her heart in her mind you know her body is like how could you think that I was still your fault she thought I stole her cellphone and I really I cried for three days over that sheet like what was that this was like right before she went to go do the view like what's up got to go know move out to the view permanently but it's sickened me and weakened me and I'm on the flying phone with calm I see you like yo man and and yo you know what and she crazy because she was telling me yo you know well you know don't give it to Orlando because my daughter I'm at Orlando that the phone is yours because you know he'll take my phone and if he knows his mind definitely take it for sure and I'm like oh man like how could you do you like what the fuck you think it is like I'm a crackhead or some shit just like everybody else thinking oh like I don't know what the hell is going on but it hurt me to the core that she think that I would take her phone I don't know I don't know I mean we were just all in New York at the time so we did the view and everything I don't know I don't know but it hurt me too bitch it ripped me to shreds it did so um I don't have a problem you know but you know after not getting a phone call saying happy birthday or am i okay going through all the the the ridicule in the bullshit you know I don't feel I don't feel like I'm wrong for speaking the kind of truth that I'm speaking because I am a comedian and I am a human being as well and I'm a very very intelligent and smart human being and I am strategically planning this and marketing this myself so you know for everyone to be doing the plan I'm happy but it's only you know certain certain buttons that I'm pressing they're there for certain reasons and and uh you know it's all still at the end of the day my reality in my life and and I'm just happy that I'm at the point of my life right now to where I can share it with the world the right way you know yeah well has had have you been in contact with her or anyone close to her nobody is my stout to me everything Christmasy Carl was just now okay I bet your little Jason I told Carl I told Chris I told yo my whole fam I'm like yo I love your call me just like hit me up raven-haired hit me that's how I got the song were raving because she hit me up and was like really really you know um like yo man listen listen I want to see you each ass over here and then we started doing some music I record on her you know in her archive she got one of mine and um is you know I just was always trying to make sure that they called me you know count running around with Justin Bieber and shit like like a land of browning Orlando Brown since then so when it come down so it kind of does to it you know I just want um I want I want I wanted you know them to you always you know stick together with with with the cast the whole cast I want everybody to stick together but everybody be doing their own thing you know I mean we all grow now so I can't I can't hold that that that uh that thought of you know damn I missed I miss seeing everybody every day of my heart anymore because we are you know we all groan that's the Raven is clearly over so with that being said now it's just all about you know sticking to the script this new plane well in another clip you well your other rap you talked about you said a line that she is like raping my baby that's when they pay me yeah I said it's like it's like it's it's it's clearly a play on words and it's a metaphor basically what I mean by that is y'all want me to go crazy and then y'all motherfuckers want to pay a nigga you know then it's like that's not cool like you know saying how could how come when I was doing positive things and every day see nobody even knows that I was sitting in jail for three weeks in solitary confinement away from my phone right side they wouldn't use the phone it was it was it was handcuffed to a cell it was so many of those gentlemen that were in there you know what I mean whether they were in there or under false pretences I don't know whatever who cares but end of the day those men they deserves mats and I was one of those that didn't have a mat as well so we were sleeping on meadow you know what I mean like it and not only that we didn't we didn't receive no Mel we didn't what else our food was late overtime we could only take showers when it when the water was warm shower time come over here like so I'm sitting there basically like wasting away but talking to God you know saying like literally and and and it's it's it's crazy that that you know TMZ they they won't even say anything about how you know the the the DEA basically she could I'm not gonna be the DA's I mean the public defender they wouldn't even give her the file to my case so I'm sitting there for number two weeks you know I mean basically because they won't give my follow-up now let me add let me tell you why they clearly know that they searched me illegally you know what I'm saying so you know if that wasn't the case then how come three times I've been to court and it has to be continued because of the simple fact that they won't have my file there so that means if I wouldn't if I didn't have the bless wipeout that a blessed life that I have to have the blessed wife that I have I swear if I don't have a down-ass chick I'll be sitting in