we're gonna film a Tom's mom's reaction to the pregnancy test we have the pregnancy test right by her phone and a tom is calling our right now she can answer the phone and lips come on honey so I answer your phone oh my god a longer trying to get it Oh Wanda grab the phone no no oh my god hashtag fail oh my god Alondra he ruined act III all right we got to think of another way to tell your mom I don't know now damn cake – and again right there never phone and she didn't even notice take three mercies tell me my mom so she can see the goods oh come on mom you just said you had your phone say oh bottom okay okay how do I change it thinking hey oh hi mom hi are you doing I'm just as bad what are you doing oh nothing how is Dallas Dallas JC where's what something I can't make it out a story on the screen oh you can't see me oh yeah surprise


  1. Congratulations! I'm a new subscriber just wondering how long it took you to get pregnant. We are thinking of trying for baby #2 soon. I love this video!

  2. Such a sweet video. I loved both moms reactions. But that was too hilarious when Alondra grabbed grandma's phone and took off with it lol.

  3. That is awesome I loved how she totally didn't notice the test haha amd your mums reaction was great to 😊

  4. how cute !! I can and can't wait to be able to tell my mom's ..so far just looking forward to being married. congrats again!!

  5. Omg I loved this all of the fails made me laugh 😂 especially because you had to put the test in top of the cream cheese
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Thanks Britt!!! Love you! Thanks for always answering our questions! Do you still have all of baby girls things .. like a stroller, car seat , bouncer, swing or any others items ? QOTD

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