OSHO: If You Love This Planet, Absolute Birth Control Is Needed

silence shared in words presents If You Love This Planet Absolute Birth Control Is Needed ….It is time to stop. Already the world is four times more populated than it should be. If the world population can be reduced to one-fourth there will be no poverty, no violence; thousands of problems will disappear. But Mother Teresa is given a Nobel prize because she helps orphans, opens orphanages around the world. She is creating problems; these orphans will create children. And she is against abortion, because if abortion is legal from where is she going to get the orphans? And what about the Nobel prize? This senile woman is driving people crazy. Absolute birth control is needed at least for two decades. Absolute, I say! Not that you have to stop after two children or three children — no, that will not help. Half the world is dying of starvation, and you will be surprised to know that the poor countries, the starving countries, produce more children, for the simple reason that they don’t have any other means of passing their time. To go to the movies, money is needed; to go to a disco, money is needed. Sex is the only free entertainment. Absolute birth control is needed. This is the only city where no child has been born in four years. Unless we cut the world population there is no way to avoid violence. People are hungry, people are starving, dying. When somebody is hungry he is going to steal. When somebody is dying, what does he care if he kills somebody else and gets money to survive? Because lust for life is the basis of all biological growth. A man can do anything to survive. And secondly, if abortion becomes illegal… the pope would like to make all birth control methods illegal. If abortion is illegal, if birth control methods are illegal, can you think what will happen to this world? Everybody will be at everybody else’s neck just to survive. And it has to be remembered that birth control and abortion have given women equality, the same status as men; otherwise the woman can never be equal to man. In poor countries she is continually giving birth, a child every year. She is always pregnant. She cannot work, she cannot be financially independent. She cannot get as educated as man, she cannot be in politics; she has to take care of the children. Birth control methods, abortion these have made possibilities for women to be equal to men; otherwise all talk about equality is bogus, false, pseudo. But strange… Mother Teresa is a woman, and she has there two or three dozen nuns who are all women. She has an order of nuns, and they don’t even see that not a single woman has been accepted as pope in these two thousand years. Not a single woman has been accepted as a Christ, a Buddha, a prophet — no. You will be surprised… it has never happened before all religions are against me. They have never been against anybody all together; on this point they are in agreement. And, even more surprising, atheists are against me. They too agree with the theists on this point. Communists are against me. They don’t believe in God, they don’t believe in the soul, they don’t believe in meditation, but they are also in agreement with people who believe in God, who believe in the soul, who believe in all kinds of things. On only one point, one single point, are they all agreed. This has never happened; it is happening now for the simple reason that I am clearly giving you the indication. My fingers are pointing towards the truth. Belief is not needed, scriptures are not needed, prophets are not needed, God is not needed. A tremendous courage to doubt everything is needed. OSHO Institute for Music and Celebration [email protected] International Foundation www.OSHO.com

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  1. the world is big enough for everyone here and to come, problem is control of resources by the bod corps and the whole urban unsustainable way of living..

  2. No agreed with Osho, we are too few

    The Global Brain

    Peter Russell's award-winning video, based on a live audio-visual presentation in 1983. He explores the idea that the Earth is an integrated, self-regulating living organism and asks what function humanity might have for this planetary being. It suggests that we stand on the threshold of a major leap in evolution, as significant as the emergence of life itself, and the essence of this leap is inner spiritual evolution….

  3. Osho can never be wrong and afraid to speak of the would be human-disaster,either.Because it took thousand years this earth to become of first 1billion people and for the next 2billion only a century but now it takes only 15yrs .If ,no if, it's certain within 5yrs this feat is possible.China and India two nations contribute 45%of total population to the world and now the African countries will give bumper harvest .Already reached the point of no return.

  4. His Teresa bashing is just very rational. Hitchens has also bashed that diseased woman long after Osho had already done that.

  5. Excuse me? Food and water shortages? Lack of resources? Overpopulation? Has anyone looked at America? We are in no shortage of food, water and resources. We throw away over 30% of our food and waste tons of gallons of water washing our cars and watering our precious grass. We keep lights blaring like electricity is infinite. It isn't a population crisis, it's a governmental/greed crisis.

