Our Mom is Pregnant for 24 Hours Challenge! Is the Baby a Boy or Girl?

locations today my mom is doing the 24 hour challenge guys this is our mom's belly we didn't want her for you guys to barely see your belly so we belly guys this thing is so squishy all right so as a lot of you probably already know by now we are having another baby and I am pregnant but I'm not that far along and before we know that we are pregnant you guys will come and team that you wanted us to do a 24 hour pregnancy challenge so we had to go and get a belly because I am barely showing as you can tell and so we got a belly so I could do the toy for our pregnancy challenge and see what it's like what I'm gonna to actually go through here and Lake a few more months so I am gonna go and put this on and get ready and see what it's like spending the whole day with the phone so I will see you guys in just a bit a few moments later alright guys so I am worn out but we gotta get ready for the day I'm out of breath you guys this is wears you out quick it's heavy and I have to use the restroom like every five minutes because it's just sitting on my bladder guys want to see something cool it's okay cuz it's not a real baby when you're eight months pregnant like for reals your belly will not jiggle this much Emily about four and a half months pregnant so this is what I have to look forward to and it's heavy this is probably five pounds let's go check in on medicine and see what she's up to what are you doing cutie you need me to help you come and read that does that mean I have to sit down there with you okay if you count it all right guys we're reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar come here come scoot closer so you can I'm not moving oh okay you ready on Saturday he ate through one piece of chocolate cake one ice cream one pickle one slice of Swiss cheese one slice of salami one lollipop using a piece of cherry pie one sausage you gotta help mommy keep pick these up all right Madison it is lunchtime what would you like Thank You Ronnie we haven't tried cooking yet with this Billy the next challenging thing is gonna be I got to make sure I'm not too close if I were to get much closer what do you think would happen messing with my belly would like catch on fire [Laughter] again another bathroom break well I have a teeny tiny lot I will meet you look at the band-aid band-aid okay oh yes and they're clear up there it doesn't matter which one you get okay all right guess I figured out a trick so that I don't get bend over with my big belly and it doesn't work for everything but we'll see if it works for this but look why not I picked it up with my toes hmm all right let's get you your band-aid guys for started getting ready to go to the store and look this is funny okay so remember I gotta get my shoes on pregnancy brain you see I did wrong I think you should just put your feet in first and then lift your feet up and [Laughter] alright guys going to the store we're gonna see if mom can drive the truck look at our issue okay we got a skip a speck okay another problem guys I mean I have to be back far enough so everyone from my belly but now my feet don't touch the pedals yeah I ain't gonna work dad you're gonna have to drive watch that first step it's a doozy there she goes girls what for baby with her big ol belly huh we were just waiting in the truck and people just took our picture do you think they like the truck bed yeah let it go comes with the onesie socks in it we have one kid so you check is it a girl what if we find the issue for the boy and so it's two really girl and then if we have a boy or girl we put one in the back if it's a boy or girl outfits on it obviously one of them is giving boy clothes ones getting close I don't know what these girls are thinking cuz we only have one kid and we don't know what it is yet so what are we who says working a little a totally [Applause] hidden one for the boys all right let me see Matt so what do you have okay no wonder is have you look at how much stuff you have okay I'll make a deal with you you can decide all right one of it did you – say what you want yes I got the fries I said one outfit white boy doesn't raise the baby need accessories we're the boys gonna have good actions you trim Smurfs let's get one that the boy could wear with bows I guess we had a boy and a girl outfit so all right nice thing about a big belly while you're crazy okay so we're back from the store and the girls wanted to show off the outfits that they picked for the boy and the girl even though we're only having one is that what it should pick woo okay so this comes with like that one piece and she liked it because I had a hat and sucks did you see the tiny little pocket like a little grape in there if you want the grape babies can't have grapes and I can't see showgirls take your evil ready-set-go can see all of it do you know what it says medicine um Danny's prints daddy's little princess so Madison thanks for having a girl and Trin thanks for having a boy I really do find either befriend with a guy like you can take your dog can you take the skirt yeah you can always take it it's part of the parent foot gets attached to the pants you can make it to have no legs how do you you just button it all the way like this I'm just kind of buttons like that Madison and Trent what do you girls think of mom's big belly I think it looks like a pillow a pillow or cushion we pair that looks you can make it into this or you can make a weapon so Madison trend says that she would be okay if we had a boy or a girl how do you feel like Ken the same you'd be okay if we had a boy or a girl okay guys do you think wrapping a boy blue or pink which one comment down below haha if I get a relaxed [Applause]

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