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  1. Wow as many times i hear people talking and vlogging about getting an epidural, i never knew there was a tube and tape involved with getting an one . . So good to know!!! Thanks for informing us 😊

  2. Why induction? Why IV? Why are you lying in bed instead of walking around to get things going? Why pain relief at only 4cm (which is not even really established labor) – that's a huge risk for stalled labor, inefficient pushing, and fetal distress.

  3. I am scheduled for a c section Monday afternoon and currently crying my eyes out watching this ❤️❤️

  4. I had a little laugh when she said they were so close together and so intense she was shaking and crying uncontrollably… her contractions weren’t too close together and they weren’t even that strong …she must have not an ounce of pain tolerance.. if those contractions were making her like that! When mine were at 60ish they were easy to bare and easy to get through!

  5. Alexis, when you talked to willow before she was born I started crying. You and Your family are so beautiful. Theres no words. Xoxo

  6. This segment is beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. Willow is beautiful. I’m glad all went well.

  7. found your videos while look through for c section births 🙂 love watching your vlogs! New here even though this is an old one 🙂 LOL! We have our planned c section this year Feb 2018

  8. Praise Abba Father for Blessing u and Shane with Willow! This made me cry and it made me think about when I had my youngest son! I pray that Abba Father would cause his face to shine upon u 3 and that he brings peace to ur hearts! Many Bountiful Blessings to u 3 in Jesus Christ Most Powerful Name, I love ya Alexsis my sister in Christ😊☺❤🙏🙌👶

  9. my daughter Reyna was born April 7th via emergency c-section, cause my daughters head wouldn't go over a certain bone. I push for 1 hour when I was told about the c section and I was determined to push so I push for 2 more hours after that and my doctor told me I had to go c-section. it was a hard thing on me… And still is. I know its scary when things aren't going as plan, but at the end of the day we our girls are healthy and that's all that matters. wish you and your little family the best! 💕

    P.S. your daughters beautiful

  10. Congratulations on your little Miracle! I had two of my boys without anything and my last one only half of me was numb the epidural wore off LOL and he was the worst one for the pain. But they were worth every ounce of pain I had!! Love her to no end spend as much time with her as you can because I am sure you have heard this before they grow SO FAST!!! You brought me to tears!! Such a beautiful memory!!! God Bless!!!!

  11. Sadly any interventions to "move this along" often leads to "emergency" c -sections. Just being in a hospital for your birth brings your likely hood of a c-section 1/3. And the moment they say, "induction…" I just feel for those women as many don't know what that entails. Most woman just want to, "trust the professionals." Especially when it's their first birth. There is a lot of unknowns, right? I can understand why this is so common.

    Here are some facts and this is information you can find via the Mayo Clinic and Medical Journals & studies done. Also keep in mind, the U.S. has the second highest cesarean rate in the world. (Check out "The Business of Being Born.")

    Pitocin makes labor contractions harder, faster and stronger than natural contractions. Instead of easing into them, you get the intensity all at once. Because you've got this i.v in your arm you are unable to move around to actually cope with the plan, let alone let your labor progress and use gravity to help the baby downward. The drugs to "take the edge off" sadly and often have an effect on baby's respiratory system, it doesn't mean baby won't be okay but that bonding experience can be delayed because nurses are checking on babies health, instead of that skin to skin right after birth.

    Even when you take drugs like an epidural or spinal block to mute the pain, baby feels EVERYTHING (The contracts.) This is often when health care providers notice that babies heart rate is going down. And because they have you on your back to push (which is not the most effective position as it makes that opening 30% smaller and is not using gravity) again often leads to interventions like an episiotomy, forceps or a vacuum. In your case Dr. said, "Baby's head is too big, emergency c-section." Which I'm sure wasn't all that quick since they would have had to finish up last surgery and prep.

    There is a really good chance that babies head wasn't "too big" to get out. Changing positions may have work, but sadly most hospital are about management and efficiency. Get those women in and out in a timely fashion, hens the, "Let's break your water to get things moving along." Did you know many women's waters don't break until baby is coming out. Some say it was that lube to help baby out. I'm sad that they didn't try putting you in a side position pushing to help baby out. I know with an epi it makes it difficult for other movements because you can't feel or move your legs.

    I hope that in the future if you choose to have a VBAC that your state not only allows it, but your care provide supports you and does anything in their power to help make that happen. In the future ask your care provider the numbers % of inductions and cesareans they do, how far along they'll allow you to carry before recommending an induction and if they support various birth plans, ie. water births / different positions. Or if it's an "on your back only" kind of thing.

    If you are having trouble finding someone to support your birth plan but your are low risk, a midwife is not only more affordable but more flexible and will come to a hospital with you if you don't want a birthing centre or at home birth. They typically also encourage you to push when your ready vs. forced pushing.

    Congrats on your new baby 🙂

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