– Ola son AJ Logan I'm writing today to say thank you thank you for coming into our lives you are now eight months old we feed day that passes we fall more in love with you your smile brightens up our days your giggles always make us or giggle – your energy and strength keeps keeps us all on our toes you're curious big brown eyes see the world we live in we feel your days with millions of kisses and you feel ours with an abundance of happiness each a lagoon you were born on Monday the 19th of November 2018 at 12:25 p.m. weighing 2.7 95 kg 6 pound one ounce young man that was 42 centimeters you came into this world screaming your lungs out which was a huge relief for us your mummy and daddy your father and I chose your name AJ is a modern abbreviation of your Italian grandfather's name AJ stands for Eugene your junior Logan was chosen it's your Fijian grandfather's name these two men represent strength resilience kindness generosity love and because of this we wanted your name to be Ajay Logan oh here I go today I will share with you your birth story a day forever in all our hearts let's recap a little – the evening back in April 2018 when we told your brother Matthew and your sisters Katya and Chiara we were pregnant with you our little sunshine do you have anything to announce [Laughter] [Laughter] you to our darling boy AJ these photos you now see were taken the day before you were born we had nicknamed you sunshine as we didn't know your gender we wanted the reveal the moment you're born as you can see your daddy and I loved you even before we held you we had prayed to God together to send us a precious baby as we would accept it unconditionally and treasure each and every day together on Sunday the aint Earth on November I woke up that morning with a show but I didn't think much of it I went on with my day preparing your sisters for their hip-hop concert I had to do the hair and then makeup and of course take lots and lots and lots of photos capturing precious priceless moments that evening were your went as a family to watch your sisters perform you are do bundle of joy were kickin non-stop throughout the whole two hour concert there was a song with sunshine in the lyrics and you were bouncing around even more as you had heard that word sunshine directed to you so many many many many times you you after the Gil's performance your daddy wanted to treat your sisters to a dinner out to celebrate the fantastic hip hop dance they had just performed we all had a delicious meal and in the meantime you again were just non-stop kicking this was our last dinner together as a family of five once we reached home I took this very last photo of my tummy at this point it felt so tight and sore and I started having contractions after I started recording all the contractions that were coming they were very regular and lasting a minute in length to be honest EJ mummy was a little nervous as it meant you were more likely going to be born five weeks premature but I had all faith in God and trusted the process at 1:30 a.m. it was my last recorded contraction I then hopped into the shower zipped up my Hospital suitcase and went hand-in-hand with your dad your dad was nervous but so attentive once we arrived at the hospital mummy was strapped Arbour monitored your heart B and my contractions were monitored at the same time it was very obvious I was in the early stages of labor that midwives gave me some medication to help stop or at least decrease the contractions the contractions stopped for a little over an hour but in that time you continued to kick around and make it very obvious you were ready to come into this world during this time your daddy was very nervous and concerned that you being premier would bring complications but I reassured your daddy we were in the best place and this hospital would take care of you and me while I waited for the obstetrician to come to see me I had the chance to come to terms with the fact you were likely to be born soon and that you would be in a special care nursery for a while by 10 a.m. your daddy was given scrubs to wear as we both had to prepare for theatre your daddy and I had our last photo together with my big belly with you our sunshine at about 11:45 a.m. I was wheeled into a theater each a woods truly can't express the emotions your daddy and I felt the moment you were born we found instant relief here in screams your daddy gave you your first kiss while mummy caressed your little feet your daddy and I will always love you unconditionally this is our promise to you mummy had to go into recovery and daddy went into the special care nursery with you the nurse has weighed you and also placed a feeding tube through your nose being a preemie baby it was not expected for you to have the energy to suck at eat you were placed in the baby incubator to monitor your temperature but you my darling boy was strong and resilient and you proved that even though you were five weeks early you were strong and clever enough to drink your first bottle and as you can see your daddy was so so very proud after your bottle you finally came to see mummy and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face not long after your brother and sisters arrived and they too were just as a static where we're now a family of six and this our precious baby boy is why we are AJ makes us six you with love mum dad Matthew Katya and Chiara

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