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there's just too much to be grateful for I love you so much more than I can say can't wait to see you be a daddy all over again oh my god oh my god oh my god it's not a line guys I'm tripping guys is this a line I need to know right now I got my hand shaking oh my god oh my god just put this issue over it does I'm freaking out right now okay so I'm gonna give it three more minutes and then I'm gonna check it like I haven't watched I don't even know okay relax relax whatever the answer is we will trust in God that he is providing us with it says two lines of that just like a really faint line [Applause] raps baby perhaps baby not baby champs happy Father's Day respects you know how we do it chillin on this Father's Day no work so I got a gift for you for Father's Day yeah you want to take a guess what it is one guess card okay and what I got you a card and a gift time passes and kids grow a father's look grows right along with your wonderful example of that you're there when you're needed and you're happy to offer everything you can that kind of love never and it's just one of the many things that makes you wonderful daddy love Anthony yeah I love you too honey so the husband I've been praying for it'd be impossible all my words in this card there's just too much to be grateful for I love you so much more than I can say can't wait to see be a daddy all over again what I kind of got chocolate on the gift when I was wrapping it like what's this how am I supposed to where it is who's this for who's this for honey what are these are you sure this is my gift oh my gosh oh I was right I guess so I was right you guys see that they see that right y'all see this right and I like the color you got cuz you already know baby you already know wait a minute why is this is it for real you're so cute is it forever like my birthday all over again I've been waiting for this moment since 13 years old I'm done with you Wow I got a few weeks to go Wow lovely husband I love you honey cm 3 months guys just when I think my eye dogs are dry and I can sit down and make a video this happens hey guys it's your girl live I wasn't expecting to film this video so early I think that it just goes to show that sometimes you can't plan everything you know and sometimes things happen that you just you can't prevent or change I don't really know how to start this video I guess I'm just gonna jump right in as you can top in the devil I recently had a miscarriage which sounds weird to say I recently had a miscarriage and it's been a little challenging to deal with this is so hard to like talk about I thought I would see you guys three month three months later celebrating and announcing but sometimes life does not go that way so I'm here today making this video and I don't really know why I'm making this video but when I found out when I found out that I was having a miscarriage I came to YouTube her support to find people about where I went through similar things or had gone through something similar and that gave me a lot of support so I'm hoping I'm hoping that this video can be that support for somebody else that's all we've been a little m.i.a a little under the weather lately as you guys saw I surprise my husband with a Father's Day gift which was a pregnancy test and this cute little outfit that I found this little baby outfit that said I am the future so cute and I surprised him for Father's Day and I gave him the e pregnancy test as a gift as you guys saw I was so excited we both were very excited just because my husband and I have been on and off for 15 years and just recently got married last year for those of you who are new to the video or just clicked because of the title we are still newlyweds our one-year anniversary's coming up in October and we just recently had a huge surprise celebration for Ricardo's birthday and to celebrate our new home and our marriage when I found out that I was pregnant I was super excited because it was just kind of like the cherry on top of you know like that final touch like we got married we're finally in our brand-new home with our children as a family and we obviously would love to have a baby we didn't really plan for a specific time to get pregnant or have a baby we just kind of said like when to get me oh you didn't get into a new house with our kids whatever happens happens whatever God sends her when you're going to accept so we weren't really trying to get pregnant or anything like that it was super unexpected but very exciting my eldest daughter Aliyah she's gonna be nine this year so it's been a long time since I've felt this is hard basically a week before I found out I was feeling really tired super drained I have no energy for anything I was feeling really anxious I kind of know my body very well as well so I kind of already knew before I took the test that I was gonna turn out positive I went to the store a little tour test I hadn't bought a test in what felt like forever soho went to the store got a test came home I was so nervous I saw two lines one of them were kind of faint so I said to myself I think that this test is defective or I'm just super early which I was the digital test of one to two weeks so it was super super early way too early to tell family friends and like that so I literally just thought Thursday was right around the corner and I thought that that would be the perfect opportunity to tell my husband that I was pregnant I knew he was going to be super excited because we always wanted to just see how there since we were in Green Bay maybe I should backtrack so that morning the morning of Father's Day I had these like cramps in my stomach it kind of