hello today I'm gonna be filming a video talking about my birth experience my birth story with my daughter summer by the time this video goes up summer will be one so I thought it'd be a good idea to remind myself what happened and to have it on record and to let you all know what happened so I don't really know where to start I've got done I've written my note in my book so I had no complications really in my pregnancy I was sick every day but I mean actually the health of my baby it was fine everything was fine in our scans but at my 38 or 39 week Midwife appointment I went in and they tested my blood pressure and they test it at the beginning of your pregnancy so they can measure it again say each time and it was quite high so she asked if I had had any other kind of symptoms and I mentioned I have some headaches and um she then wanted me to go into the hospital to have some more chat because I think she was worried about preeclampsia and they are two of the main symptoms so that sent me em and I remember that we had our bags packed and everything cause didn't really know what I was going in for I didn't know their games today I've got to get this baby out or um I don't really know so we went in and we were there for I think about seven hours they tested my blood and then once they got the results back they sent me home and then over the next week they kept sending midwives to our house to test my blood pressure and each time they kept sending me back into hospital so in the weeks leading up to my due date I think I've gone in four maybe five times for like a lot like the whole day I'd gone in for and each time they had sent me home and then at one of these appointments they said to me mm we should maybe talk about getting you induced because you have high high blood pressure and it might be just best to get this baby out of you and so I was all for that it was fine so they booked me and they sent me a letter and it told me that I had an appointment on my due date to talk to the doctor at the hospital about when I was going to be induced and also in this week I had had two sweets which I won't explain what that is if you don't know coz not very nice and that hadn't got anything going so I didn't know the baby was necessarily gonna come out naturally on its own anytime see I then ended up going in the day before my due date again because of high blood pressure and they wanted to keep me in overnight because they wanted to monitor me so I stayed in overnight and in the morning they said right okay you can go home you're fine I said oh but I actually have an appointment with the doctor to talk about being induced sure just stay for it and they said oh no no I'm a doctor you spoken to me you don't need to go to speak to them they said where was your appointment and I couldn't remember I didn't have the letter but I remember it saying something about the scanning Department and I said oh I think it's in the scanning department and they said mm don't think so I don't know why you'd have an appointment there but have you had a scan recently and I said no no not since my 20 week scan which is just all you're offered they so maybe you should go up for a scan just in case just to check everything's okay so they went upstairs to see if there was any appointments came out it this one right now if you go out quickly so offer them to have a scan which I really thought is back so we're like we get to see our baby I wonder if she has hair or and all these we went up had to scan and the woman was like Oh making all these noises and we were like only what she can say and they she was like you do know that your baby's breech and we were like no and breech if you don't know me as the baby is upside down so summer was bum first so she said you are not gonna be able to deliver naturally so you need to have a c-section booked in so she gave me a letter and the scan pitches and said you need to go downstairs right now and tell them I need to be booked in for a cesarean ASAP because it was my due date so we took our papers and went downstairs and I wasn't actually gutted at all that I had to have solarium did mind I didn't feel upset about that I was more just a bit gutted because I know that if you if they detected that summer was breech like previously then I would have been booked in for a cesarean I think it was 38 or 39 weeks so someone would have already been here we would have had her already and it would have taken away all this last-minute stress so that was the only thing I was sad about I wasn't annoyed or anything we have so many midwives and obviously my midwife that I kept going to see and was in hospital so many times so many midwives and doctors would fill my tummy and be like oh can you feel her feet so these are her feet and it's a head and getting me and jobs like touched my tummy and feel and we're like oh yeah which wasn't the case I'm actually touching her bum or her head in the wrong place and actually looking back at my scan notes from my 20 weeks can someone was breached then and but they don't tend to do anything about it then because there's still quite little and they can move around quite a lot so this is my due date I went upstairs and I said they sent me down and baby's breech and I've got to be booked in for zarion now so it's Thursday and they said we don't have any appointments Saturday they only do I think three or four planned cesareans in the day because then they have to make room for all the emergency ones that happen – tomorrow's Friday we've got no free and we don't do emergency no we don't do planned runs over the weekend we only do emergencies and we have one appointment on Monday so how we got booked in for Monday so I went from trying to get this baby out of me doing everything used to spicy food seeing all the things just place to do to get this baby out of me because my parents were actually staying so I wanted the baby to come whilst my parents are staying and I went from doing that to I am not moving and saying dead still so the baby stayed in it till Monday so that I didn't have to go in for an emergency cesarean because that was what would have happened if I gone into labor or the fear was that I would have labored very quickly and they would have had to I would have to give birth breech which I think the reason that's dangerous is cause the midwives aren't trained in it as much I'm not really sure but but that obviously wasn't the ideal situation um the good thing about it being on the Monday was that on the Friday we got to go in and they took my blood and so they had everything prepared for the appointment we got to meet our nice kiss he was so lovely and pass he's um and we got talked through it and yes we really knew what was happening which obviously wouldn't be in the case of it was an emergency one which wouldn't be fine they still would have heard my Bloods and everything and it just would have been a bit more kind of chaotic and bit more stressful I guess it fast forward to Monday the 4th of April I had to wake up at 3 a.m. know I had to eat a 5 a.m. so the last time I was allowed to eat and we were booked in I think we were second on the list so we were told we had to get into hospital at 8 a.m. and I wasn't allowed to eat anything after 5 a.m. so heavily pregnant woman that was quite hard so I ate at 5:00 threw it up because I threw up every time after I ate breakfast and then I supposed to go back to sleep obviously I couldn't see because we're having a baby that day and then we went into hospital had a face full of makeup because I thought well I'm prepared as soon as I got there like when you say makeup off he's taken our banish off and I was like great so we went into the waiting room I mean actually cut that was obviously emergency ones that came in through the day we didn't actually end up going down to