1. Sarah Barnes what exactly did you find out with your body that wasn’t right? My husband has Azoospermia just found out yesterday I’ve been driving my self crazy with google and YouTube, but did the doctors ever say why ivf wasn’t working at the beginning?

  2. Sorry for the hard journey. I get it. My husband has azoospermia also. After 15 yrs never being pregnant we just heard of embryo adoption so we are looking into that and hopefully I can carry a child to complete our family. We already adopted one child who is 8yrs old now.

  3. Hello thank you so much for sharing. I have been married for 3 years now and we are facing so much difficulties. Your story gives us so much hope. 😁

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  5. We tried for almost ten years to have a baby, we were very exhausted and were almost giving up, but my husband knew a friend who went to a fertility clinic called Ingenes in Mexico. With the last bit of hope, we traveled there and started yet another treatment, but now in another country. After two IVFs we had our baby Allie, don't give up Sarah, if you believe in it, you can get your miracle.

  6. How did you help your husband stay positive when you yourself are in a huge depression from the news ? I don’t know what to do or say . 😔

  7. After an IVF consultation or as part of the fertility diagnosis, fertility doctors test the male partner’s sperm for male infertility factor. Male infertility factor is usually diagnosed after analyzing semen a number of times, not just once. The tests look for issues with motility (movement) as well as abnormal appearance of sperm or low numbers of sperm. Doctors generally also complete a physical exam before diagnosing male infertility. That’s according to what my doctors in Bio tex did. There are several different treatments for male infertility. Ultimately, the treatment depends on the cause, which varies from genetic disorders to actual, physical blockages in the testes or penis. If a hormone imbalance caused male infertility, fertility doctors may treat it with prescriptions. Fertility doctors may also suggest surgery, if the issue involves a blockage.

  8. Thank you thank you thank you. I wish I could take you out for tea and talk for hours about all of this madness!

  9. We just got our phone call that my husband has azoospermia. Your video is one of the only things that has given me hope. Thank you for being so open. We are devastated.

  10. I can totally relate feeling the jealousy and the guilt for feeling that. Also, feeling a more intense desire for a child once you are told you can’t have one. Thanks for sharing your story.

  11. I’m not sure but did you say your husband had surgery and that’s how you guys found out there’s was sperm in him not sure if I understood correctly?

  12. Oh, GOD! You went through so much. It must have taken a lot of courage to share it. I am glad you did. You really are very strong.Congratulations on the miracle. I wish a long life for the twins. Loads of wishes for them and for you.

  13. Sarah, such an inspirational story you have. I too experienced infertility. In spite of the fact that I didn't, in the end, went for surrogacy. I have also experienced very crucial situations. Perhaps I would also like to share my story too. Surrogacy is such a great blessing and has benefited many infertile couples. I too have twins.

  14. Whoa, that must be tough. You did have a long journey. I'm glad it ended well. Congratulations on your twins! Stay strong like you always were. All is well that ends well. Good luck to you and your family.

  15. woah! that's great!
    I mean you got the guts to shut down all the hurdles.
    the way you struggle with your twins,
    that's just wow.
    you are an inspiration for the women who suffer infertility.
    and yes I just love twins.
    great news.congratulations.
    Loved watching this,

  16. Thank you for sharing! my husband also has azoospermia. It's not easy but I have a lot of hope. xoxo

  17. Thank you for sharing! It gives me hope . We will be doing IVF with Sperm retrieval at the end of this year after two failed IUIs using donor Sperm.

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  20. Thank you so much for making this video! My husband also has Azoospermia due to an obstruction and just had the surgery. They got thousands of sperm and froze 3 vials. We are starting IVF next month. Your story gives us so much hope!

  21. I have spent months investigating becoming pregnant and found an awesome resource at Bevs Baby Boom (check it out on google)

  22. Thank you for sharing. I live in the US and we found out my husband has azoospermia. I made an appointment for him for a urologist at the end of February for an exam and I’m praying it’s obstructive and not due to another cause. We are just now starting the journey of looking into IVF to start our family. Just like you I always had a sixth sense that something was not right with him before we even started trying, but I never brought it up. He has type 1 diabetes, on cholesterol medication and has low testosterone also. Poor guy! He’s only 26 (and I’m 22, almost 23) and is a very active paramedic who is also starting nursing school. Life really sucks sometimes! I’m hoping it’s an easy fix with clomid to boost his T levels although it’s likely we will never get pregnant naturally. I just want to avoid him having to go through the extraction procedure. I guess a good thing about not having free healthcare is with our own private insurance there is no wait to have any appointments or procedures so at least we can move quickly, but my state does not mandate infertility coverage so IVF will be out of pocket 🙁 boo! Thanks again for your story dear!! ❤️

  23. According to Wikipedia ¨Humira costs approximately $4370 per month (2017)¨… For that price it should solve all of life's problems.

  24. Thank you for sharing your story. We just found out my husband has azoospermia as well. We are in the mids of doing research as neither of us have ever heard of it. Hearing that your husband semen sample came back with no sperm at all was terrifying our hearts dropped. I am glad you got a happy ending I hope we can get ours.

  25. I’m about to start ICSI treatment, picking up my meds on Wednesday and I’m terrified that it might not work because we will only try one time…

  26. Hi Sarah, I've just watched your video im so pleased you posted this video. We may have to go down the ivf route and your video has helped me to feel a little more positive, I'm quite a positive person but I am finding hard to remain positive about this. I wanted to ask a question about your clinic in London you used, you mentioned having to move to London for the month is this for all couples seeking ivf help? Thanks again for sharing ❤️

  27. You are so amazing, and your journey is so inspiring. I am only 25 years old, in a long term relationship, infertile due to childhood ovarian cancer in both ovaries. I will be having egg donation via the NHS in the future when we decide to have children! It's so helpful to hear your story, Thank you for sharing! Xx

  28. This is great to hear. I love hearing happy ttc stories.
    I hate the unknown. Waiting for our first ivf. Unfortunately in NI we only get one free. Hoping and praying it will work x

  29. Hello Sarah. I just came across ur video, 3/20/17. I am so glad that you shared the good, the bad and the ugly of your fertility journey; I have truly been blessed just from watching it. God Bless.

  30. I've been watching your videos for nearly a year now. You very quickly became a sort of role model to me. When I'm down I search through your videos to find one I haven't seen yet and your bubbly personality and positive attitude instantly lifts my mood! I've just gone through possibly the worst 6 weeks of my life and can whole heartedly say that your videos have helped no end. Watching this one had me in floods of tears. Especially the last 5 minutes! Infertility isn't something I've personally struggled with, although I have been through a horrible miscarriage and two horrific premature deliveries. But I have friends who are going through and have struggled with Infertility and I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like. I had absolutely no idea you went through this to have your beautiful little people. You're such a strong woman and so very inspirational ❤

  31. Thank you for sharing your story! We have non obstructive azoospermia. Great IVF outcomes but no success with sperm retrieval after 2 micro TESEs at top clinic in NY. Consider yourself very blessed to have those miracles. Happy for you! I wish there was something we could do 🙁

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