hey guys Helen here welcome back to my channel thanks for tuning in to this video today we are talking birth story so it's been about two and a half weeks since I had our baby girl Emory and I'm finally finding the time to kind of hop on here and tell you guys all about it so obviously in the house this is the best I could do for getting ready the baby um it's been an amazing two-and-a-half weeks but I'm sure I probably look tired as I am tired but I wanted to get this up and share with you guys just because it while it's still like fresh my brain and before you know I really um lose track of everything that happened so let's get it into it all right so it is they need a number each is gonna be worn today little bit of a backstory before I dive into our actual um birth story and how our baby came into this world but I wanted to give you a little bit of a backstory first so we got pregnant in April and in July I actually had a abdominal surgery to remove my right ovary and that was because of a massive fist that they found during our first ultrasound so it was obviously like a big shocker and we didn't really expect any of that to happen and because of that surgery and because they were able so that it went well they were able to remove everything the cysts that they thought was just like a cyst ended up actually being a borderline tumors which is why they have to remove the entire ovary so it's really crazy and scary and but because of them finding that we were actually going to then have a bunch of ultrasounds throughout pregnancy just to keep track of the baby's growth because of I guess when you have a surgery and they just you know want to keep track of everything and make sure the baby is growing fine and that the surgery didn't affect her at all which it never did which was awesome and then also into all those ultrasounds they also found that I had like a small cyst on my left ovary and they weren't super concerned about that but just because of my history they were a little bit concerned so we end up having ultrasounds almost like every four weeks throughout pregnancy which for some doctors that might be normal for some my OB typically doesn't do that many ultrasounds throughout pregnancy so it was a little bit different for us in that sense it was great cuz we got to see our baby often but it also you know it's just protocol for them to keep track of how things were going so that being said that is why we had so many ultrasounds throughout pregnancy and through those ultrasounds continuously saw that our baby was breech so if you guys know breach means that the head is up versus down so obviously you ideally want them to be head down as you're going into labor so that you can go through the birth canal easily head down so um in the u.s. if your baby's breech I don't know how it works otherwise but in the u.s. most hospitals will not deliver a breech baby vaginally so it usually means a c-section so going into pregnancy I had this whole ideal thought that I would have a natural labor I would do it in the hospital just in case to be like safe in case anything happened but because I am physically fit and I'm active I just have this like ideal that I would have a natural vaginal labor and I have this baby um you know in like the most glorious way possible and I think it's a sign because now looking back like that none of that really like matters to me anymore but at the time I was really important to me the thoughts how it would happen so when after 20 we can add nice can baby was breech like 24 weeks they use range 28 weeks and and as we hit like the 30s that's something starting to be like okay is this is she really gonna flip or is she gonna be breech and are we gonna have a c-section and all that stuff so it was definitely time for me to like flip my mindset and be okay with the fact that if this resulted in a c-section that would be totally fine and it doesn't really matter how you deliver your baby as long as you know you're healthy and the baby is healthy so that being said we were still preaching like 32 weeks and at that point that's when I started trying to do like all the little like tips and tricks for flipping your baby so a Friday night I was doing the inversions where my needs were on the couch and I would have my elbows on the ground and my husband helped me in those but I was trying to do inversions there's also exercises that you do on like all Ford's and some people say that I don't know if it's like a myth or not but if you put an ice pack up top to like make the baby cold so then they want to like flip to go ahead down so there's just all sorts of weather it's like scientific methods or just like wives tales or whatever I was trying ever anything to get this baby to flip and so we had discussed with my OB that if she didn't you know there's always the option of the East CVI plate that's called the external cephalic version where they manually you go into the hospital and sometimes they even give you payments cuz it can be really painful and they try to manually flip the baby so I initially thought that that's what I wanted to try at 37 weeks if she hadn't slept but as the approached it was not my 36 week appointment I was measuring small and so they actually sent me in for like an emergency ultrasound and minutes after my OB appointment because they were concerned that either my amniotic fluid levels are too low or the baby wasn't like growing anymore and so it's I was kind of like a initial scare and we went in for an ultrasound like minutes after my appointment and they saw that like baby was growing totally fine and it was just my amniotic fluid bubbles that were like on the low range of not the lower point of like the normal range so from there now that we knew my amniotic fluid level was low my OB suggested and I already was like thinking that I didn't even want to try the ECD anymore just because with it there's always like a risk that it'll put you into preterm labor there's also a chance that it's like a 50/50 chance of it working or not and so kind of like do you really want to go through all of that for just a small chance that working and then also because my amniotic fluid levels are low they didn't really think of me as a good candidate for it because um it's obviously a lot easier for the baby to turn if there's more fluid so with all of those kind of you know with all those things being factors we me and my husband decided along with my OB that we didn't even want to try the ECB and so basically we were like okay well if she's not flipping like maybe it's for a reason maybe there's you know some sort of reason why we should be doing a c-section and yeah so anyways that's kind of where we weren't at 36 weeks so we knew my fluid levels were low we decided not to do that you see Dean so as the pregnancy continued and we continued to do a couple more ultrasounds just because they wanted to keep track of my fluid levels to make sure that they were staying up in like