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hey guys welcome back and rummy sloppy once again with machetes and today I'm going to talk about how much did the higher cycle cost us well when you think of value if there first three things that click your mind are the first three things that possibly come to your mind are obviously number one being hormone therapy and injections and number two being the uncertainty of success in this procedure and last but not the least the very important thing that comes to your mind would definitely be the amount of money that you would end up being behind this cycle so a lot of people would just kind of hold them back for going in for a knife cycle because they know that it does take an almost a lot of money and a quite a substantial amount of your life savings and earnings so this is going to give you a little bit of information a little sneak peek into how much we spent during our entire IVF process it's been about two years that we underwent idea so definitely the prices would have possibly gone up but of what I know not much has changed since then the prices has still somewhat been the same so far so I hope this in this video gives you all the pertinent information I will try to convert the money from Indian rupees two dollars wherever necessary and this is just going to give you a very broad you know segregation or a very broad classification of how much money goes into the medicines the procedure etc etc you know this video is not going to give you too many details because the cost of medicines will be different from you know within India's state to state and of course between different countries and and the medical procedure cost also varies across the world however it is true that India is one of the less expensive countries when it comes to getting an IV treatment done so I will try to give in all the pertinent and relevant details on this in this particular video I hope you find this video to be useful before we get started please don't hate to forget the subscribe button because number one that keeps you notified on the upcoming videos that might be so for you and number two that tells me that how much you appreciate my work so don't forget to click the subscribe button that's right below and don't forget to hit the like button if you find this video to be informative so when it comes to the cost that you're going to be off for the entire ie process you can broadly classify it into two parts one is going to be the cost that she'll be spending on your doctor's consultation with it scans the entire embryo implantation and the follicle retrieval process and in vitro fication and you know similar analysis of course you cannot leave behind things like a blastocyst and if required something like assisted hatching and the other part of your IVF cost is going to be your medications your injections all the hormones that you will be taking during the entire process that's going to be quite expensive and that's gonna make a larger part of the entire eyelid cost so when you started the entire IVF process we kind of took briefing on how much it's gonna cost us you know different clinics have different costs different expenses doing the I give process but eventually if you go to multiples multiple clinics you wouldn't you find out that it's gonna cost you between two lakhs to do and a half lakh suite sir please let me share some details with you about how much we paid for the first part of the IVF procedure which is the procedure of costed we have more in during this process so to begin with are the major costs that we paid around the lease procedure which included the the follicle travel the embryo transfer and also which included the the consultations and the scans we paid approximately a thousand dollars for that yeah about a thousand dollars was the cost for just a purely this procedure and which it did not include anything like the medical tests or the semen analysis or the Simmons you know freezing the semen for further requirement or are the costs that we paid for blastocysts or anything else so it just included the your consultation cost it was about seventy thousand rupees under bees which is about $1,000 plus technically or 1100 $1,200 for that matter we've paid more money for getting a blaster system for people who have not seen my previous videos and may not have a clue that both my twins were conceived through IVF and were fundamentally blastocysts embryos now this cause did not include because that we paid for any of the medical tests neither does it cover the cost of the semen which was kind of taken and frozen which was not really a very cents essential step at that point in time but it was done and we paid separately for it and it also did not cover the blastocyst part of ideas in case we'd like to see more details on how the embryo transfer process happens if you would like to go ahead and keep an exclusive video on the entire embryo transfer process and that all that you need to know about it I would go ahead and link that up for you and I hope that will be very informative for people who are just gonna get started on the IVF process anyway so we paid separate cost for these procedures I will give you a quick briefing on how much we've paid for a blastocyst so if a blastocyst procedure we paid about 20,000 rupees which is approximately $300 for you know for the particular blastocyst process thankfully we did not require anything like assisted hatching or anything obviously that comes with its own cost I'm not sure what that cost is maybe you'd like to check with the clinic that you are you know you are being referred to so we paid about $300 for the blastocyst process and we paid a very nominal amount at five thousand rupees for the semen freezing and semen analysis so that is what we paid for the procedural part of IVF which was not as substantial as cost you know if you compared with the the cost of medications so I want to be next part of which is the hardwoods allocations so for so I don't really have a complete breakup of how much we've paid for the hormone therapy but you know and also it's not wise to share how much Hartman's we've used or taken because it will be different from individual to individual some people would require a lot more progesterone a lot more Albany legs or a lot more me know for stuff like that for me I just required some a very minor those of these hormones which were required to prove the follicle because those particular medications aren't the most expensive one so I think if you if we talk about the medications that we've paid for initially during the beginning of the cycle and throughout until the time we concede they would have roughly been about