felt like period cramps in a way and like every hour I would say I'd get like a random shot her like one cramp that would be like and then they had to like tense up into a ball for like a split second and then a few hours later I noticed that there was a little bit of blood when I went to the bathroom and I started to get really nervous obviously I got my phone and googled it and Google told me I was dying as Google usually does Google said that it was also normal to experience leading early in pregnancy it happens to about 20% of women so I was like okay this is weird but it happened so I'm not going to freak myself out but as time went on later on into the day the cramp started to get really bad like really really really bad almost unbearable started to bleed a lot or and yeah so just get worse as the hours went on and yeah so I text my husband and told him that I was bleeding and they sent him a sad face and I noticed that the message didn't go through who I think he was in the garage or something so I started to go downstairs and he came into the house right at that moment I was coming down the stairs and his his phone went off I guess the notification just came in as he sucked into the house and he looked at his phone and then he looked at me and then I looked at his phone and then I looked at him and we literally just had like this silent moment it was just like a little bump in the road it wasn't the right time or card we might both trust in the process we trust in God's timing trust in divine timing I know that there's a lot of couples a lot of women out there that I experience or go through this every day so I really just wanted to reach out to those women anybody that has ever experienced a miscarriage or know somebody that has or is going through and right now I just want to extend my hand of support it's hard I think it was a very humbling experience it kind of made me sit back and think like oh my gosh there's probably hundreds and thousands of women that walk amongst us every day that we'll probably see in the bank at the grocery store at a restaurant at the gas station at the mall and they're probably going to a really really rough time as women we walk with so much and I think that we do a great job of making it look easy but just because we don't complain that it's heavy doesn't mean that it's not so this is definitely meaning more mindful toward it's just the women around me in general you know we go through so much mentally and physically this obstacle has completely altered the way that I think appreciate and see things I'm grateful for the girls that we have now I'm so grateful I'm also excited for the day that I do get pregnant again and a long healthy normal pregnancy with my husband I can't wait for that moment and for when we get to share with our family and friends and all of you guys but that time is not gonna be right now and we have accepted that I know that a lot of our family and friends are gonna be looking at this like this is so random obviously nobody knew that I was pregnant but I have been so mopey and so sad and so depressed they really just need to shake it off and find my strength again I really need to push myself past this I know that I can push myself past this and this video is a start I just haven't been much fun to be around if you're watching this right now because you're going through a miscarriage or just went through a miscarriage or you're young and don't understand what's happening everything is gonna be okay it happens to the best of us and that's okay I want to show a strength in this situation and I want to ask for guidance and the faith and the power to push past this and continue to be a great wife and mother for my family and trust that one day one day that we will have a little addition to our family and it will all be perfect for me so this is kind of a sad video but sad days are normal I think we're gonna be okay I think we're all gonna be okay so I'm gonna close this video here I know that there really wasn't much direction with this video but I really just wanted to kind of get it out tomorrow's Monday I'd really love to get back on my hustle I'm going to start working out again just getting back into grind mode and just feeling good drink you my water you're minding my business so I love you guys if you've made it this far in the video thank you so much dripping there for me I appreciate you guys so much I think a lot of people think think I'm so strong I'm so traffic any of these guys I will see you in the next video you will be positive vibes positive energies smiles laughter till next time bye

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  1. Really sorry to hear about the bad news Liv! Sending you lots of love, strength and prayers. This happened to my hubby and I last year, and we were shattered! This year we were blessed with another blessing. Keep your head up, you will receive your blessings soon when the time is right. God bless!

  2. Aww liv 💔 I legit cried watching that, sorry u went through that. Remember God will never put u through more then u can bare. your strong don’t forget that and it will get better with time, it just wasn’t the right time ❤️❤️

  3. Very touching LIV! My heart breaks for you and Ricardo. I’ve been there before sis. Thank you for sharing your experience with us all

  4. Sorry liv it's hard but as you know God has big big plans in his timing. Your baby boy will come in good timing. Love you but I know god has big old plans for you.

  5. Aww liv im so sorry mama. This video was so raw and real the transparency had me super emotional. Love you guys so much sending you all my love.

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