the normal range which they did which is great but as we were kind of going into like this thought of maybe doing a c-section we started talking to my OB about potential um like a potential reason why we should have the oncologist and on the surgery as well so we ended up actually I had because of access that I had me left ovary we have been going we had gone in to see an a gynecological oncologist to talk to her about it assist like on my last night was an issue or if it you know it's potentially cancerous or anything I thought when we did um how about okay with her she kind of just said I'm not concerned about it now let's get through the pregnancy and we'll talk their things after so it's kind of our plan at the time now that we were starting to talk about a planned c-section my OB suggested that we have the colleges come in and actually be part of the surgery and that way she could take a look at the system while I was already open so it ended up actually being kind of I don't know if like that's the reason why we you know she was breech and all that stuff but it gave us an opportunity to have the oncologists come in for the c-section as well so now we're going in my due date was the 25th and usually with c-sections you want to do it about a week before just because that way they can um it's more of less of a chance that you would like go into labor and it's a lot easier if you're not in labor and I'm to do a c-section so we schedule hair for the 19th and I didn't really tell I didn't make it like publicly now and I wasn't sharing all of our social media or anything like that that we were having a scheduled c-section hey because I didn't want to get like with a backlash of it because I feel like there's like this weird negative mindset of a c-section which I now don't really understand why but looking back on it it was kind of like one of those things where I didn't want to get people's opinions and I know that some people do deliver breech babies vaginally but it is pretty dangerous and it also works a lot more it's a lot more successful if you've already had babies delivered vaginally before and since this is my first pregnancy 4cv I was not that was not something that I was going to attempt or even consider and so we had our c-section scheduled it was kind of nice because my mom was able to fly out the day before knowing that she would stay for like a whole week and be able to help us out there was no like you know fire drill of like I'm going into labor let's grab the bags and get to the hospital and we had like a plan and time which now I actually really appreciate it because it gave our fee only the chance to be here and it kind of really just allowed us to like have everything scheduled which my personality enjoys that completely and so does my husband so I think grateful for that but anyway so we were scheduled for the 19th and we went in and had the c-section at 1 p.m. everything went like super well the oncologist was in there she was able to look at my cyst enough ovary and just um actually Lois to know about it wasn't anything that she was concerned about in like at this point in time so it's something we'll continue to keep track of it is a little bit scary just knowing that it's like still there and that we don't really know exactly like what it is but they were able to get pathologies like around it I guess you can't really get a pathology of it specifically because if it it's dangerous and you pop it and it spreads and it can be really bad so that being said we had the oncologist in there my OB in there they did like an amazing job it was super quick um honestly like the scariest part of it for me was getting the epidural and like just the build-up of going into it versus like the actual surgery itself so mind you I had an abdominal surgery earlier this year in July so it's kind of one of those things around like dang it like I'm having another surgery it's gonna be another like tough recovery and on top of that would be having a baby to take care of but we ended up having like the best experience that I like I'm still shocked to think about how good of a recovery I had like honestly how easy of a recovery it was for me and I'm not sure why exactly whether if it was just like perspective because my surgery earlier this year was a lot more painful and because it was a laparoscopic surgery so it was like really minimally invasive but they had that depending like gas to expand my abdomen and just made like the recovery of my red muscles and like my shoulder is a neck and everything was just like so sore I couldn't like sit up on my on so having the c-section I kind of like expected it to be that hard and it honestly was like 10 times easier and it allowed like I said per the oncologists to be in there to get a view of my cyst so now when we have like follow-up visits with her she has a better idea of what's going on but the c-section in itself and we went in I had the epidural the like I said it was my heart but it was like the scariest part to me I was sitting on the edge of the table and one of the nurses was in front of me and she was just like holding my hands and I like honestly just started bawling I don't know if it was like the anxiety building up to having you know knowing I'm like we're gonna have our baby within minutes or what it was but I like I guess I kind of just needed that moment to like cry and get it all out and then after that I was like like Tyler then was able to come into the room I was prepped and like set up and everything from there just happened super quickly super smoothly um the incision site honestly is like so low and it healed up really nicely already and in my opinion with my personal experience and recovery like a c-section is not the end of the world and it's not like some horrible thing I understand that like if you probably were in labor I'm going to end like an emergency c-section it's probably a lot more of like a difficult recovery but for me I just had like such a good experience with it and we'd stayed up in the hospital for two nights it we ended up like not saying the third night that they usually like you end up staying three nights if you have a c-section but we didn't have to just cuz I was doing really well and Emory was doing really well and so tether and I decided like we'll just go home and you know get our life started at home so the actual birth I guess in my opinion was kind of uneventful and everything during my pregnancy leading up to the birth but it's kind of what always more so eventful and a little bit scary at times and I'm definitely very emotional and just has been like this rollercoaster of a process but we have a beautiful baby girl out of it um she was breech obviously and that's why we had to c-section so I did have like Furies of if her hips we're gonna be okay because she was in a frank breech position for our entire pregnancy or if you know she was gonna have any issues with like her head shape or any other like parts