– This is really weird guys. I know, I get it. I get it. But this is a sign. Christina and I are working
on having another child. (laughs) And this is a sign. Blue for boy. (laughter in background) I’m calling it. Blue for boy. – [Christina] Oh my God! – This isn’t gonna go
on the blog just yet. Stay tuned. Baby boy Dyches number four. Boy. Blue for boy. Blue room for boy. – I’m not pregnant. – [Josh] No you’re not
but you’re gonna be. Woo! Let’s go! Good night. (upbeat music) What’s up guys? I’m just here at the store picking up something very important. Which one do I get? I don’t know. (chuckles) I think Christina’s pregnant. So who’s gonna say what? (chuckles) – Okay do I just say it. – Yep. – Okay. Hey Dyches fan, welcome… Oh no no okay. (laughs) Should I look at the camera? – Yeah. – Hey Dyches fan, there’s something that
we haven’t told you. And that’s that… We have actually been
trying for a couple months and today is the moment of truth. – What? – Okay you go on there and do your thing and I’ll sit out here patiently. Do you guys want a play by play? She’s taking the thing
out of the wrapper– – [Christina] Stop it! (laughs) – I’ll tell you when
she starts peeing on it. – [Christina] I know it’s loud, I’m turning on the fan. (laughs) – I’m so nervous. I’m so excited. I think she’s pregnant. (exhales) I hope I still work. It’s been a few years
since we’ve had a baby. So. And we’ve been trying for a few months now and so I’m, I don’t know! (exhales) Come on, come on, come on, come on. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. (toilet flush) She’s flushing the toilet,
that means she’s peed. Have you peed yet? – [Christina] Well I flushed the toilet. – Okay turn that fan off. – Okay close your eyes don’t look. – [Josh] Okay don’t look. No looksies. – Close your eyes. – Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Did you pee on it? Is it dripping on me? (laughs) – Sick. – Is it dripping all over the place? – No it’s not. He’s so weird, okay. Are you guys ready? Okay close your eyes. – I’m not ready, hold on. Hold on. (laughs) Am I ready? (laughs) – Okay (laughs) – Okay we’re gonna look at the same time. Okay close your eyes, Christina. – Okay.
– No peeks. – I’m gonna turn it over so
make sure your eyes are closed. – I’m not looking. – Okay guys don’t tell us what it is ’cause our eyes are closed. – Can they see it? – I don’t know. – Okay, three, two, one. (screams) – You’re pregnant! She’s pregnant, she’s pregnant. She’s pregnant. Oh my gosh. Two means pregnant right? – [Christina] That’s what it says. – [Josh] Its blurry. You guys see two lines? (laughs) You’re pregnant. (laughs) (dramatic music) (sobbing) (laughs) This is real. (sobbing) I can’t believe this is happening. Four kids. – I love you. – [Josh] I love you back. Yes I still work! (laughs) Well– – Yay we’re happy. – Um, we’re pregnant! – Again (laughs) – Like now we gotta go tell the kids. – They’ll be so excited, you think? – Well guys I don’t know. (laughs) – Yes they are. – No they’re gonna be way excited. I can’t wait to tell them. (laughs) Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Baby number four. Baby number four! – We must be crazy (laughs) – I need something to go online. I need something, it just felt different. This is exciting. I love you. Oh I love you. I do, I love you already. I know you’re in there. Oh my gosh. I’m gonna be a dad again. Wave. There’s a babe down here. – [Christina] Yay! – Oh my gosh. Okay. – Okay, let’s tell the kids. – Okay so Mom’s been noticing that my belly kinda feeling funny, maybe it’s getting kinda hard and bigger. So I think maybe there
might a baby in my belly. How do you guys think we can find out there’s a baby in my belly? – Go to the doctor. – Go to the doctor? What if I told you we didn’t
have to go to the doctor, we can find out right now? Would you want to? – Yeah. – Yeah?
