OUR FAMILY IS GRIEVING 😢 Triplet Pregnancy Ends In Miscarriage | update on my sister

she actually had three babies in there and then now the fact that she has lost them it's it's really sad hello everybody do I do what is today Saturday Saturday and hopefully this time in my graphic that I put up on the screen I will actually say Saturday no last log of the Saturday but I put Sunday up for both days guys can probably hear a uestion he's weed-eating like trimming outside right now he's about to mow the lawn I'm just playing right now with the boys Haley just went down for her nap we are working on some block towers and we're having some good conversation later on after the boys nap where are we gonna go so I rarely get naps out of them but I told them if they wanted to go to the movie theater with mommy and have a date with mommy is that they needed to take their nap today you think you can do it buddy yep probably noticing the earrings Natalie never wears earrings but these are so pretty and they're actually quite comfortable my friend Sara Therese actually designed these with Ana Luisa jewelry and any profit that she would have made with the sale of these she's just donating it to casa camba SIBO casa camba siva i'm not quite sure how you pronounce that but it's in Oaxaca Mexico is a safe birthing center for women and that is a huge month down in that region so if you guys are interested I'm gonna have a link in the description box for you guys to check this out not sponsored she did send these to me which is such a sweet gift but I've been loving them so far and they're actually like turning me into someone who wears earrings what are you building over there Leon I fell did the airplane always wow that's an amazing airplane I love it what you want to read with me okay go get the box of books be there I mean boss yeah b-but bear or B ba ba si paliku panic ater calop caterpillar that's it see patter patter good job so this is something new we haven't officially started this program but Duda has the box lid here this is the learning Dynamics brand it's called four weeks to read and I have seen so many testimonials on this system and I thought that now that the boys aren't in preschool class a few days a week anymore because we're done with preschool for the air they did their little graduation it was adorable um I thought a good summer activity would need to just really focus on learning how to read or dance good job Liam found the verb the thing he's bored ASA or did dinosaurs yeah good job mmm mmm or mmm mouse what letter does my name start with M for so n mm-hmm Natalie what does chick start with what does the sound that chick starts with H well it's C and H it's a special one it's the one that goes it's the one that goes can you make that sound just C C and H make hey that's getting a little bit more advanced than where you guys are at C what's this one mine okay go ahead plan okay and how does Judah say it Oh Squidward okay so everyone is on their way at least to being asleep the boys are tired we actually went to my friend test you guys have seen her here in my videos over the years she had her baby shower this morning so we were there for a little while I didn't bring the camera with me cuz we just want to spend time with friends and it wasn't our event it was her purses so I don't wanna like have my camera out to the Westons now mowing the lawn would you guys get here Haley is falling asleep she has like this dry cough and they think it's allergies she also is cutting her very last canine tooth which I think has something to do with the little runny nose that she's got going on boys have been to a movie theater before we went in saw the lego movie that was their very first movie ever we thought about bringing Haley to this one and we still might if we go watch it another time for the first time we go I was just gonna bring the boys the west and I were both gonna go but then Haley's got this dry cough and the runny nose and we thought we don't want to you know have a family member have to watch her or whatever if she is actually sick so Weston is going to stay home with Haley and he's gonna have a nice little date night with her I think he's gonna have a couple buddies over – which will be fun but I'm going to head into my office and get some editing done and run a load of laundry and then by the time the boys are up from their nap if they actually Falls it'll probably be time to head out to the movie with this story okay hi what's up then lon looks really great it doesn't it's dying well it's nots turfing surf get my crispy white boys on and your new balances aerate it and tell what you found outside I found weeds and a beehive yeah the Beehive yeah big one in the backyard like it's big as Westen's head on the side of our house we never go so I looked up and our neighbors like you know you have this right so yes so I am going to go to song right now and get some bee killer probably yeah before I have to leave with the voice yeah so so we should probably talk to it the boys actually fell asleep for their nap so I a lot of work done which is great it's so rare that all three of them are asleep at the same time I mean except for at night but even then Haley has been staying up so late like she won't fall asleep I think it's because it's light outside and now that she's in a toddler bed she lets herself out versus just like being stuck in her crib and having to fall asleep I found her one time just sitting out on the couch with Weston cuz you're a softy leave it I know so I'm gonna go get the boys up I have there you sure unless that work I know I gotta get them up so that they're not like totally groggy by the time it's time to head out the door I started this dryer load too late I forgot about it I washed the shirts that I got for us to wear and so I'm putting it on like the highest heat setting and I threw like couple towels in there trying to get what's in there to dry dry darn it oh you guys look awesome you're the Hoos on your shirt buzz who's on your shirt yeah and who's on my shirt my shirt guy it felt good you know what it says almost palpable silence with that well Toy Story 4 was a success unfortunately right before the movie started playing the new