a lakh easily one lakh rupees should come out to be around 1500 to $1400 and this cost can definitely go up to one 1.5 lakhs two thousand dollars as well this is going to be the major part of your IVF expense the medications are really really expensive I'm not sure if that is the same in your country maybe you'd like to comment or share with the viewers in case the medicine costs in your country are any different but in India the medications are really expensive as most of them are imported and not really producing idea so medications like overall x-men are poor and there are so many more injections that completely forgotten about you know they have been really expensive and all the the progesterone that I've took maternally was very very expensive at to remember the projection shots that it took were not that expensive so majorly you know the major cost of is going to be around the medications you take and that may go up or down depending upon how well your body responds to the medications now this is another part of the eye with costs that happen I haven't spoken about in the beginning which I'm not really counting as para five-year but the moment you will step into any fertility clinic that's going to be a cost that that you wanna be here is it going to be the cost of brown medical tests well we've been about 25 to 30 thousand energy to be which comes out to be wrong about $500 for the medical tests are that we had at the beginning of the entire process there's an exhaustive list of medical tests that you need to undergo before any fertility clinic begins on the IVF process but most of these medical tests are generally covered by your medical insurance company you're medically in policy and you can go and clean these and seek that benefit but apart from that nothing else was covered for us for the entire IV process so guys this is a broad segregation of the amount of money we spent for the entire IVF cycle so you can estimate that it's going to be roughly between anywhere between you know as I said in the beginning 2 lakh rupees to two and a half lakh rupees which I reiterate is going to be around three to four thousand dollars and of course and of course I'm not covering the medical test part hopefully I've kind of got a nose started noticing an interesting trend that a lot of fertility clinics are following which is wearing the toupee you know in lump sum for two cycles and you know it's a kind of kind of reduced cost and in case it works out and don't have to go for the second cycle you will be fun with certain amount of money I'm not sure how wise it is to go for something like that because that kind of makes me doubt on the surety of that particular fertility clinic on its own procedure so I'm not sure how well that works for you you may want to consult somebody who's taking up you know taking up a decision to go for something like that but if you've seen my fertility story in my success story if you haven't I'm gonna link it about for you certainly but if you've seen that in detail you would realize that I have spent about two and a half years of my time running helter-skelter from one doctor to the other and from one procedure to the other but you know that failed and that's when we resorted to go in for an IVF which was obviously the wrath last option for us and we had our own hesitations like money and injections and hormones and obviously you know the uncertainty Romney diet idea crosses so we had our own apprehensions and hesitations that stopped us for going in for a knife cycle for almost a year but eventually when we went through it it was a totally different story we really found it to be less painful less erratic and far more controlled way of you know you know electing a woman or retrieving eggs and we've had it to be completely painless procedure and that has helped us conceive conceived our twin boys and they've been really really happy that we went in for that we so grateful and so blessed that it happened for us in the first go IVF is definitely a big step requires a lot of motivation a lot of positive thinking a lot of your finances to make it success but if you can somehow manage to put that amount of money together even if you have to wait wait for it for a while I can tell you that it's going to be totally worth it at least you will have the peace of mind that you try and if it works for you really there's nothing better than that and I can tell you for most people that I know now it does work I had so many of you write to me about you know the fact that you didn't have more money in your first time you psycho failed that's really unfortunate but I'm certain that for a lot of you it's also going to work so something of that sort certainly involves a lot more than just a lot more than just commitment Amir and but it's all worth while at the end of it and you know coming back to what I was trying to say so if I felt stumped together or put together the amount of money that I would have spent in those two and a half years I can tell you that I would have easily have three I know cycles from that amount of money if you don't know where the money flows out because you end up spending so much on obligation studies medications you went to spending absorbedly on consultations you don't realize how that money because it's not such a large amount that goes out in one go you know you might really never feel the pinch but if I sit back and if I calculate my money when I spent an entire procedure in the medications before before ideas I would have spent no less really I would certainly advise you to you know keep aside the finances if you can manage it keep that aside and let that not be your determining factor going 494 not it should be you know other things like your success rate which your doctor will be the best to guide you about so guys this is about the information that I could gather on the amount of cost or a lot of money we paid for the IO cycle I hope you found this to be informative I would be so glad to furnish any other information that you would require to help you stay positive and stay up being about your life cycle if you are heading for one soon I hope I hope and I pray for best results for you I wish you all the very best I would love to give you a story to share with there's just a comment from you below really make me feel good I will see you soon on the next video until then you guys have a great day take care stay positive

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  1. bakwas jyada Karti h.. kaam ki baat Kam.. actual cost is rs60000-rs100000 for injections, and doctors fees depands on clinic may be like rs30000 to rs100000 in India

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