Our Daughter is so BOUJEE!

hey guys how you guys doing we are at byebye baby and lily is what moose I can't see she's our daughter is so bougie he's obviously not she's riding in $1,000 stroller look at this I can't believe it $1,000 here looky what do you think lilies show them the price tag she got money she's buying in herself is it made of gold that's my girl she doesn't 1 so here's the stroller we're actually thinking about getting it's a lot more reasonable it's the curved double stroller by contours look how comfortable this is and we're kind of didn't like that you know your body has to fit there but actually it has a lot of room so what it looks like it has a big basket and then there's another stroller and of course we'll get the car seat and everything this is another one this is options by contours but the only thing is we don't like that it didn't have a cup holder I know you can buy that but I don't know we like that one a lot better the one thing we do like about this one is look how much this little shade covers like that one doesn't go as much does it yeah just when girls to me yeah oh no no it doesn't it has a zipper what oh my gosh we might like it even more yes okay yeah this is the winner and look how cute this little detail is yes yeah oh nice magnetic field oh good with the one we have with Lilly is velcro and we don't want that yeah I would wake her up do you guys have this any of you guys we've been looking for a double shoulder we don't want one of those because it's kind of difficult double wide and also what am I gonna do with a newborn you know what I mean like I don't know wow that's really nice I love it and look how much room to get species I like it a lot do you like it Lilly this one you like it like this only one cupholder Lily's has two but look how tiny of that tray is like actually the couple is bigger yeah we'd rather have um come here mom we'd rather have more area for food you know and a cup and like I said they both have that too so that's pretty cool she's so good in it yeah I think it's perfect for you she's got a lot of space look on both sides she's got the room okay I was like oh I don't know how that would be but I think she'll be okay and well you got a skylight you see up there oh this is like a big match yeah which is nice because a nice airflow yeah I think she looks like she fits perfectly in there all right and I think the bottom pops out too oh yeah and look look how many wheels of thing yes you like you get one wheel here and one there then they get like this stable and they that really does make a difference on making that turn and believe it or not it's super easy to push in here compared to ours it's like honestly not yet I have this wheel there yeah it's about the same size cuz look ours goes way over here and this is only for one I know what do you think Lily we look really good Wow what's nice too is the way she you're turning look how tight the area is and you can actually make a good u-turn yeah I honestly I don't really recommend this for inside any grocery story or any store this wheel ends up staying sideways and it just won't turn these were actually look a lot better and the way it turns it looks like you turn in a swivel there she's making herself at home so we're shopping around guys I don't like using public restrooms because my pants always touched the toilet and it's always disgusting no matter how hard I try and so I've been freaking out because Lily's been showing some signs that she's ready to potty train however I'm like not holding her back but I need like a moment you know what I mean she'll let me know when she has to go to the bathroom she'll hide and want her privacy and she lets me know when she's gone to the potty so I'm trying to think ahead I'm like okay what do people do because well I'm still kind of confused because like the public toilet is a huge toilet do I have to hold her I need advice guys do I hold her because I don't want her falling in so obviously I don't know I know they have like these little things but this is for home I'm not taking that outside so they have a bunch of toilet seat covers but this one's really nice because it covers the entire seat the sides and the front where I was saying that my pants touch so this is like amazing however six dollars for six of them and like I said I don't know do I just hold her up I don't know but isn't this cool like I can use this and I could finally go potty in public I also found these so it's good for like unsanitary conditions unexpected all this it's a disposal urinal for both boys and girls it's not cool I don't know how to use it but okay I'm starting to feel a little better but can a baby use this [Applause] [Applause] so I'm back home from Florida Mall we got Lilly actually that little Mickey Mouse is less than we showed but we didn't show you what we did with Jenna she got her so I finally got my rings clean I was overdue and I had him in like a little plastic baggie so she gave me this little box it was kind of funny when she got it out she's digging through her the diaper bag getting it and she's like they'll fit soon this is right now I can't put them on it's so shiny I love when I freshly-cooked clean I know me too I'll get with that we're gonna end the vlog here we wanted to say thank you guys so much for the support and everything you guys do and we'll see you guys in the next one bye

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  1. Congrats!! I'm 33/34 weeks with #3 over here so loving all the baby vids! New sub! xoxo -Pamela

  2. I used something like this

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