Our Sunday with Toddler and Newborn | 2 Weeks Postpartum ❤

when you get dressed for church and your son decides this means that good my me so we are up getting ready for church this morning it is Sunday morning it is this little guys two-week birthday right he's two weeks out today and he decided to spit up all over the first shirt that I put on what bag so I put on this shirt instead this is what I'm wearing for church this morning and this is not what he's wearing for church this morning I had to get him ready he actually just filled his diaper not too long ago so I need to go change that and then our room is looking fabulous don't y'all just love Sunday mornings no actually our room looks like this pretty much every morning got nice little diaper over there from through the night got JJ's bed all unmade in our bed looking like a disaster but you know what we made it through the night huh yeah is that your bed and where does daddy sleep me die sleeps in the bed really okay hi there is something about church clothes little baby church clothes that I just love obviously baby clothes in general are so cute because they're so tiny and everything but there's something about church clothes what are you having your hair turn your head what is that oh you know what I think it's mousse we've got another little boy Justin ready for church we just have to put his shoes on but they kind of match this morning which is obviously when I was gone for since I was running blue and Jimmy's gonna be wearing blue but y'all are so cute do you love your baby brother yes you do know so much JJ these black dress socks for his church clothes and they are so cute and I was putting them on him and he goes oh yeah like he knows his dad has very like this do you like them you like those socks are they nice yeah so real quick before Jacob gets man enough to get him somebody gifted me with these young living baby wipes their lavender and I really like I'm like they smell absolutely fantastic but obviously I don't know how much they cost and I'm just like obviously I would love to get these more but they're so expensive young women could be so expensive it seems like I mean I haven't like done a whole lot of research but JJ no don't choke your brother with his pacifier that's not nice anyway I just want to tell y'all these are amazing if anyone ever wants to purchase them obviously I highly recommend them but I don't know how much they cost [Applause] while I was so pregnant I went ahead and bought some outfits that I could wear after the baby came and I bought several dresses and I tried them on and I've been so discouraged because I was like man you know it's one of those will my body ever go back to normal type of things and I know it will like I know it will but when I tried on the dresses that I had bought and that would that were supposed to like help me feel good about myself after the baby got here they did not make me feel good about myself when I put them on like the pooch was very obvious and I was just like this is gonna take some time I'm only two weeks out like this is okay my body just gave birth to a baby it's fine everything's fine I'm fine it's fine but I am pretty excited to actually be able to fit into some of these dresses I mean I can fit in them but like this dress I showed y'all a couple vlogs back let me see if I can get a grip and then this dress I bought in that Walmart like it still has the tags on it this dress I wore a couple of times while I was pregnant but I'm just excited to actually be able to fit into some of these stuff and look decent juicy david numerated salvation psalm 40 i waited patiently for the Lord he brought me up also out before with that kind of my replay he set my feet that was it means not only did he bring you up from that place but he also gave you a direction for your life I remember before I got saved I mean I was just dark place before we get saved it seems like nothing really makes sense it seems like there's a lot of confusion in our own in our minds and sometimes we're trying to stay above water Piper was trying to stay afloat you know we're just treading water at that point sometimes not even right but I remember Turk I remember when I got saved and so suddenly I had some Liberty I did the first week went by pretty slow but then the second week he's off for six weeks if you don't know and where I've told them that like towards the end of it it's gonna fly by and we're gonna be like word of the tango well the first week went by pretty slow but the second week has just disappeared and have been there I also asked Jimmy the other day I said you know thinking about having two kids and all of that now that we've been doing it for two weeks do you feel like it was harder or easier or like about what he was expecting with two kids and he said that it was easier he feels like he hasn't he was expecting to have to do more if he hasn't like had to do so I I feel like it's been easier to to have two kids I don't know I was just like you know we have a toddler and he can be I don't know you sort of expecting him like as a rambunctious as the toddler but it's not sleep some more so it's really been easy plus we have a very content baby I know that first sound like baby can be colicky and all of that stuff but for us we have been blessed with a content and happy baby so that makes the world of a difference I'm sure okay are you a crazy toddler are you a crazy toddler yeah you are he actually has his personality changed but he's turning into a two-year-old son calm down I feel like what Kostic going calm down stop doing that don't do that don't do this but we have to remind ourselves he is just too high JJ say I'm too so thank you to a sweet friend from church for buying us a new Swiffer mop I mentioned and I think my last vlog that I had to mop the floor on my hands and leaves because we didn't have a mop because I broke it and she went and bought me one she watched the video and decided to I won for me so you know who you are and thank you so much [Applause] well Big Brother you sleeping baby brother is awake and I think daddy and I are gonna watch him Netflix and just relax for a little while they are all hanging out in the bedroom now I'm just relaxing on the bed why'd you make a place to get tired mention hey can you just like not do that I haven't mentioned on here but my husband actually just recently started the YouTube channel and he's started to put videos out there of him playing and singing I'm sure some may be just of him playing and then his first one was one of him singing and playing a song that he actually wrote he's at me down the other day and he played me this song and I listened to the words of it and everything and I was like you wrote that song and we said yeah and I was like no you didn't said you oh I think where did you find that song he's like I wrote it like what ever like it was an awesome song so you guys should definitely go check that out listen to the words of the song it's really cool so yeah you all should go check out his channel I will leave it in the description below make sure to subscribe and comment and you know just enjoy watching his videos but I will leave that in the description box so you guys can go check it out alright hey guys so we're home now from the evening service the boys are outside for a couple of minutes so I figured now would be a good opportunity to give you a little bit of an update on how I've been feeling I actually have felt so good today like i vlogged obviously and edited and put the video together and it's ready to be uploaded and then tonight I started feeling really bad um if you haven't already go watch my last video for to catch y'all up to speed on how I have been feeling um but to make a long story short I started feeling a lot better today and I overdid it again and it hit me like a ton of bricks I'm so cold I'm I have headache I'm super sore and I'm just trying to take it easy now that we've been home Jimmy got me some tomato soup and grilled cheese because that's what I'm cleaning it's probably not like that's gonna help with the mastitis but it's what I'm craving it's what I want I want something hot because I'm cold so that's an update with that and yeah so I just want to say thank you guys so much for watching if you haven't already please make sure to subscribe to my channel and I will see y'all again in the next video bye guys

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