– Are you sure? – Yeah! – Okay guys what do you think, you think Mommy’s gonna
be pregnant Tayden? – Yeah. – Nicole you think
Mommy’s gonna be pregnant? – Mhmm. – William? (laughs) – Ow. – Oh you guys are so funny. – Is that so funny? – Mommy has to pee in a cup. (laughs) – I will not let you
drink out of that cup. (laughs) – Okay guys you ready? (laughs) Okay ready? (dramatic music) Okay it’s ready. Everybody watch right here. (dramatic music) – Oh no. – Okay. (gasps) – Pregnant! Mommy’s pregnant! – What does it say? – Pregnant! – What does that mean guys? – Mommy’s pregnant. – Mommy’s pregnant guys! – Woo! – Isn’t there one more test left Mom? – Yeah why? – Well I’ve been kinda feeling like maybe I have a baby in my belly so I think I’m gonna test it out. – Oh my gosh– – Where’s that test at? Here we go, you guys ready? – You actually doing it? – [Josh] Yeah I’m doing it. – That’s crazy! – Oh my gosh!. – Hey let’s heck, let’s go for two babies. – Me and Mom and can be in
the hospital at the same time. – Dad, you’re silly. – Boys can’t have babies. – What about me! (laughs) – William! Boys can’t have babies. – Dad– – Oh I’m so nervous. (laughs) Oh ha ha ha ha ha! – Not pregnant! – I’m not pregnant! (laughs) – Yes you are. – I’m not pregnant. – Congratulations! – Wait, wait oh. Now we gotta tell our family. – Hey guys we are doing
the whisper challenge with Josh’s mom and dad today. Because it’s Beatrice’s birthday and she’s gonna have to guess what her birthday presents are. – [Josh] Yeah. Okay can you hear me? Hello! Senior citizens. (laughs) – Can’t hear you. – Okay. – I didn’t get that one. – All I heard was grandchild. Your. – Your daddy. – I thought you said your daddy. (laughs) – Your– – You’re getting a new grandchild! (screams) (laughs) – Oh my gosh! – That’s not what I said! – But all I said– – I said you’re getting
your tenth grandchild. – Oh my gosh, you’re
gonna be a big brother! – Alright. – [Nicole] In Mommy’s belly. – We tested her pee. (laughs) – I know how to make a baby, Mom. – You’re fertile like your Mommy. – [Christina] Oh my gosh. – You do a good job. They make beautiful kids. – [Josh] Thanks Mom. – Ready? Good news of a long awaited
event will arrive soon. (laughs) – What’s that face? That’s actually pretty funny. – This eyes make me a little nervous. Just gonna see if it’s gonna come true. – Hey Nikoi. Grandma tole me that you’ve
been telling everybody the secret that you weren’t supposed to? (laughs) Were you supposed to do that? – I don’t know. – No because you were supposed
to tell Grandma first. – I didn’t know that. – Well you better tell her. – Mommy’s having baby. (laughs) – We’re so excited. – So yes– – You’re gonna be a grandma again. – You were wondering why I’m fat. No, if only that was the real excuse. (laughs) So now you’re gonna have to put up with four crazy grandkids. We’re gonna need a bigger house. (laughs) We’re hoping this one’s gonna be dark! We’ve got our fingers crossed. – [Josh] A dark baby. – For a dark baby! – [Josh] Yeah good luck. Tayden was dark. – Oh I know, now look at him. – [Josh] Now look at you,
you’re not dark anymore. What’s up Dyches fans? So one of the exciting
things about getting pregnant is telling people that you love about it and I haven’t told my
siblings and their spouses so that’s what we’re gonna do! – Yay. – Here we go. Let’s go spread some love. – We’re having a baby. – We’ll start with the eldest. – Thomas. – Thomas. – Thomas. – Oh my go mo sta! – Thomas. – [Thomas] Yes. – This is your youngest brother, Josh. – [Thomas] Oh my favorite brother? – Yeah. Hey just real quick, the kids have something
