hey guys oh wow it is about 448 a.m. I haven't been able to sleep all night guys I've been having contractions like crazy like they're getting harder and harder it had me actually contractions since yesterday in the morning um were on July 13th Saturday still Friday I woke up with contractions so I sorta freak you know cuz I started bleeding a little bit but I haven't really been able to sleep as much I've been trying to and just breathing my weight through them but yeah guys I think it's time I feel like I'm dilating because they are coming a little hard but I'm in the bathroom who you know look a little crazy but yeah I just wanted you know that y'all know who guys breathing has been helping me to be a little bit calm like there's times that I groan and moan and I freaked out a little bit but I tried not to because breathing it just sooo this my mind and try trying to tell myself like I got this I'm gonna be okay I'm just so exhausted I feel like like a cracker look haven't slept at all oh but you guys updated and you guys know because my water has not you know hasn't broken yet not that I know of I believe my mucus plug did come out I'm not sure I think I did I don't know – those things I'm – ring cope with the pain right now but I got this the dream get up you don't have to look pretty winning well yesterday you started with with with contractions but like today there they're like one to two minutes apart I don't know they're they have to check you how the hot if you're delayed not that can you give it if you're dilated I know Timmy didn't didn't just it's just that that helps you trust me oh okay big ones coming in you got this girl got this it's all in your head it's all meant to me right mom it's all mean to me which is hard think about the beach think about something that you like to do going to the beach with have all my long time yet when to attack on American television so they have to be check normal baby that's where the thing is gonna be oh mama so baby's here well he's on this year he should be born within an hour – well she's doing great and a lot of pain but she's doing great she's gonna pull through no this just wait this is Hank hi I don't think you're gonna need in all seriousness it should wear off almost completely with it about 1900 I bet your fluffy socks give us a wee baby noise and nervous when I think that's own urge that push you need to let us know okay that's when the babies I mean okay you know see those get that was a cheeky yep 117 or 56 you are less numb are you less nervous mom she's still don't give you anymore no my maha nikaya say no Carter be popular attraction Contras Bush Genghis Khan a zoo okay mr. Stoller for junket with us okay you're having this very quick I ever seen another mr. mucho pero por que encontrar is normal but it's not bad I like but another less what you know just getting new noise that mine Gizem is it was gonna it's about to be nine right or am i tripping out girl mo you're thinking is my oh my god I'm tough yes to breastfeed yes quick question if if I'm planning a breastfeed and I don't want like the nurses to cuz I've heard like sometimes they give them pacifiers are bottled and if I don't want that since I want to breastfeed him like I don't know how that works but baby monitor over the heartbeat you know are those fresh marks you know these these to you know make up these you just has these centers like these two right here that's it lucky Tiffin good pushy is you trying to move constipated okay if you try not to poop you're not gonna push that okay so the key to be exactly and you hold all that air into the fool you don't want any of the air that's deep out we're both because that will take away from the strength of your this stroke a touch but none we won't have a push with contractions unless it's worth it okay I won't turn you through it okay what are these three pushes per contraction maybe four it's a long one okay you're starting one so pull them back as far as you can Rick take a deep breath and push this is not easy love y'all yes you're totally fell for me it looks like your baby poop good so the trick is when UT pushes don't let go because whenever you're they look I'm just gonna that's trucks so we can push take a deep breath and if we should get hurt them so when you're pushing then only is it pushing it disrupts the new all your core muscles you know your belly yeah firm yeah push from there the big muscle [Applause]



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