  6. The unnatural thing is to stop having sex. We are animals, if you accept that or not… it is your problem, but scientificaly we are animals… we do have a more deveoped brain, no doubt… but basically we do need to have sex!! When priests deny this… we get pedofiles, disturbed and frustrated men. So abstinence is NOT the solution… the solution is EDUCATION, sexual education and conciousness of who we really are and what is going on in the planet today.

  7. I don't understand.. You say leave birth control out and have less sex is better than using birth control and still have the normal amount of sex? With your option there will be more pregnancies than with Osho's.. That is just common sense isn't it?
    The idea wether sex is right or wrong or what amount we should have is a very personal idea. The idea that we should be 'God-conscious' is too. Everyone should be able to (and will) think for themselves what is right and wrong.

  8. The thing with humans is that they don't have any natural predators like all other animals. Therefore they just overpopulate, polluting the planet and wasting all the resources while at it. Have as much sex as u want, but use bloody condoms.

  9. It`s very interesting where he had taken such a data of 1/4 of population, same "source"?
    Where scientific investigation? People are hungry due to another, well known reason. There are plenty of others planets in the Universe, we needn`t birth control, we need investing to education to find places out there, education to use properly our resources.

  10. I'm assuming he's just making a general statement but I agree with him birth control is needed because he IS right that the pregnancy rates are much higher in poorer countries and the fatality rate is aswell.

  11. What is Osho? What is this man's name? Where is he coming from? What is his history?There is enough air food and water( if we don't keep poluting them) for each creature of this world.If only each creature will not have more than it needs.If all of us would share and get rid of the plague called greed. If we all would learn to put all religions together to find the common points and live by them:Love.If the humans would get rid of all borders. Than we will have no violence nor poverty.

  12. True education not Rockefellers "education."

    "If you judge a fish on how well it can climb a tree, it will forever believe its stupid." -Einstein

  13. he is serious. althought he know it will not happen . he is letting us know what is needed for world peace. but that is not posible because not enough people are open minded and question everything. in my country women are not equal because like he says everyyear catholicts say condoms are bad… well i say a 13 year old pregnant is worst for her .. for her parents. .. sor her society and for the world. but pride and religion made us prevent tat young girl a condom. completely agree!

  14. Well, I'm impressed. This is the only OnlineGuru, from ANY faith (whatever), coming out and speaking the truth re population explosion (ironically, from India).

  15. All religions when one reads from the heart emphasizes prudence. Love is the core of religion it unites while ignorance divides – populationmatters org

  16. I think his idea of everyone globally practicing birth control for two generations while sounding totally outrageous is exactly the kind of dramatic,  practical,  and conscious move as species we need to make for the planet…  Either we consciously make the decision as a whole or mother nature will make the decision for us…

  17. Wouldn't you, as that hungry person, like to see your fat brothers and sisters making decisions that would lead to the benefit of you and everyone?

  18. What is needed is the courage to doubt anything. Very powerful and thought provoking. All the traditional and religious people will be scared now to tell about Osho to the new generation because osho is very contemporary and the next gen will understand him….

  19. The corporate control of the world and the religions are responsible for overpopulation.if it is not stopped we are fucked.there is not enough food ,water,land oil or resources for 7 billion people. the violence will get worse and worse as there is no space for people to even breathe.

  20. There would be enough for everyone if we shared it with each other! Less birth rates will not solve the problem of exploitation!

  21. When has there ever been a time without violence, regardless of the population numbers? Never, I would guess. Can a person who never existed love the planet? Absolute birth control ultimately leaves the earth with no one to love it. How sad!

  22. I agree with him, people should not have kids, except very rich people. Otherwise, your kids are bound to live a life of slavery and suffering.

  23. The solution to the problems of the world is birth control? People are starving because the food is not enough for all?? People make children only when they don't have something else to do??? I don't believe that this is a teacher's speech!!! sorry.

  24. I believe in only one thing and the thing is that all sub sahara africa needs birth control they are the poorest and have the highest birth rates they cant feed 2 kids but they put each 10 kids average that must be stoped otherwise it will be agreat disaster of all world

  25. I like very much Osho's topics. Birth control is needed today seriously! Just wait another 20-30-50 years, you will be enough to believe?(ah, already in 50 years you will be in the ground. But your Children and grandchildren no) So, no one cares if you value a Guru or not, this is a fact that the population is increasing in the years. But i find him very funny. He speaks about a serious thing but i laughed all the time. 😀

  26. Those problems have existed since the birth of human society. Decrease of population is not the answer. Answer is improvement of the quality of technology and philosophy that people have.