frozen movie trailer had a really intense part and it made Judah start crying a little bit and so that did not set us off on the right foot for starting the movie cuz he got I'll shake it up from it but toward the end he was feeling much better he sat on my lap for part of it they were very good boys weren't you were you and then when we were done with the movie what did we do did we take pictures yeah yeah we went to their first ever photo booth we've never done that with them so we got a couple of strips of photo booth pictures which is really cute and now we're headed to get some dinner what sounds good guys belt sushi Liam's never been there do you want to try it Liam I don't time to go home so I will see you guys tomorrow and welcome to Sunday the West was very proud of his new hat he got that cool it's really cool sir stars on the other side oh very cool we've been out and about all morning we went to church which was great because we had a visit last week we just did our weekly Costco run and target pickup and now we are headed to a little produce stand well it used to be little when I was a kid it was little now it's kind of gotten a lot bigger and we're gonna get some bamas pick those crabs where did you get you bubblegum ice well Weston is outside with the kids right now he's taking them on a walk I kind of wanted him here for this but I kind of don't want the kids running around and screaming and disrupting everything because I have something pretty sad and serious to share with you guys if you remember back to my Mother's Day vlog I shared after Christina already announced that she was pregnant I shared her and her husband Jake's special news and I know so many of you guys were excited with us and praying for her and I'm so sad to say that she ended up having a miscarriage it kind of feels funny to not have her here and then like share her story but I would never ask her to be a part of this video because she's still going through so much grief and and pain physical and emotional and and she and Jake are just going through a lot together right now and but she did tell me that it's okay to share with you guys what's going on she did publicly make this announcement over on her Instagram I know some of you guys follow her over there and you saw what she was sharing the incredible thing about the situation it's kind of crazy I think Crazy's the wrong word to use but I can't find another word right now and is that she wasn't actually just pregnant with one baby on her ultrasound three babies showed up I know so many of you watching our videos have gone through this situation multiple times and I know my own mom has gone through it my sister Sarah has gone through it and now my sister Christina and three in one it's just so hard to wrap my mind around the fact that she actually had three babies in there and then now the fact that she has lost them it's it's really sad I know so many of you care not just about NAT and Wes but you care about that and the rest part of this which doesn't just include our children in our life and what's going on with us but it includes the rest of what is a part of our life and who is a part of our life and you guys know how important our family is to us our siblings and our parents and then you know brothers-in-law and their families and of course Christina feels this the hardest but us as her family and her siblings have also been grieving with her and it's such a blessing that we all live so close and we've been able to spend time together and been able to be there to support her in whatever way we can by just a hug or a meal or a visit you know phone call or she and I have been texting back and forth and I don't want to make this about me at all but I will share as someone who's never gone through a miscarriage and who's like the older sister in this situation the hardest part for me personally is the fact that I have never gone through it so I don't have that knowledge or that wise older sister place to come from in this situation to comfort her with any experience and five years older than she is and along the way I've always experienced things first it's just been how it is I remember feeling this way with my younger sister Sarah went through her miscarriage it's a very strange thing for me as their big sister who usually goes through stuff first it's really strange for me to navigate this and be there for them when I don't have any advice to give and I've been feeling really bad about that which is just a lie from the enemy honestly and my eyes were opened to that lie today actually during our church service our pastor was talking about going through trials being there for people who are going through trials and navigating a trial in your own life and what lens we're looking through when we see that trial and we see our life as a whole I'm so thankful that my sister does have the same light the same hope that we do as Christians and so we can definitely connect on that same level and we're not just sisters biologically we're also sisters in Christ and she's an amazing person and I my heart is breaking for her and for Jake miss Cara just happened so often it's just absolutely crazy and for some it can be not as big of a deal as it is for others but I think any way you look at it and being pregnant with triplets finding out that there could be three and then losing all three of those babies going through the physical and the emotional pain that's difficult for anyone I would just ask for your guys's prayers for her it's been a difficult time for her as well as our whole family and I knew you guys would want an update and I know so many of you are so empathetic whether you've gone through it or not that whatever you believe I know you'll be thinking about her at least and if you're a praying person that you will keep her in your prayers her and Jake and our whole family well I hate to end the vlog on a sad note but I just kind of want to put the camera away and hold my own three little kiddos in my arms I've been so so blessed and I think I am gonna leave it at that again sorry to leave it on a sad or emotional note but it's time to be done with this week's vlog thank you so much for watching and we'll see you next week you