that they wanna tell you. – [Thomas] Okay. – One, two, three. – Mommy’s having a baby. – [Thomas] What? – Mommy’s having a baby! – [Thomas] Are you serious? – Yeah! – [Thomas] You’re joking. – No, we ain’t it’s actually true. Yeah. – [Thomas] Oh my gosh, that’s awesome. (laughs) I’m so excited. – Yeah! – [Joni] Hello? – Joni pony. – [Joni] Yes. – Are you on your way home from work? – Joni– – [Joni] Yeah, I’m walking out now. Ooh, there’s your little boy’s voice. – Yeah, you actually hear a couple kids. (laughs) We got a whole slew of kids so– – [Joni] Perfect. – Hey actually my kids have
something they wanna tell you. – Mommy’s having a baby! (laughs) – [Joni] What?! – Mommy’s having a baby. – [Joni] No way. – Yes way (laughs). – [Brittney] Hello? – Who’s this? – [Brittney] Brittney. – Brittney boo! Brooklyn can you hear me? – [Brooklyn] Yes. – Brock can you hear me? – [Brock] Yeah! – Brooklyn, Brittney, Brock! Okay here we go, kids
got something to say. Three, two, one. – Mommy’s having a baby! – [Brittney] What? – Mom’s having a baby! – [Brittney] Mom and Dad paid you? (laughs) – Hold on, Tayden you say it. – Okay. Our Mom’s having a baby. – Your Mom and Dad are having a baby? – Yeah! – Yeah! – [Brittney] What?! Is he a boy or a girl? – We don’t know yet. – We don’t know yet. – We’ll find out probably– (laughs) – William just farted (laughs) – [Troy] Yo. – Troy boy. – [Troy] Joshy? – What’s going on? – [Troy] How you doing? – Troy boy, Joshy. – Well um, the kids have
something that they wanna tell ya. Three, two, one. – Mommy’s having a baby! (laughs) – [Troy] No way. – Yes way. – [Troy] You’re lying to me. – No way. – Yay. – We’re gonna have another little Nikoi? – No a little Tayden, William says. – No another sissy! – Another baby Tayden
that’s what William said. Baby Tayden. – [Troy] I think you guys are gonna have another little sister. (laughs) – Yeah. Baby sister. – Nikoi likes that news. – Hey Huddy and ‘Talia. – Hey Huddy, ‘Talia. – Hi.
– Hi. – We have something
that we wanna tell you. – What? – One, two, three. Mommy’s having a baby! (screams) – [Huddy] Is it a girl or boy? – We don’t know yet. – Boy. – Is it a boy (baby talk). Girl baby. (laughs) – [Josh] What do you guys hope we have? – [Natalia] Um a girl. – [Huddy] A girl! So that I have a friend. (laughs) – [Josh] Okay, will you guys
change its poopy diaper? – Ew. – [Huddy] Eww! (laughs) – [Huddy] No way, Jose. (laughs) We’re sure excited though. – [Josh] You’re sure excited though? – [Huddy] A huh. – [Josh] Oh good. (screams) (laughs) – Okay let’s call Uncle Benj. – And Uncle Benj. – Hopefully Uncle Benj answers. He’s notorious for not, everybody’s answering so far. Here we go. – [Matthew] Josh? – Matthew Dyches. – Why weren’t you answering the phone? – [Matthew] If you need any money, I don’t have any. (laughs) Give us all your money. Hey, are you with your wife? – [Matthew] Yeah. Say hi Kenzy. – [Kenzy] Hey. – Hi Kenzy, how’s baby Nixon? – [Matthew] Ah, he’s
making a lot of noise, he won’t be quiet. Well hey, the kids have
something they wanna tell ya. – Mom’s having a baby! – [Kenzy] I knew it! (laughs) – Nixon’s gonna have a buddy. – Nixon’s gonna be a big brother. – [Matthew] Is it another boy? – Well we don’t know if
it’s a boy or girl yet. We haven’t found that part out yet. – Yeah. – [Matthew] Beautiful. – [Kenzy] How far along is she? – So either way he’s gonna
have a cousin the same age, well about the same age. – [Kenzy] Yay! – [Matthew] Yay. Nixon’s gonna love it, huh buddy? (laughs) – [Matthew] Yeah. I knew that you guys were baby hungry. I said something today on
frickin’ Facebook about it. (laughs) Yeah we saw that. (laughs) – [Kenzy] You don’t
have to gloat about it. – [Matthew] Another baby. – [Kenzy] Four– – [Matthew] That’s awesome man. (laughs) – Are you doing okay Kacey? – [Kacey] I’m doing fine. – Are you sure? – [Kacey] Yeah what’s going on? – I was just worried about you. – [Kacey] Oh, no I’m fine. – Okay well the truth is, the kids have something to tell ya. – [Kacey] Oh. – Mommy’s having a baby! – [Kacey] A baby? Another one? – Yeah! – A fourth brother or sister. – [Kacey] I’m gonna have to
