Our Miscarriage Update

hey y'all thank you so much for tuning in to my youtube channel today I'll be giving you guys a mascara to update and so for those of you that don't know my husband and I had a miscarriage last year and may of 2016 this video is kind of a sequel to a video that I did caught on miscarriage testimony if you haven't already seen that video I encourage you to do so that way that you're kind of up to date on what happened and so I will include that video in the description box below for you guys and so the reason that I wanted to do this video is because when you lose a child or you lose the pregnancy you go thro grieving process and that's exactly what it is the process and so some days are good some days are bad and so I kind of just wanted to share with you guys being my husband journey through the homeless carrot ordeal and the reason that I wanted to do this video and this month in January 2017 because this was the due date this is the birth month of the child that that was miscarried and so we really just wanted to highlight oh you guys in on how we've been dealing with a miscarriage what's been working for us what has it been working for us me so I hope you guys are encouraged and we'll go ahead and get started so one thing that really helped me with the miscarriage was a lot of Prayer really a lot I do believe that that healing is found at the feet of Jesus so a lot of Prayer a lot of worshipping this are really of immersing ourselves in the Lord and allowing the Lord to really just going through that healing process and so definitely finding scriptures that that helped as far as like dodges being our strength and being our source and you know he will never leave us or forsake us in two different things like that really really helped us window with the grieving process like I said you have some good days and some bad days so you know some days you can think about it and not really a hex you but in other days you think about it they're just bust out here so one example particular I remember one day I was getting on safety book and i have seen baby announcements after the miscarriage and it had our only affected me too much on my I cool house offers I'm division again but this particular birth pregnancy announcement was the due date was January 2017 which again to look this is a month that our child was due and so and I looked at that pregnancy an outfit and I just broke down in tears over oh my goodness it was horrible and so I was looking at you know the girl's stomach and the girls under was so big I almost don't like with my stomach be that big and so I can said some things kind of trigger than something don't everyone's different and that's really what I want to get across to a point in a major factor in the grieving process is everyone's different so don't feel guilty if you know people are telling you Oh should be over by now or you know everyone deals with us the grieving process differently and I don't really think you ever really get over it you just kind of learn to deal with and it becomes easier and even though God has provided us with that healing it's still it's just something that will think about it's just something that we will remember and so that is really just something that I want you guys and it also will thi oh my god husband you know so many years and I and I still think about it or you know this concert still affects me that's okay that's okay because everyone's different and I really think another thing to help me with that a husband and i were really open about how we feel so we're really open to sharing how we saw her thinking about the baby that day you know I thought about the baby today sweetie you know it really wasn't a good day or you know I know around the holidays I told them cuz nose on my mind I was like wow I would have a baby you know all right they seem assemble I thought we'd have a baby like next month and it is something that you think about and who are open to sharing that with each other if you feel like you can't share that with your spouse share it with someone else or if you feel like he doesn't need to go to counseling I prep personally I didn't feel the need to go to counseling but i'm off for counseling i think counseling is beneficial and i do think that there are a lot of benefits to counseling and it can be a very healing a therapeutic process and so that's something that you think you need to do or joining that support group from miscarriages or like an online forum or something like that make sure that you get around people that understand where you're coming from and so that Val helped a lot to this hearing other women tell our women have been through miscarriages not to belittle what we're going through or not to say like I'll go over it happen to everyone but I found a lot of strength in the fact that oh you went through it too oh you've been through it too so many women in my circle and online have gone through that that experience and have gone on to have kids and so it really just gave me a lot of hope and a lot of strength to know that you know there's people hope they're doing with the same thing that I'm dealing with it not to say that they know exactly how I feel because two people can go through the same exact thing and and have two very different experiences but it just really is to lot of comfort and so I would definitely recommend you guys continue to pray find scriptures as you can stand on but you can meditate on and really comforting God the word and then advised to present definitely keep an open dialogue with whoever this mirrors two years ago I seen you to go to counseling they're not soldiers to draw from the strength of other women that have overcome you miss cares and what you've gone through and so that really really helped me as well some things that the Lord dealt with me on because obviously my husband and I and process you know trying to conceive and the after the miscarriage and we fall into a scares and and this is what I see and a lot of women is something that happened to me too is dealing with fear of gimmicks see far as you know Lord if I get pregnant again I'm afraid that I'll miss Kari and so a lot of women carry that fear into their pregnancy and I know I didn't do well on it but you know the thought crossed my mind I cannot carry baby enough something wrong with me so there are my husband just so fear and you really have to make sure that you're able the scripture you know take captive every thought and bringing it to the obedience of Christ you know the Lord did not give us a spirit of fear but of power of love and of a sound mind and it's understanding that fear is not from God fears from the enemy and you really have to make sure that you're not entertaining the stuff of fear if you are in the process of trying to conceive or if you are the are if you are pregnant making sure that you are not allowing those stuffs of fear to stay and meditating on scripture that is going to overpower that in allowing that scripture to have the last word and but it's very understandable to have fear you know you lost you have to child you off the pregnancy so there's always that fear of you know is this baby going to be okay another thing that I saw in a lot of women that when I read their stories or them trying to conceive trying to have children after a miscarriage it was a lot of it really was a defense mechanism it was a lot of women saying if they were to get pregnant they don't know if they would be able to be attached to this pregnancy or be attached with this baby because they're afraid that they're going to miscarry the baby and so when they climb out that they're pregnant they're not really lucky excited about the pregnancy they're not like joyful as as before you know before the one that they miss carrying on so it's almost like they put up this wall in order to protect themselves from if a miscarriage because if a miscarriage was to happen it wouldn't be as disappointed and I really brought that to God cuz I could see that happening you know we're dealing with fear you know Lord you know I was to get pregnant you know I don't want to be that way and what God really showed me or wouldn't really told me our new person in revelation that he gave me was I called an hour danger child before the foundations of the earth like I formed your child in your womb and so that child is my child a moment that child is conceived that child is is much how the moment that child was conceived themselves its ascent if I had a five-year-old or if I had you know childless 10 days old you know in my warning that child still a child all the things they're all equal and so what he really told me or showed me was would I would I not love a child or what I put up a lot of the childhood that out side of the room the child that I've already had them already burst you know what I put up a wall with that child and I'm like well no I wouldn't you know I'm his mother and he's like okay same thing like your that house mother whether you have that child for two months or five years you know and those God forbid something happens you know I made a decision that I was going to love that child to the fullest whether or not that child was still in my womb was are not that child and you know that child was born whatever the case may be but that's just kind of the revelation that God have gave me and it really helped me say you know what regardless of if I could miscarry again I'm the moment my child is conceived I'm gonna like I'm going to be a mom that says that I love my child to the fullest with everything that was in the regardless of having that fear of oh man look i miss Carrie or what if this child doesn't make it and so I really just leave me everything in gods hands but you know that's what i can do on my part as a mother and so I just want to encourage you guys like i said if you've gone through this or if you're still going to the grieving process just continue to remain in the Lord and the inter promises and then I've got a man that he should lie so that's something that really stood on two of these godness promises and you know if to the will if I desire to conceive if I desire to be a mother that that def it is not that he's given me and that's the desert that he will fulfill and so I'm sort of hope this encourages lies like I said it's just an update on our whole grieving process and our miscarriage experience if you guys have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to leave them below give it a thumbs up if this is something that helps you share it if it's something that you thought would help someone else definitely check out the first one with our disk errors testimony below and I will see you guys next time all right you have more employee evening by

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  1. Thank you for sharing. My wife and I know the pain of miscarriage, so I encourage you all to continuously find your healing in Christ!

    Grace and Peace!

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