what's up guys is July the 3rd 2015 and so it's day 2 of Club Med and she just got a little yeah pretty real so I take it for five days and then do not thank you for two days and then on July 9th I start testing for ovulation with my oak today's ovulation predictor kissed just literally got done from IUI insemination it was very dramatic it was supposed to just be real it's very traumatic for me I almost fainted okay traumatic for you a hold on so it's supposed to be like 30 seconds really quick they just put the speculum in spread you open put the catheter in inject the sperm you're done not in my case the procedure took over 20 minutes because my cervix has some type of like a flap or a bump they had to take a clamp they had to take a clamp while the speculum and me take a clamp clamp it onto my cervix and pull my cervix straight so they could get it in and then we were about to take a break and stop and have me try to fill up my bladder when they finally they fucking got this all of a sudden we're like okay yeah let's just try let's just take a break and then she's like oh I got it in I got it in but it was horrible yeah today is cycle day 13 adjusted my evening opk and I'm gonna I'm gonna show you guys cuz it's kind of been these o P K's are hard to freaking read okay I'm not getting like clear positive so I'll show you guys what I'm talking about here's the progression of all of my Opie K's so it kind of looked like it was going to be a positive here but this is actually still lighter in person when you see it and there's 12 12 and this is this morning so this morning was a pretty clear negative and then look at all just a few moments ago it's definitely almost the same color but we are thinking that it's gonna possibly be tomorrow morning on cycle day 14 which is the day that my little app on my phone says that I'm supposed to be tomorrow morning is literally my last opk and they're expensive as hell up here for nine Tests it was what forty can't use the digital ones my fertility clinic does not want us using the digital ones y'all i'm hoping that tomorrow is the day because i don't want to buy more o pk's and I'm tired of analyzing these damn things is driving me crazy babe is September 7 but what else besides a date um you know we just casually just you know trying to get pregnant yeah it's insemination day what but we didn't get as clear of a positive on the opk as we were hoping for but I am egg whites what he's referring to the egg whites is so yeah the cervical mucus is a good sign plus I've been having ovulation pants since kind of like last night and it's intensified today and today is the actual day that I should be ovulating so says my little period tracker app so fingers crossed to see I'm a safe in a way we trust God's planet rose and if it doesn't work it doesn't work in under precisely so we just finished with the insemination big over it was okay they couldn't get the catheter around my cervix and into my uterus and they had to clamp it down again and hole and it was just traumatic and painful but they um they got it into my cervix which they said there's still a good chance so it's um enter cervical insemination instead of intrauterine so you will see today is some day one as you can see this is not my house we're actually at my dad's house so this is where we're doing our cursed IVF injections and here I have my nice gonal-f it's a pen it's super easy the needles right here and then I'm taking menopur and I have to mix them together hey guys let's go in on so today it is retrieval day and going up in there ah yeah I'm excited this kind of scares me a little bit but I'm ready to get them out let's just say that I'm ready yes so we've got how many like six altogether I'm just so hungry I'm thirsty so I'm looking forward to having something to drink she said she wasn't allowed to eat anything after midnight so or drink any water and the meds make me so thirsty so alright wish us luck guys we will see you after oh sorry to wake up a little bit more now feeling good on your net yeah how many eggs did you get I'm happy with yes we'll see we hear from them Bri ologist tomorrow about how fertilization lives Thank You forgeting blood-pressure cuff good job baby you you today is transfer day hey guys I did a little bit anxious we have two really good strong healthy embryos as of yesterday that we are going to transfer today hoping they you know are looking good today so we only need one we have pretty much zero to freeze there's one left but they don't think it's going to really make it to freeze so these two ones my two little MVS our two little blasts so we get wait we're about to go inside now and we'll see how it goes right the number one question that we got this time multiple times thinks about when they meet a transgender person is what surgeries have you had or what surgeries do you plan to have

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  1. I love this video and will be catching up on your journey. I came from Olivia has two moms and have subscribed and will be watching your videos always. #Team2moms

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  3. It's a very hard emotional struggle, so happy you guys got what you wanted. I had no trouble with my son but trying to get pregnant this time around was difficult and very emotional on me, I did 1 pill of the clinic and was pregnant by the following month. I am currently 6 mos and pregnant with a girl and we could not be happier, the struggle is so hard and heart breaking and to finally see a positive I just balled by eyes out and was scared every day until my first ultra sound to make sure I did not miscarry. Again congrats and hope everything goes great!!!!

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  15. Lex, I didn't even know you have been on this TTC journey. My motherly intuition is telling me you are pregnant( the way you described the 2 blasts 2 was as if you were referencing yours and Val's babies. Baby dust and prayers for you. πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

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