Our Supernatural Childbirth Story Pt 1

good morning periscope good morning you should go Nakia young hey Tina so you guys can guess where I am now I am in the nursery I'm gonna turn the camera around all right ooh big sunshine glare in the back all right so I'm in the nursery hey Ann I just finished feeding the little one here so good morning yes I said the little one for those of you guys who alright hon thank you for popping in okay let me let you peek at the baby really quick before you leave Tina I was gonna do this big reveal but I want Tina to see before she leaves for work here he is you guys say hi hi yes so after last week's periscope this happened this happened so we're gonna be talking about this today yeah yeah he's all cute and adorable now y'all should have seen him before I fed him shaking the boy oh there's dad say bye periscope all right thank you all right so after the living room yeah he was not that cute and adorable before I said him he was screaming his head off Oh so here we go he's juicy yep he has juicy cheeks he's healthy he's adorable you got everything yeah we're gonna bring his swing so we can put him down hey I'm gonna take the baby take the boy I'm multitasking here so you guys just kind of bear with me daddy's gonna bring his swing so he can chill out while we talk to y'all now we are in the living room okay hi hi welcome yes welcome welcome welcome so we're gonna talk to you guys about just our childbirth experience I don't have the book how could I not have the book out could I not have the book out I think it's on my desk look over there and see so I don't know if you guys have heard of this book called super natural childbirth hey Gloria good morning um so it is by Jackie Mize and um her husband Terry Mize it is an amazing amazing book amazing and it basically just walks you through there's the book thank you that writing there's the book um oh yeah the replay will be up for 24 hours Tina so yes you guys please share this with your followers and share on Twitter as well so then the link will be there you can just go and click the link later and watch from the beginning okay chilly in here we may have to turn on the space heater Chicago's weather is doing interesting things like the Sun is out but there's an interesting chill in here so I have to grab the Prince a blanket anywho so the book talks about how you know different confessions to say and how to use your faith and believe God for a supernatural childbirth it also talks about goes back to the curse and everything with ease it Adam in the garden and all that and how childbirth like pain and labor that was all a part of the curse we were never supposed to experience that you know as you know we got Jesus he redeemed us from the curse you know he went through he took everything on himself so that we don't have to but it's up to us to believe for that and stand in faith for that it's available to you but you have to want it bad enough and believe God so I will tell you this because everybody is supernatural choppers story is different my husband is back there setting up a camera because this is a very important scoped and we want to get back up footage of it so that we can share it on other places besides periscope because just 24 hours is not enough so we'll probably do a separate video for YouTube later and then we want to have this content um so yeah babe what do you want to tell them first there's so much first of all let me just say how this happened you guys were in scope with me last week a lot of you and I was leaving to go to my regular Wednesday doctor's appointment and nothing new there um so we get there the doctor checks me out you know like she does the last week's they check you every week just to see are you dilating has anything changed and like the last week and the week before that there was like nothing nothing no change no dilating no baby had dropped this is like okay there's nothing happening and I was just like great you know I'm praying God don't thank you for the hearts thank you keep them coming I'm just like God please don't let my baby be one of those babies that like just takes forever to come out wrong yeah that was not a problem um yeah today today was actually the due date that I was supposed to have my baby but I had him last Wednesday instead so she checks me and you guys I was for those of you who are mothers out there I was three centimeters dilated and 50% effaced and I had no idea no idea she was like whoa I was like wait she says this baby is sitting really low like he's sitting really low in your pelvis like she was like you don't feel that I was like you know she was like well he's sitting really low in fact he's sitting so low I'm gonna send you over to the hospital like her office is down the street from the hospital I'm gonna send you over to the hospital to make sure that there's enough amniotic fluid around him and because I can't tell that from this exam and I need them to take a look and just make sure everything is okay because he's sitting really low and you're already three centimeters dilated so I said okay I go to a hospital you know Rodney's with me and I will let him take over from there so yeah she was you so you already dilated when we went to the office yeah just three centimeters yeah so she was in labor and didn't know she was probably in labor on the scope last week yeah early stages you know wasn't active labor where the you know everything contractions you feel them but everything was just you know just there so that was pretty cool well good morning my sister how are you could she die so yeah it was uh it was pretty