buy so many Christmas presents, I’m gonna go broke. – What’s that? – [Kacey] I said I’m gonna have to buy so many Christmas presents, I’ll be broke. (laughs) – Well we want more Christmas presents so we’re probably gonna have
like seven or eight more kids. (laughs) – [Kacey] I’ll have to make more money. – She’s Aunt Bell. Princess Bell. – [Janelle] Hello? – Hello. – [Janelle] Hello, what are you doing? What are you doing? – Just saying that Tina and
I has something to tell you. – [Janelle] What do you have to tell me? – My Mom’s having a baby! – [Janelle] Oh my gosh. Another one? – Yeah. – [Janelle] Oh my gosh. Are you super excited? – Yeah. – [Janelle] Oh my gosh. – [Josh] Janelle do you want it? (laughs) – [Janelle] I don’t know. – [Josh] Christina will have it and then we’ll send it over to your house. (laughs) William, what are you
gonna tell Grandma Marilyn? – Mom’s having a baby. – [Josh] What? – Oh! – [Josh] Wait what? – Mom’s having a baby! – [Josh] Yeah! (laughs) Just like that. – Should we call Grandma and tell her? You wanna tell her? Okay. William wants to tell you something okay? – [Grandma Marilyn] Yes, okay. – Mom’s having a baby! (laughs) – Okay tell her again. – Mom’s having a baby! – Don’t yell it, tell
her so she can hear you. – Mom’s having a baby. – [Grandma Marilyn] You have a baby? – No, Mom. – [Grandma Marilyn]
You’re gonna have a baby? – Mommy. – Say yes, Mommy. – Yes, Mommy. – [Grandma Marilyn]
Momma’s gonna have a baby? William? – Yes. – [Grandma Marilyn] Tell me again. – Mommy’s having a baby. – [Grandma Marilyn] You are! – No Mom. – [Grandma Marilyn] Oh my gosh, that will be nice! A boy or a girl? – Ahh… Baby. (laughs) – [Grandma Marilyn] Oh how nice. Oh. – Okay, say love you. – Love you Grandma. – [Grandma Marilyn] I love you William. – [Josh] Buddy was that
fun telling Grandma? – Yeah. – [Josh] Hey, why don’t
you give the baby a kiss. Tell him that you love him. – [Christina] Aww do you love our baby? – Ah. – [Christina] Yeah. – [Josh] Wanna give it a hug? Give it a big hug. – [Christina] Big brother hug huh? – Don’t touch. – Oh no. Uhhh. (laughs) – Love baby. (laughs) – [Josh] William, are you
gonna love the little baby? – Yeah. – [Josh] Are you gonna hold it? – Yeah. – [Josh] Are you gonna change its bum? – Mhmm. (laughs) – [Josh] You’re gonna
change its poopy diaper? – [Christina] You’re gonna wipe his bum? – Yeah. – [Christina] When he goes
poo poo in his diaper? – Yeah. (baby talk) – [Christina] There’s
wet wipes in my bathroom. – [Josh] You gonna show it
how to go poop in the toilet? – Yeah. – [Josh] Oh good boy. – He’s just standing there and do a pee? – [Christina] Yeah. (baby talk) (laughs) – [Josh] William, should we? William. I think he’s excited. Should we show the video
when you pooped on the stool? – Yeah. – [Josh] You think that’d be– – Right, right in here. – [Josh] Yeah. (laughs) – [Alison] Hello? – Hi Alison. – [Alison] Hi Nikoi. – Hi this is Nikoi. Um I got something to tell you. – [Alison] What? – My mom’s having a baby. Christina your sister. – [Alison] Wow! Wow Nikoi, do you guys have a name for it? – What? – Do you guys have a name for it yet? – No we don’t. We don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy. Isn’t that exciting? – [Alison] Mhmm. I hope it’s a girl. (giggles) Is Grandpa there? – [Alison] Yes. – Can you go and get him? – [Alison] Okay. – Don’t tell him. – [Allan] Hello? – Hi Grandpa. – [Allan] Hi. – Mom’s having a baby. – [Allan] Oh no. Another one? – Yep. – Four. – [Allan] Oh no. Is she having some twins or something? (laughs) – So thanks for watching guys and we’re so excited
that you could join in on this journey with us, this new chapter in our life. Right you guys excited having another baby little brother or sister? – Yeah! – Peace out! That’s all, I’m coming baby number four. (upbeat music)

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