very very very very very special episode for you guys today we've been waiting a long time to show you guys this we've been waiting a long time to show everybody this and this is why likely if explained like I've explained before do you want to talk no you talk like we've explained before we've always been filming when when when do we first get together we got together November 2010 so November 2010 when we got together that's like the day we started telling me yeah like a few months six months after we got together we started filming you were doing jobs there making money and we would film how much money we make we would film whatever we did that day or film whatever you going on we come back to our apartment and we'd sit I think they used to like sit on the floor right and set up the camera mm-hmm and in the apartment yes and we would talk about whatever whatever happened that day what we did and listen to music right whatever so anyway so we've been recording everything since then so when we had Makayla that was no different I brought the camera Winnie we will Nicole had a c-section so we got to plan out Mikayla's birth because the reason why she had a c-section is because Michaela was born breech do you want to talk about that sure about that so during my pregnancy the whole time obviously it was planned that I was gonna have a regular bird um we found out probably when I was like seven months um it means like when her basically like her butt is face down and her feet are like up here so for the last two months I tried everything okay let's really show them okay come back Ryan brought it I had to bring a baby so I can show you guys so this baby's a little crazy but she painted her nails did she really yeah Michaela painted her nails but Michaela blonde in this video she's at school we'll talk about that in just a second but so anyways so so pretend this is you know it she's in my tummy so she was like I don't know this baby's legs are kind of way baby is supposed to come out like this on a regular birth yeah like this just like that just like that just like that and bring that body over here this thing is okay okay so look so the bridge that saw the baby's supposed to come out like this yes but Michaela was stuck like this with I think she was actually like this yeah okay yeah you're right like that but she was kind of like actually like this because some days I would be able to feel her head like she would move but she would literally only move like here and here so it was really really uncomfortable so anyways we saw the doctor when we went in part checkup and found out she was breached so there's this procedure that they have where basically the doctor can like try to move her for you so that way like she gets in position right like with her head down here and all of that so we tried it it was super painful I tried it obviously it was super painful she didn't move she didn't budge stubborn later dad but you know so anyway so we came home the last two months every day right babe I would lay against the wall with my feet up in the air with the cold pack trying to move her she didn't move so anyways long story short we got to pick her birthday her birthday's 10 11 12 October 11th 2012 which is so cool so we've been filming since then but all the footage that we had I put on this dry and it broke I don't understand how it broke but we sent off the drive to NASA to different places to see if they could get a retrieve everything that we had all the footage michaei like all the footage from her birth all the footage from when even before her birth they you know they can't get it we still have the drive but they weren't able to access it so shit anybody knows anybody who can access a broken disk tell us because we have so much content on there we really need to get off and show you guys so we go to the hospital that morning we check in we get all that going our families meet us there my family his family we're all there together everybody kind of just waited patiently Brian and I went and got ready for surgery luckily so because she was able to sit with me and be in the room with me so they called us in we were sitting in the family outside they called us in it is the actual footage from her birth so it's here it's raw I brought the camera in the big this big can this big canon in and they weren't happy about it like you can't film you can't house okay okay so you guys know Brian he's kept filming I put it over the curtain they said put it down you can't do that okay no problem it's super emotional this video it's super private it's super super personal Nicole at many times was back and forth on she didn't want to release it she didn't want to release it as how's it my butt so we really hope you guys enjoy the video happy birthday to my little baby Michaela happy birthday baby we love you so much we're so blessed to have you Michaela mom always says I'm gonna cry on your birthday every year and I probably will because you will always be my baby you're always my baby oh he's always gonna be love you and we're so proud of you and we hope you like this video hope you guys enjoy Oh nice and spongy so cut nice and perfect oh really okay love that camera we got three vessels what is it yeah thank you so much you've won you get the the band of the day thanks I'll keep this on wherever you are until they go home for last absolutely and if you get it wet and the egg all runs keep it on anyway because you can still see that now yeah it's a one-minute return policy the jockey here she's beautiful we did it we did it baby cz oh babe you're so beautiful baby you did it baby [Applause] [Applause] thank you very much oh she's not crying anymore absolutely and we're waiting okay cameras acting up okay that's a big delivery room stuff we should be good to go okay yes ma'am thank you so much to the this way we did it she that bring him down we did it she's perfect gratulations 6:14 she's fine the clothes good why is she in there when did you like we did and the clothes fine she's this good she did it she's great we win she got the holder she kissed her I have plenty of video guys I have a great video her her legs are up by her chin her legs are up by her Tim oh yeah then I'm folded out yeah I think she's gonna happen to closed hands and eyes do you still need me follow you I know let me get you lost count I think they got that real fast say hi yeah you know what the camera let me see if I could get it thank you we've decided that we are gonna have another baby and we're gonna have our next baby once we hit 1 million subscribers we're gonna be the 1 million subscribing baby family baby-making family we're gonna be the 1 million subscriber baby-making family yeah so and you guys will obviously be here for the entire journey which is that's the whole point that's so those of you who want to see you know us have another baby make sure you guys are sharing the videos getting your friends to subscribe all of that yeah 1 million subscribers and Nicole and I will have a baby another baby 1 billion subscribers Nicole and I are gonna have a million I'm kind of excited yeah 1 million subscribers in the corner I will have another baby but any fan get on that sure so we gotta have this baby soon ok over now guys loo fam thank you again see you guys in next episode doctors will get Makayla and watch the video


  1. I really had a joy of tears,Lewis family will very soon reach a million subscriber s,wishes from my side…..

  2. Thank you for posting this! I am very scared for my c section too. Did the pressure hurt at all? I really just don't want to feel any pain. Congrats on the baby!

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