interesting right you know I mean you you were and and we got the news it's like I'm sorry if I look okay hey glory so then they were kind of still the tick was kind of looking in like and I'm like what's hmm what does that mean he said how far along be you and I said I'm 39 weeks I'm due next week and he goes um okay he said your baby is really small for how far along you are looks like he's about roughly 5 pounds and 10 ounces and I was like okay you know like what's the normal size for you know this period he was like he should be like between 6 & 7 pounds at least and so he said you know it I'm gonna go give dr. door in a call and see what she wants to do so then he leaves the room and we're just like okay no waiting for him to come back thank you for inviting your followers so he comes back and basically my doctor told him to send us straight to labor and delivery and we were like whoa why wait a minute what like why would you why you know and they're like well he's really small and he could just be a small baby and there could be you know nothing at all to to it he was on camera Justin it's a little better so yeah I said you know it could just be that there could be nothing to that or there could be a reason why he's measuring small like there could be like a placenta issue or something that's causing him to not grow I hon see you later Maria and so we were like okay and they said it's better to err on the side of caution and you know he's full term and just induce you and go ahead and get him out because you know that way if the baby goes into the distress or something if there is something wrong bless you you won't you know if you're at home we won't be able to tell that so they're just like you just go ahead and head over to labor and delivery and you know and then they just kind of like we'll meet you over there and I was like you know can you all give us a minute we both were just like Lipton you know when I was trying to rush this odor oh okay just go over to labor and delivery I was everything was moving fast right and that decision to be rushed into yeah I was just like wait just give us a second let's talk you know so you know we sat and talked about it and I think the big one thing is we weren't a hundred percent understanding like it seemed like it was a money cannon it seemed like it wasn't a straight answer you know I wanted a straight answer like okay well what is the risk right now you know and it was it almost seemed like the tech was contradicting himself it seemed like you said well this baby is gonna be fine like he kept saying everyone was like you know oh he's gonna you're gonna go home with this baby it's no problem he's not gonna have to be a NICU or anything but we but we need to you know induce because we don't know if there's an issue so is take him out right now right right so it was confusing to us we were thinking well then we can just go home I mean wow you know you just let it happen the way it suppose it happened now this is anybody who's who was gone through childbirth knows why we're vacillating between this decision even though I hadn't gone through it yet from everything I had heard nobody wants to be induced just nobody wants to be induced into labor unless they absolutely have to can I get any witnesses out there one hurt yes like ever for those of you who don't know yes those of you who don't know what being induced no nobody ever ever right it's just not a picnic so basically what they do is um yes they basically give you pitocin are a drug to start the contractions the reason you don't want this you want your body to just do it on its own is because they're gonna give you this medicine and it makes the contractions start harder faster and more painful right so it just ups the crazy factor like there's enough to worry about sure some will be longer – yeah animation and it makes it longer right harder and longer I'm like no because I've been reading supernatural childbirth and no I don't want to be Hindu right you know like that's not the plan so yeah I had my little freakout um the doctor did come over I was getting ready to hammer I am ready to call her and talk to her because we still were just like I mean like do we really have to do this we just go home like and she came over and she talked to us because the tech left we you know he left and she came over and we were just like okay so hey right so powerful man a guide you so yeah right there yes you can probably tell us about 50 things we're doing wrong right right um but yeah so she's we just what kind of like can you explain it to us again and she said you know essentially the we're newbies if I know the lighting is terrible and everything we're all sleep-deprived mmm but yeah so we'll make a better video later so she reacts planed it to us and she said you know what you can do whatever you want like the decision is totally up to you but basically you know we were just like just give it to us straight like what are the risks like just you know and she's like I mean really it could be nothing at all like you could go home and you could wait a week or wait for your body to do it naturally and there could be just nothing wrong with your baby and everything fine or you know I've seen and I'm only telling you this because I've seen it happen both ways I've had people come and say no I'm gonna wait and they wait and they go into labor later and it's fine I've also had people say no I'm gonna wait and they come back days later and we're check-in and check-in and we can't find a heartbeat and their baby is dead yeah so

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