Our Greatest Adventure!!! | Pregnancy Announcement | vlog #45

Don just left the house. I’m feeling not the usual. so… Let’s see! Sorry… I’m feel sick. That’s unusual. I have colds and soar throat. I still don’t have my period. which is weird… It’s supposed to be done by this day. Because we’re trying to get the first urination of the day. How do I say that? Because the HCG level is higher in the morning. This is my first time to take. I’m 11 days DPO. Is that right? days past ovulation I want to take the test just to be sure. I don’t know. I’m suddenly nervous. Oh well. I’ll still be happy if it’s positive Because lately, I feel really weird. I feel sick. I’m having cramps and back pain. I don’t know if the camera is in focus. Oh well. And my boobs are really sore so I think I need to take a test. Oh my God. Ok. Game?! So I just took a sample. This is my dream vlog. I’ll be able to film all of our emotions. But if it’s negative, it’s ok. We can always try. Right? hopeful Game?! three seconds Oh my God. suspense So 11 days… It’s a bit early. But they said, the earliest signs of pregnancy is detected at one to two weeks after ovulation. mixed emotions I feel tense. out of breath I don’t know if I’m gonna laugh. For those who don’t know Don has a condition so we don’t know if we’ll get pregnant
right away or not. That is why we started trying. And this is our first try. I’m hoping we are. We waited for this for so long. Oh my God! Oh my God! I this real? Is it? I knew it. Hey camera get in focus. You can do it. Am I right? Do you see that? I need to take another one. Do you see that. I think you can. Oh my God! And I’m having break outs.
Look. next problem My nape feels so hot. I want to cry but I don’t know. Next problem, how do I tell this to Don
when he comes home? The line is obvious. I thought the line wouldn’t be obvious I’m still on my 11th day. But it really is obvious. I need to be careful with what I eat because I eat a lot. I know Don will be happy. See you later. We’ll figure out how to give Don the news. Hang in there guys. Trixie is happy. Are you happy Trix? You’ll be a big sister. Do you feel happy? Yes? You’ll be a big sister. Trixie is a big sister. Don’t worry. You’ll still be our baby girl. Okay? Just a big sister now. She’s shaking. And she’s wagging her tail. I’m a big sister now! Yay! I’m a big sister now! I’ve set this up. So Don will see it when he comes home. Aaw… I’m hoping he cries. Welcome home my Daddy! See you soon! and the test I took earlier I hope Don gets surprised. He doesn’t know I took the test today. What he knows is I’ll take the test on Friday to be sure but I still took it today Here’s what it looks like. Newbie. It says newbie. Hey guys! I asked Don to buy two PT kits. I’ll just use those to confirm and monitor. I’ll take again until the line gets darker Because today the line is obvious but it’s not that dark so I want to monitor it for a few days more What he knows is, I still don’t know if
I’m pregnant or not So he’ll be surprised this is all set-up Hang in there. Okay? I have a camera here and there to be sure that we record the reaction I don’t know what angle it will be. Wish us luck. Welcome home daddy! Tada! I have a camera there but you were
not in the view. Hello Trix! She has a diaper because I know
she’ll be excited with you. Two lines? Oh yeah. Yes Trix. Give me a sec. Happy?
Yes. Really? Happy? Happy daddy. Officially daddy. Hi daddy! Who’s spoiling us? He bought something for baby. What’s that daddy? Mommy made a request. Yes but you bought more than enough. What did you buy? What did you buy? I’m shy.
You’re shy? It’s the day after we got the news. Look! Tada! And look Tada! He bought folic acid and Anmum! I didn’t know maternal milk is expensive. And there’s free newborn MamyPoko. Thank you daddy! Thank you! Happy? Happy. Hi guys! This is our baby bump update while we’re here at Astoria. We were supposed to record our family’s
reaction to the news but unfortunately, the memory card
had an error. But they’re really happy because my mother
was praying for us to have a baby. And my siblings are excited too and our in-laws and our niece and nephew are excited
to have a cousin as well. Michael can’t believe that there’s a baby
in my tummy. He’s looking for the baby even in the
sonogram photo. But the baby is still small. He was looking for it. Baby bump. It’s our seventh week. There’s a bump in my lower tummy. It’s flat but it’s bigger than the usual.

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