all right so this is a complicated pregnancy involving a long hospital stay wait until you hear what she accomplished while dealing with all of her health issues after a complicated pregnancy confined to her hospital room 1 Tampa Moms now giving hope to other women in similar situations he was in her first trimester when she and her husband found out that their twins had a 50-50 chance of survival all those identical twin boys they're thriving now at General Hospital's neke you and Fox 13's Jennifer Holton says their parents are telling really a miraculous story life seems pretty idyllic for this new family of four two beautiful new born twin boys but in reality the last six months have been anything but so they check for heart rate respiration and their oxygen saturation Lux gave birth to identical twins Max and Myles last month it's 32 weeks a rare pregnancy called mono amniotic monochorionic or momo had disheartening odds normal twins they are born with each having their own placenta and each having their own sac and these twins are one placenta and they share one sac so it's dangerous on both levels moma pregnancies only stand a 50:50 chance of surviving to 25 weeks they can feel each other in touch they can also become entangled they can squeeze each other's cords monitored every six hours for weeks and on bed rest for months had just passed the bar and was even sworn in from her hospital room by the time I was sworn in I've been here for a month already after I still had three more weeks to go so it was a total of seven weeks but it was really exciting that really lifted my spirits her husband Patrick also a lawyer knew how hard she had studied to get there I think the morning of the exam she was borderline throwing up I'm not going and you know of course when she passed she was just gone another level so it was good to see her hard work pay off now comes a different kind of hard work we just enjoy every day and some real miracle really is yeah in the FIR Holton Fox 13 News yes it is Momo pregnancies occurring in one of 10,000 pregnancies they when they were born the babies were about three pounds each they're now about five pounds and expected to go home on Monday so congratulations that's amazing I'm so happy for them you want to find a real-life superhero walk into a NICU oh that's where they are they build with for sure enjoy the video click here to subscribe and click here to watch the next video

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  1. Well done to you! 💓 You sacrificed so much for them! Amazing mom even before you had babies! I wish you and your boys the best of luck!!!♥️🦋❤️🦋💜Enjoy them every second counts! 💓

  2. I've been waiting for the update! They are handsome! Cannot wait for more updates! So glad they are here happy and healthy.

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