jail right now because they basically keep saying hey well we have to continue hey yeah well we have to continue it but where's my file now here's the kicker if anybody that was regular that there was a regular motherfucker that this happened to I'm gonna tell you what's what's going on right now they would get a program alright and they would walk that's it it would be okay well let's go ahead and get you to go to this and you're gonna you're gonna check in there dead of the day and that's gonna be that right me hell no they want it they wouldn't have TMZ sending faxes to the fucking the courtroom like you know saying like like letting us so that's why I on my own my I G page you see me filming myself for protection because if they're allowed to film inside of the courtroom in they have the right to do that I have the right to feel my way my way my way of living and film my protect my my image you feel what I mean like literally from my camera and the way that I want to to my friends so you know I mean I feel like my fans have been waiting for a long time to to see some real shit and I'm it now I remember I was watching this clip of of you thought like showing this tattoo that's so raven tattoo yeah well for some odd reason that she just disappeared I don't know obviously it's fake yeah no it's not it's not it's not I'll show you look it like she did it with my hand hurt her machine her her tattoo gun and went out so she had to do it by hand so it turned into a store and it started scabbing in and they came up but it was it stayed for the show though so yeah I do intend on like getting the darken back in but it's like yeah it's just like over time but it's not fake it's there they are there why did you get that why did I get that because I love them they're my family I'd die for them oh and you see Ravens face Raven was just like whoa yeah yeah yeah what did you think about her I guess her stance on race how do you know what I stand by I stand by Raven a hundred percent and if I don't I won't give a shit what she said Reagan say whatever the fuck she want to say leave her alone you never saying like you're saying I stand by what everybody that's how she feel and that's how the fuck I feel and leave us alone you know I'm saying like we are family we stick together out here you never sinned you know I mean she used she was even grateful I looked she was grateful enough to even put us on the show and when we came up with the Dessel Raven reunion which is that was like a little teaser like I literally like was was happy because you know we sat down me on Elease and Ray and we strategized coming up with something that was going to create a buzz now that we know that people actually would like to see a reunion UNAM sin it lets us know that where we were we were right and Ray went into the you know the the you know instead of the the battens on Forest you know I mean when it came down to her going to Gary Marsh and you know saying hey Gary listen you know the public really really you know they want this and he's like huh yeah what about ant farm you know like you know it's usually okay my favorite well what about me just doing this on the view because I am producer so I was like wow that was a great strategy you know she's very smart and and so we hit him with the bang and then now it's time to at least do like something but that's gonna be a something like an hour type of dude like we you know a whole hour of us like really all sitting down and you know giving giving our all to the public letting everybody know what's going on you know inside of our lives you know like with annalisa a lot of people wanna know what's going on with her life it one another inside what's going on a raving and lies our hair purple and different colors like the rainbow and shit and then you know you got me and you got you know it's a lot yeah Kyle and you know you're all these different entities and and different celebrities that have grown up to be adults and very powerful that these people want to know about and you know I think it's time for us to give it to him so I think that you guys could definitely look forward to a real that's or even reunion and yeah leave it like that you didn't feel any type of way when she sat down with Oprah even Oprah made a face like Oprah was like now think about what you just said hope we're always making faces is she always making money she could stop it I need to be talking to Oprah right now Oprah get at me we need to have a conversation I want to ask you some questions over it since then Oprah are you married yet Oprah can I leave my wife for you I'm just playing baby no say Bravin saw this is there anything that you would want to say to her just to make men catch it I'm kind of crying and me crying so you know I mean it just it was no more to worry a couple days later to tell me he died how did you feel they only said I mean did you know that he was gonna die with it now the tubes no no no ha ha give me a second to go to all you went through and your end result is being killed in a drive-by affiliation is like is like way beyond the aspect of because you could have been here and left a a way better mark

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    Orlando: This time I'm Major
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