what well mom guys hurry up we have to leave we have to go get something what are we getting I let you know when we get there this is really important come on let's go we have to go pick up something from the stores everything okay mom great yeah let's go we have to go get good news good news bad news I let you know later after we get it I just everything okay mom I'm not the genius we're confused yeah I'm nervous I can think let's go let's go just shocked about what what do you talk about my shoes shoes let's go get everything okay more than okay I'm really excited I get you much a shop Toby come get you much now I'll go fun all right mom what's even going on tell you later just what's going on no Julie just booked inside our house and just gave us news yeah okay why'd you get flowers well I got flowers because I'm going to give it to someone someone is everything okay so what are we doing here mom we just have to pick up one item so just wait don't take me get inside okay all right wait mom I'm just I hope everything's okay Lucas and I need to get something mom Oh quick so we're gonna go get it okay but I'll go get my thing and then I'll meet you outside oh my goodness what is it this is it I found exactly what I needed you can be oh no no it's not me he's actually my mom is Lucas and Marcus's grandma I can't wait to test this she's actually acting a little bit different so let's see what happens she's pregnant we're not sure yet but with all the morning sicknesses and she hasn't been feeling really well so maybe I think she is let's go do this we have to go home take that test oh my goodness they are calling me mmm Poochie come on I'm ready to check out I'm almost at the cashier can you come over please I'll meet you outside come on guys I can tell you the price he's smiling yeah it's pretty good it's pretty wild okay mom what is that what is it mom what is it you gotta wait on till we get home some curious no I can't leave me late the end you have to wait on till we get home fine that's not fair yes he's fed come on over ya want you telling us that's enough with question yeah no questions no questions do you know someone is waiting there for us what what do you mean someone's even going behind yep know everything okay who's here who's here fine mum now I at least tell us what's going on please let us know who's here he has your voices my okay I'm assume are you his friend mom what's in the bag a pregnancy test you know she's been acting a little bit different and not feeling so well so I know it's not happening an aunt or uncle wait well let me see what is this it's a pregnancy test so what do you do with it you pee on it then you see if you fight no no no but you got you you really night in a cup and then you you dip it in and then it gives you the result so what are you doing now we're gonna go to that test to see if she's pregnant or not no why the test is ready right let's go with them what do you mean mom wait we're one if they here I want to I want to see if I'm playing no I be a beer back you know you never know you never know some good we know we don't have another pregnancy test Marcus where are you going mom everything okay man hi one second okay Marcus are you not you're not driving that Cup are you how do you have two of them I don't know I just thought one come out here oh yeah maybe maybe not what okay okay okay I'm coming Marcus Marcus I saw you put that water [Laughter] plus sign but I mean serious look there's nothing there it's supposed to be a line I'm saying I guess it shows a plus sign for pregnant and a minus sign for not pregnant all right I think there are the bathroom yo my dogs they like statement like guests under they children outside you know yet again let's go in mom everything okay is she she's pregnant do you see it no my graduation you'll find that out later so when did she get pregnant how long has it been maybe six weeks six weeks yeah isn't it boy girl we don't know we'll find that out later wait can't see the bus huh no I can't see it no it's just packing this time we're not yo uncle in all right yeah oh yeah we don't know you know yeah it's just crazy we got to get prepared you know tell me that we want a baby shower soon everyone like get up what you want to be invited [Applause] [Laughter] I just friendly prank you you know [Applause] but maybe the Ducks are here you can do that test on the way come on although she wanted to like yeah ma'am we came to trust anyone anymore I once picked him as left and right yeah you so trust me you guys know nice even we you didn't tell us in the car it does not a prank II don't even have anything on it didn't even use it yeah paint that saying that she was pregnant in the left like what is this we came here and we pray play with you guys I clearly see the thumbnail yeah for the video okay since we you want to mess around with this pregnant stuff more let's see if the duct some weight marker you put them out nicely right there not so big okay we want to see if the ducts are pregnant boy and go how do we we just lay it down until they do something about it yes it's good it's a game would she's dug they're not gonna pee on the thing maybe they will are you peeing on it right now no we have to wait till ahead silly goose Wow no this is how it works let's take a break it's been a couple minutes at least if they're pregnant no you see my mum oh my goodness definitely pregnant I know I even know how to work this thing well anyways smash that like button if you enjoyed it and make sure you subscribe you posed to be Tuesday Thursday and Sunday don't forget to get you much at shot go be calm hey and don't forget to go subscribe to the doorway boys Channel mom you guys good mama I'm speechless maybe guys yeah

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