theatre till three three o'clock she was born at 3:39 so it was around 3:00 so we went down so we went down went into theatre and I wasn't actually too scared about the actual operation I was more scared about getting the needle the needle I don't know what it's called when they put a needle in your wrist I hadn't done before and it's just oh I hate it but they had to do that I'm in more shaking so much my teeth were like shattering so they put a knee they did that thing and then they did the I think epidural I don't know I was so out of it I don't really remember what happened um and then Joel came in it where his scrubs and I think he was really really nervous and because he doesn't like kind of hospitals and his worried he'd see it all happen which he didn't they big screen up you don't see it the anesthetist kept saying to me if you feel this let me know if you feel this sometimes women feel this sometimes women get a pain in their shoulder very very rare that sometimes we get a pain in their shoulder and then they need to throw up and everything he said I was getting so I suddenly got a pain in my shoulder and then I was throwing up I hadn't eaten anything so I was throwing up nothing and right before we knew it I don't remember feeling anything kind of feels a bit like tugging or I think the description that the aneesa's actually told us which is quite accurate was like somebody like getting keys finding keys in your bag or something like you're the bag yeah I just felt bit uncomfortable and kind of tugging but nothing too unpleasant and I was pretty drugged up and then yeah anyway before we knew it some of us here and honestly can't really remember any of it I remember her like being given to us and I got to hold her I think they took her away first I honestly don't remember we have some footage of it and I was try and insert some but I just so out of it and you're just in la-la land and given to her and I just remember thinking straight away that she look like Joe like immediately when I first saw her eyes when they lifted her up I just thought she looks just like Joe and then I think they took her and got her dressed or put a hat on her I didn't really don't remember then they gave her to us and I remember holding her and I then remember feeling really sick like I needed to throw up and I said like I can't hold her I need to throw up and eat you throat I said Joe took her items throwing up and had this pain in my shoulder again and then yeah it's all a complete blur we then got wheeled out I stayed in the same bed on this bed I got wheeled in on I think and then I got wheeled out and spend I remember holding summer into the recovery room and then we tried to feed her and they were like I named her and we were like yeah I think it's summer but because we had two names and we'd actually said if she had if summer had blonde hair she would be summer and if she had dark hair she would be other name and she actually came out with really dark hair because it was all kind of funky it looked really dark but I know oh and some mom was her name just came and say Joe take pictures take pictures of us take pictures of us that's all I really remember and then after what felt like forever we got wheeled up in the same bed or hided doll wasn't in the bed to to the ward and where we could have visitors and I think I remember my parents being there almost straight away Joe had summer I think and she was crying like like hysterically crying and then I was throwing up everything like I was trying to eat Thai so I was try and drink water just throw up and I remember them having to change the bed covers with me on the bed but I couldn't move because I was like drugged up and numb and just couldn't move and so they have I don't know how they did it they changed everything was I still have their covers still on the bed and then my parents came and we have footage of it and that's kind of all I remember but I expected that when I had the baby I would be like everybody come and see I want everybody here and I guess one thing I do remember it's just been like I can't see anybody and not because I didn't want to but I was just so ill I just felt so sick I reacted really badly toward the drugs and I just couldn't cope so John's parents then came which I don't remember any of Joe tells me bits I don't remember her like I remember not being able to answer a question I couldn't string words together and we just said no more visitors until the next day when I had kind of recovered a little bit more so yeah I don't this video to be too long but just a little bit about the recovery for a c-section is I was I was in the hospital for three nights I could have left I think after two nights but we had problems of feeding and some had lost weight so they offered for me to stay in for another night and we take them up on that offer but I remember when Joe left no he wasn't allowed to stay thinking what am I going to do I'm completely drugged up I don't know what I'm doing I've just been giving this baby hadn't even had her nappy change because I couldn't move Joe hadn't done it because we'd have visitors come in and out and then tried to leave and I remember being like someone come and change her nappy because I can't I can't do it I can't get out and buzzing the thing and asking what these midwives couldn't change her nappy and then I just don't I don't even know what I did that night because I couldn't really feed her very well because it just wasn't really working and she wouldn't sleep and she wouldn't be settled unless I was holding her I was petrified about falling asleep with her on me and no one being there to like wake me up I just remember her lying there in her like ho sleeper thing and just staring at me but I've been to have a fit to somewhere I try and find it so yeah I don't know how I survived that first night I do remember pressing the buzzer a lot because I couldn't get up and down I think that was the one thing I really started with with was that I couldn't get up and down to guess I'm at I can change a nappy I couldn't do any of those things and so I had to have help with everything and Joel did lows when he was there he did all the night changing everything but when I got home I remember I was able to do everything I was able to walk I was able to lift things I was able to like stretch up and do things but I wasn't allowed to and that was what I found hard is that I was able to I wasn't allowed to and I knew there would be consequences if I did do with those things and I did actually get an infection and it did actually take quite a while to heal but I didn't feel unable to do anything I think that's everything if I was offered to have a Silurian again I will definitely I don't actually know what the rules are once you've had a cesarean once if you're offered again I don't know I know that I'm going to get more scandal next time because of a previous breach baby and that's all I know if I did get offered a cesarean I'm definitely gonna take it and I guess it's what I know I'm kind of scared of having a natural birth but I know that having a c-section was alright for me I know the recovery would be so much harder with a toddler or a baby or however old summer is at the time but but yeah that would definitely be my choice if I had the choice so yeah I hope I remembered everything I hope that was interesting and you now know a little bit more about my experience or our experience of having a c-section I would love to know if any of you had a cesarean or and how you found it or if you had a natural birth or what you would opt for opt for if you have a choice and please comment below and let me know your thoughts also give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and I'll see you in my next video bye

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