yeah [Applause] hey guys she's coming she is on the way before I begin this video if you are new here you came in such perfect timing because my baby's on the way so you're about to witness a miracle happen I'm feeling very bittersweet right now cuz Leslie's currently at the hospital her water broke around seven hours ago in the middle of the night we were here sleeping she got up and then I was there sleeping like baby what's going on like right away cuz I'm a light sleeper and she goes to me well it's either I pissed myself or my water broke so I won't go to go check yourself let's see what's going on it turns out that her water did break so the callus corrects the undeveloped really it happened at 4:30 in the morning it's currently 244 and Leslie's been at the hospital for the past few hours I had to come back home to get everything that I needed get done done she's probably going to active labor in a couple of hours as of right now they're just monitoring her and just making sure that everything is okay I cannot believe this is happening honestly guys and I feel so blessed I'm able to share this experience with you guys it's absolutely incredible and I could see what people go through whenever that they're about to have a baby for the first time ever literally like I've heard it so many times and it's so cliche and I know it but you know what it's so true but your life really does change the mommy on the baby and especially when you embrace it and I mean my soul has no other choice but to embrace it because they're just best thing ever of life but I've been growing so much and Leslie has too we have been learning a lot about life itself just through this pregnancy and understanding but I feel like right but understanding like like just like precious this whole thing is about them always from this whole birding thing like I see everybody differently I see people as if there are once a baby like every single human being was once a baby was once taken care of and that kind of makes me feel like more compassionate towards people who are understanding because now since I'm having a baby on my own it's such a beautiful feeling it really is it's like it's like boomer ability mixed with power it's weird and that feeling has taught me a lot and has opened my mind up a lot my heart and also Leslie's – hey I don't want to talk too much we have to get to the hospital right now I'm taking you guys along with me brothers oh my gosh you're about to meet our new addition to the family very soon I'm just eager to have her in my arms honestly guys but saying that guys um if you're new here make sure that you subscribe and you join our new family and also to give this video big leg kiss this is the video right here Oh everything this is the video so long the journey you're all clean ready for baby to come home my Leela and my Leela are you ready to have a sister hi minion you keep the house clean okay no more pooping okay because we're gonna have a lot of poop in the house as it is we don't need more okay okay baby all right guys don't baby don't baby baby my baby you haven't seen you in like two hours no how are you feeling 300 usual my babies all plugged up about how you feeling oh my gosh yeah I got something just for you okay quiet no no my circle oh you'll say they're so trust me doesn't make my baby happy right now got some nice soup cuz that's all this shit could eat is some soup I got the mother-in-law some chicken fried rice Tina so you like it if you look so beautiful in this bed all pregnant plugged up you have no idea the day that I have had like the last few hours are having seen you you have no idea how chilly you thought we would handle in Cairo that's what I was thinking like I don't wanna cry yet until the baby comes by in 20 minutes okay so wait what are you right now though what are you dilating right now Dan Bay we get along what does that mean that going back home or like okay you know if you're just one centimeter that means we have a long journey ahead you're getting another one okay so it's I said okay so wait this is a delivery room this is the delivery room that's where the baby's creepy oh my gosh I'm so happy I'm here with you guys that's is whose delivery top stop mr. Wong you don't mean my Chinese peeps you know I'm saying it got me okay you see their things and I just got Chinese food that's funny you know I'm telling you things are just meant to be with it okay babe so let me get the rest of the stuff right there well I don't do I don't mean only one person who's it gonna be right right guys so we're still waiting it was really hard for him to reach the cervix which means that she's in the very very early stages of this whole delivery I feel so bad for the baby look we have everyone the building we got paperwork Chris over there that's her brother you got miss gonna party you'll have mama I don't know what to do well with the contractions okay so now look so this monitor right here monitors the contraction so every single time that you see a little peak is a contraction that she's having so look at that crazy I think I was born ready bro yeah we're you ready when you're headed here five kids don't you see what happens huh if you're not ready to actually is there that happens to you it's like learning how to build an airplane falling down right so she's getting induced right now because her look and her body was named by it she wasn't getting contractions like that so they have to start the contraction because she's only a lot of the in labor for 24 hours right you'll kill me there what what oh my gosh look at that go up Wow like my gosh baby I'm so sorry breathe through it Wow your woman goes through a lot huh Wow I'm over here eating my training food over here and like she's over here in pain heizo huh what do you think she doesn't have my core eyes there's a baby that just got born next door I can hear him or her crying what a feeling is that to hear that crack oh my gosh they realized no I heard the baby you yeah I heard it you see there right there good luck that's newborn oh my gosh look they're over there honey you know one of those dogs alright guys so it's currently 8:11 she's feeling heavy contractions probably every three minutes and they go up to like a hundred so what I've learned since I've been here going over a hundred of that monitor means that the contractions very heavy she has been here for like nine hours and she's still probably only like one centimeter dilated so this is all draining but well my babies here was me and good company some I know she's doing she's in pain what'd you say we will so you're halfway there that's crazy this is the halfway to milestone business honestly okay thanks man you did good she did so good you're so good that's so good which was going to contraction is so good I could feel your pain I'm telling I kick your people's pain yes I'm an empath it's a blessing the curse there was one part where I took my service it was I love diabetes yeah so Laurie I think I was trying to master you know this is teaching me a lot though again and again I keep getting this lesson it's that you could push through anything motivational check I have no idea what this next thing that you by wise men be so just stay tuned for that I guess and three two one what's crazy like out of nowhere my whole family's been texting me like right now like Oh am i left to Leslie but they don't even know you're about a push oh so you don't even know how you're good at this yet okay okay so I'll be telling you would ever construction what you're gonna do with your legs totally – like that you're gonna take a deep breath in you're gonna hold your fire and for 10 seconds in a freshman second choose your chest kinda penguinese pull your legs for you [Laughter] [Laughter] yeah [Applause] yeah [Applause]


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