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  1. Hi babyNicohaus,
    Just want it to send you an update. I schedule my consult with Dr.R can wait to meet him in June.

    My consult was good, Dr. Morris is great.
    Working to transfer my last 2 embryos to his clinic.
    And looking forward to do the ERA test in the next coming month with him. Also saving $$ to do a new IVF cycle with him.

    Did you had Genetic testing done on your embryos?

  2. I just saw ur story, I’m so happy for you.
    I live in the Chicagoland. Last year I did IVF with a fresh and FET they were not successful 😞. As of now i am looking for a second opinion. Can you please forward me the information on your DR.
    I would like to set up a consultation for my 2nd IVF.
    I’m also a self pay.

  3. I'm glad that you adopted IVF to overcome your infertility. IVF is really a blessing for all the infertile couples. All the infertile couples around the World are fulfilling their wishes through such methods. Biotexcom is among the best clinic and helping people a lot in this regard.

  4. I really loved your video. Thanks for sharing your video with others. I agree with you that miracle happens. There is always the other way for any problem. I was looking for a solution to my problem and I am consulting with Biotexcom for my problem. They assured me success in my Surrogacy processs. Wish me luck Guys.

  5. I am glad that your IVF became a success. Well in my case it was a failure. I have resorted to surrogacy as my infertility resolution. The process has been satisfying in terms of bringing me hope and allowed me to dream again. Good luck with your journey,

  6. Hello there! How are you doing? You have been through a lot. I admire your courage. I am so happy to hear from you. We were also looking for some good option. And now We are going for surrogacy to Ukraine. We are hoping that BiotexCom will help us. Wish me luck.

  7. I'm glad to see you happy.IVF is really a blessing of medical science. There are many clinics in Europe that deal with infertility. Biotexcom is one of them. I personally had a good experience with biotexcom. Now I have my own baby. Good to watch your video.

  8. hey there. your video was amazing. i am so happy with your work. so glad i watched it. i am happy that IVF worked for you. i really hope it works for me as well. stay blessed.

  9. yeah, BabyNicohaus!!! You should do. Couples save their memories in written form or either on social media. I think this is a good way to encourage people and keep them aware by your experiences that you made. Most clinics do that. Take the example of one of the Ukraine clinics. this may also enhance their popularity worldwide.

  10. "hey
    BabyNicohaus!!! First of all, this color suits you more. I am trying to conceive for about 2 years. Every time I fail. I become so depressed and all hopes end. Your words give me the courage to make efforts again. I agree with you. if you want to get success in IVF then try to keep your mind at calm and full of positiveness. "

  11. I am practically wondering how painful it would have been. You seriously are very brave. I've seen your last video as well. So happy for you, that you are finally conceiving with Ivf. My sister had her Ivf from Ukraine. It was like the best clinic. She over all journeys went well. A little hiccups here and there. But who says pregnancy is easy. Best of luck to you!

  12. I am practically wondering how painful it would have been. You seriously are very brave. I've seen your last video as well. So happy for you, that you are finally conceiving with Ivf. My sister had her Ivf from Ukraine. It was like the best clinic. She over all journeys went well. A little hiccups here and there. But who says pregnancy is easy. Best of luck to you!

  13. TTC was only a dream for me. As i had hysterectomy cancer. I was cancer free but was infertile. So TTC was not an option for me. So my husband decided that we will go for surrogacy. We went for BioTexCom and we were lucky. At first attempt everything went well. Now we have twin daughters from this surrogacy.

  14. You are so strong. I have been infertile too. And I never was this brave. If I was in your shoes I wouldve given up but you are so strong. Luckily, I got successful on my second try for IVF. I went to Ukraine for the treatment

  15. It's so much encouragement to see young people like you. Try to be strong. Try your best to overcome your infertility distress. It's not easy to cope with it alone. You are so young to be going through this trauma. I wonder why the rate of infertility has grown so much in such young couples. It's a devastating number. So many people on YouTube are coming up with their stories. Kindly visit this link like share and subscribe. It might help you guys out there.

  16. Hey. Congrats. I'm happy that you at least have success. You have struggled a lot to overcome it. Around the world, Ukraine is now going to be the best surrogacy friendly state. They are famous because of there best experience of surrogacy around the world. If we maintain the best clinics in the world. Then biotex will be on the top of it.

  17. Your story is really very inspirational. I feel so much better after watching your video. IVF journey is one of the best ways to have a baby for infertile couples. My cousin also had a baby through IVF at BioTex clinic. Thanks for sharing this story.

  18. I am so happy for you people. medical science is getting more developed day by day. it is helping the people which are disappointed much. I faced infertility. then went to the clinic Biotextcom. I have visited the clinic many times and after medications, I had the baby. I wish all the infertile for the best.

  19. Another success story! So great to watch. I remember my times. BioTexCom helped me through it. I had my surrogacy. And my beautiful little baby. Now we're the happiest parents.

  20. Feels so good to know about such ways like surrogacy I'm glad I saw this its good that there are ways to get your dreams fulfilled. I have heard great things about Biotexcom as they are providing the best services.

  21. Nice video. My aunt also had surrogacy. She has now a son. She treated from Biotexcom clinic. She had a very beautiful experience there. I also referred many infertile couples to Biotexcom clinic. Many of those got succeed.

  22. Congratulations. Good to hear a positive news from you. It is a good thing that it worked for you. In my case it was failed for two times. Then we decided to go for the surrogacy. We chose Ukraine to start this journey. We were blessed with a baby girl. Surrogacy really works. We got our surrogacy treatment through BioTexCom. It was a great experience.

  23. You are indeed very blessed. Accept my heartiest congratulations on your success. I'm blissful for you. Ukraine is getting popularity as a surrogacy friendly state. BioTexCom clinic is the main reason behind this. It has benefitted so many patients before. Well, Sending positive vibes to everyone.

  24. Don't get so much panic dear. Infertility is now treatable. I'm glad that you've taken such a wonderful decision to cope with it. You are like an inspiration for infertile individuals. I also learned that never lose hope. BiotexCom clinic is providing the best consultation services in this regard. You can consult them too.

  25. I am glad that people are getting their positives after such a tough struggle. Thank you for this amazing video. I know this journey won't be that easy. As I am one among who have this infertility since long. But I am still seeking for the success. I am hopeful that this struggle would surely make me out of infertility. Currently, I am looking forward to the event of BIOTEXCOM which would happen in August. Since I have heard so much about this clinic. I should look into this.

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