  27. Lust for life. What about lust for greed? It is one thing to want to survive, but quite another to want more than you need. The world is quite capable of subsisting 7 billion and more, but when a small portion of humans have so much, and have no intention of accepting less, but wanting even more by creating profitable wars, that is the single most important dilemma facing humanity.

  28. Japón su población se está extinguiendo ,no quieren tener hijos , tiene demasiado entretenimiento

  29. some people are commenting against this view of OSHO without knowing what is happening around… my town is 4 time populated than it was in 1995….no place for children to play , no place for vehicle to move …. if population is not controlled even after this situation , next gen and the gen after that are going to pay huge price and they are going to curse us ….either human beings realize this is a limited planet with limited resources of water, air and land and control population or else nature will do it in a most cruel way possible….It does not mater which God you worship/ how much money you have /how intelligent you are , Nature is always the boss ……

  30. Hitchens book on Mother Teresa was an eye opener. Osho speaks wisdom here. She was a friend of poverty, not of the poor. And now she has been sainted. But did Osho or Hitchens get any honour like that? No!

  31. osho is telling the truth….but we are going to understand it many centuries later! osho is from the future

  32. he says it like it is. am sure all the other species rapidly going extinct because of lack of habitat would agree with him. humans have turned paradise into a slum in poor countries and a theme park in rich countries.

  33. Yes I totally agree with Osho every word is right birth control is desperately needed. He is right right right and only right !!!

  34. All of those problems existed even when we had less than a quarter of the population. The problems in the world are due to the people who run it.

  35. Avec le recul il n'y avait vraiment pas de quoi rigoler… aujourd'hui on pleure de voir notre planète crever sous les humains ! et c est trop tard , on ira au bout du désastre

  36. Why people keep saying the world have enough resources that overpopulation things are not valid. We are talking about the future. Just imagine if there is no birth control, the population become double or triple from now. Third world war will absolutely happen.

  37. Better abort that child because he child is going die for his entire life anyway.
    Resources are less, deforestation happening fastly since nature is only source of food and most stupidest things like racism, competition, jealousy or practice of saving identity on in his peak, in this situation giving birth, bringing life here is not a sensible decision, coming generation will curse us.

  38. What Osho said 30 years back in this video is happening right now in front of our eyes
    1. The World population nearly doubled
    2. We are at each others neck – Don't believe me — See the Refugee crisis and illegal immigration from all countries which failed to control population both in Asia and Africa
    3. Water resources are decreasing – Cape Town, South Africa ran out of water.

    I request to make this video as viral as possible. Nobody should be making babies for next 20 years if Earth has to remain sustainable, especially youth from India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh should stop having babies.

  39. True words of wisdom !! Each speech of Osho brims with truth, and unveils the mask of lies propagated by the society !!

  40. What is all these people laughing at??… he is talking about a pretty serious issue! I think that laughter were added to the video

  41. Come on OSHO international channel..its our beloved's video we don't want ads..there must be no need of cheap money from the advertisement..

  42. So if Mother Teresa was evil for rescuing orphans, what do you propose should happen to them? Let them starve? Abort them after birth?

  43. Wow that's so liberating to hear it! Me as a child onwards I've always had exactly this line of thought about the stupidity of making children and marriage these days(if u want a family with kids, at least adopt them),but I've never heard it anywhere. Then recently I've read the works of Margaret Sanger and now Osho says the same thing. Respect!

  44. Given the size and nature of this planet, the maximum population should only be 4 billion people. I read that in a scientific report back in the 1980’s and here we are at 7 billion almost twice the amount with barely a sign of slowing. Governments need new taxpayers, political parties need voters, organized religions need money and new members… government and religion are a symbiotic relationship. Keeping women at home and pregnant can also serve to maintain a male-dominated society.

  45. We will soon lead to WW3 and will bring down the population to a balance again…

    You see, human is a parasite… We always end up destroying what nourishes us.. it has always been like this, will always be like this…

  46. The overpopulation has been deliberately created by the three pillars of evil: politics, religions and industry. They all need as many supporters, followers and consumers (people) as possible to strengthen their position of power. These three groups of exploiters will not do anything to curb population growth.

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