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  1. Awe Natalie I am so sorry for your loss and for Kristina’s loss. I will lift your family up in my prayers. Continue to love and support her, lean on Christ and she will pull through. I know it is hard not to empathize but remember you can still sympathize with her. You do have children and you can sympathize what it would be like to lose a child. You can understand to a certain extent the pain that she is feeling. Although in my experience she probably doesn’t need you to relate but just be there for her in her time of need. ::hugs:: to you and your family.

  2. Prayers for Kristina! 💗 but how incredible that she was blessed with triplets, multiples obviously run in the family! Everything happens for a reason and I’m sure Kristina will be an excellent mother soon enough 💗

  3. My heart goes out to your sister. I suffered a miscarriage 10 years ago. We lost twin boys at 26 weeks. The pain is unimaginable. My daughter who at the time was 5 yrs old picked out two cherry trees to plant in their memory. They have grown so big. She always tells me when Jackson and Wyatt’s cherries are ready to pick. This may seem silly to some, but it did help me my grieving. Every time I sit in my living room and see the beautiful trees thriving, I think of my boys. Maybe sometime down the road your family can do something like this to remember the loss of the babies. I’ll be praying for your sister. May the Lord bring her peace and comfort. God bless you and all of your beautiful family Natalie. 🙏🏻❤️

  4. I read her post and it was devastating. ive had your family in my prayers. ive been struggling with my own trials as well. prayers to you guys

  5. Praying hard out for your sister know that babies are with the Lord, your sister will see will them again that's the hope we have as Christians, from your loving brother in christ from Australia

  6. The earrings from Sarah look lovely on you! And I’ve been wanting to go get ice cream there! Sometime this summer. 👍😉

  7. So sorry to hear about Kristina's miscarriage. It's so true what you said about the comfort and beauty that can be found in Jesus, how wonderful that she has him to lean on through this time.

  8. My son lost his identical twin… it was awful… the pain is incredible. However we all find a way to survive… praying for her.

  9. I'm keeping them & all of you in my prayers.

    I've had 5 miscarriages, before getting my daughter & son. It's rough to get through, but please tell them to keep the faith & keep praying. When the time is right God will bring them children. I know she feels broken, but she's not!

  10. Really sorry and sad for your family loss. Three innocent lives hugs and prayers.

    On another. Note. With the state of decline of the bee population world wide m saddened that Wes was gonna go and buy bee killer.
    Why not find a bee keeper to come and move it. 😟😟😟😟😟

  11. Great message I love that you shared what your sermon was about! Prayers to your family and friends. My deepest condolences to you all!

  12. Sending our prayers, strength and hope to Kristina, her husband and you. Healing is a long yet sometimes never ending process when you experience a miscarriage. When Kristina is comfortable, have her talk about what happened (part of coping with loss) Our family will keep your family in our daily prayers. Thanks for sharing

  13. I am truly sooo very sorry to hear this….. My prayers go out to your sister and brother in law……. 🙏❤️

  14. I’m so sorry for Kristina and her hubby, as well as all of you. Any mother’s heart truly aches for her because we all know how much we love our babies from the second we learn they’re growing inside of us ❤️ My prayers go out to her. Those babies are forever hers, whether she got to hold them in her arms or not because they are forever held in their sweet mommy’s heart.

  15. Oh my goodness! My heart goes out to them.❤ losing anyone is hard, but losing 3, I can't imagine how hard that must be. I am so sorry for their lost. They will be in my prayers.🙏

  16. I'm so sorry for your sister and Jake. I will keep you all in my prayers 🙏 I do understand how she is feeling . 💕God bless your whole family! I wish I had a family like yours! I was told by my brothers daughter that I wasn't part of their family. So we aren't close at all. It's not just me they are like that with, my twin sister and older sister have the same problem with them. I don't understand them at all! Especially when Once Upon a Time I was very close with my brother and his wife told my mom she was going to separate us all from him. And she has succeeded in that.

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