of her body that might have like been in an uncomfortable position and luckily you praise God like everything and it's perfect with her she's totally healthy she was just under seven pounds which we were kind of expecting her to be a little bit smaller because she was measuring small for the pregnancy but um the fact that she was a week early and delivered a week early and was just under seven pounds was kind of you know pretty normal science Wyatt so she is you know the cutest sweetest little thing and yes that was our actual birth and then coming out of that so getting home we I had like my mom here staying in our house which was super helpful and shoes and you know cooking meals for us and cleaning about stuff so that was amazing and really helpful we also have tears the only in town that would stop by and like bring stuff over or you know just like give us a break and hold the baby so I could go take a nap or anything like that and so it was just really awesome to have like the family support of course and then but it was like the first week especially was really crazy like emotional I didn't think that like there I couldn't egg cry so much and then it'd be like cry for no reason at all and I think it's just like obviously your hormone levels go from you know being pregnant and being at this point and then they just like drastically drop and you get all this stuff taken out of your body and your body just have to like figure it out and I think that's obviously what causes a lot of the emotional part of it and then also just the fact that you now have like this human relying on you and like and I'm figuring out like breast feeding and figuring out what she wants and why she you know why she might be crying or fussing and all that stuff and it's just very very emotional but obviously the best most wonderful gift ever and so I think like sometimes I would cry because things were a little bit challenging or I was really tired and then sometimes it was just like I feel so blessed and I have the most beautiful baby and this is just like this crazy emotional rollercoaster that first week especially and then the second week it's definitely you know gotten a lot better and now we are about like two and a half weeks out and she is 17 days old as I'm recording this video and so it's where I feel like we're kind of getting into a groove we have you know our own little like routine and stuff at home and I say routine really loosely as you don't really can't really have a routine with a newborn but like the you know patterns of like eat play sleep like we're trying to follow and it's just been the most like wild and rewarding and emotionally crazy experience ever but I guess I just wanted to hop on here and share all about with you guys just because I know you've been a little bit like mi a as far as Instagram go that I didn't really um tell people you're having a c-section and so I think people like were really shocked with how quickly everything happened and that's why because I was able to go for a walk in the morning and then we checked in you know what 11 a.m. and we had our baby by 1:20 p.m. so it was a crazy experience I wanted to hop on here just to like tell you guys all about it but also do I like take away some of your fear if you are an expectant mom not like might have a breech baby or might have to have a c-section or I have to like schedule a c-section and I guess I just want to come on here and say like it's totally okay it's not as bad as people make that out to see him I understand that like some people have bad experiences but I just wanted to share my positive good experience and hoping that like maybe it'll give someone out there a peace of mind about the fact that like it's okay to have a c-section it's okay they're like have it planned if that's what needs to happen and you know in a lot of ways we didn't really have a choice to do it any other way but at the same time I feel like we also like made the choice to do it because in our can you know is like the safest best option for our baby and for myself and really it just I don't know I I don't feel like I like failed at you know delivering a baby naturally because I was like the way that I wanted to do it initially I don't feel like I failed and I just want you guys to know like at the end of the day when you are holding your baby in your arms it really does not matter how they came into the world you know it doesn't matter how you delivered regardless it was a plannin c-section or emergency or an actual birth or a vaginal birth but with an epidural like it does not matter and I'm hoping that like this puts a little bit of perspective out there for people that are you know in a similar situation that's me and might have a c-section and that it's totally okay and it honestly is not as bad as some people make it out to seem so I hope um this you know just gives you guys an idea of how it all went down and also hopefully gives some comfort to people out there that might be going through something similar and I also haven't really like shared the whole ovarian cyst stuff I'm in detail especially with the fact that like my I don't even have a right ovary anymore I've never really like sure that part of it either I did do a blog post about that surgery but it was um not as detailed as I kind of went into on this video so I hope that you guys you know enjoyed hearing our story I hope it gives you a little peace of mind if you're going through anything similar and like I said it doesn't matter how your baby is born honestly I'm healthy she's healthy and tests like it that's all that matters thank you guys so much for watching this video I'd love if you would subscribe to my channel and give this video a thumbs up if you liked it stay tuned for more newborn like things I will be talking about breast feeding and how that's going for me as well as sharing products that we love and maybe things that we got that we aren't really using as much so stay tuned for all of that and thanks again for watching


  1. Thanks for sharing!!I find out tomorrow if i have to get c section for my breech baby i am currently 37wks and this video was so comforting to watch.tfs

  2. Great video! My baby is breech and it's so great to hear a positive c-section story. Everyone is so willing to share their scary stories, but there are so many good, planned c-sections out there that don't get heard of.

  3. I had a surf accident/liver laceration a couple years before having Myles. It totally made giving birth in comparison seem sooo much easier!! I always oddly appreciate that happening. I'm sure having the surgery helped you realize just how strong you really are.

  4. So so glad it went well for you and that you're both healthy and doing great!! I was induced and I loved not having the 'fire drill' situation as well. I felt much more prepared that way. Looks like you're thoroughly enjoying motherhood <3 Best wishes

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