Out of touch: Dems dwell on transgender abortion rights during debate

I gotta go to this here's Castro on trans abortion knows Castro this windows for you all of you onstage support a woman's right to an abortion you all support some version of a government health care option would your plan cover abortion mr. secretary yes it would I don't believe only in reproductive freedom I believe in reproductive justice nice catchphrase just because a woman or let's also not forget someone in the trans community [Applause] doesn't mean they shouldn't have he said trans people but I think means trans man right a person who's transitioning from a female being a man into a femaie into a right metal so here's the thing here's the thing mm-hmm wait I am so what so started as a female no no started as a man transition to a female portion no it's not men can have babies but I think he's talking about a person of woman starting out as a woman who maybe is transitioning to a man but now she's a man but she can have four she gets pregnant why they don't read from this guy what about men because I am so tempted to do if I were 20 mm-hmm I would do this just to stir it up okay I would say I want to have a baby and then I would have them implant a baby because men can have babies too now hmm so implant a baby and then demand a government paid for abortion you left you know I think if you happen to have a membership to blaze TV TV complan promo code Glen you can get over to a Stephen Crowder's program and I believe if I'm not mistaken Stephen dressed up as a woman said he was a trans person transitioning acquired urine from Craigslist from a pregnant woman so went to a Planned Parenthood said they were pregnant and asked for an abortion I swear he did this bed is that he wanted yes he did yes he actually did this he did and Planned Parenthood was going along with it even though obviously no nothing like a woman right but even though they knew he was a man and if your urine comes back I mean he took the thing and he poured it into you know they're tested they did the testing okay and and he came back pregnant came back pregnant but for a man that is a sign of prostate cancer and they wouldn't even say well you should have your prostate checked okay because they had to accept blindly that he was a woman even though it's steven crowder in a dress it's crazy okay gosh it was so clear it was a man and any doctor knows that's a sign you can't be pregnant you can't be pregnant as a man you cannot be pregnant so if your pee shows that you're pregnant that is a clear sign you have prostate cancer and they did nothing it was unbelievable unbelievable at one point in the debate last night Cory Booker said you know we a huge problem we have in this country is we will just we have it right now we do I believe we have it about helping helping african-american trans American let's see if this is the clip listen to this look Civil Rights is some place to begin but in the african-american civil rights community another place to focus almost to stop the lynching of African Americans we do not talk enough about trans Americans especially african-american trans Americans you don't want a marathon how many children's about 30% of LGBTQ kids who do not go to school because of fear it's not enough just to be on the Equality Act I'm an original co-sponsor we need to have a president that will fight to protect LGBTQ Americans every single day for the opportunity what about two-spirit yeah they're not going nearly enough down the alphabet to get to the other notq to bust out the questioning they've left out the intersex they left out the asexual they've left out the two-spirit and the plus people if a society was designed from scratch right yeah with their sole goal to talk about transgendered people could we talk about it more I know we spend like 80 percent of our time I think talking about transgender people where they do go to the baths no no no no how they're gonna get their surgery how beautiful every single one the ugly trans don't boo are bigoted if you won't date your friends we are this is no transgendered population estimated to be a point six percent of America what the african-american transgender population I guess what know roughly 1/10 of you how dare you get it right african-american trans American person okay so they're they're transitioning between here in Mexico what do you mean TransAmerican that's what they were called by Cory Booker african-american trans American okay so that person is what may be point zero six percent of the population I mean we talk about it all the time every series I turn on has a trans character in it now yeah I mean I look transgender people deserve all the rights that everyone else gets and by the way that's it they don't deserve extra ones but they deserve the exact amount of rights that everyone else has but could we possibly talk about it more it's like they're cut every one of these debates guys we need to have a conversation

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  1. Trans/American, also known as Trans/Am, is a racing series ran by the Sports Car Club of America(SCCA) and where Pontiac got the name Trans/Am while competing in said series in 1969. It's not a black guy in a dress!

  2. I was going to ‘wrap’ my head around that but decided to have a scotch instead. Either would have produced the same result but I always say, stick with what you know.

  3. How to sexes on this planet male and female no other is only your sexual preferences that a different do people choose to be uphill gardener and wish to push their penises up other men's bums that's up to them but the normal people are ones they have a man and woman relationship they don't victimise those who gave the same time they don't expect to be victimized by these people and be victimized by government passing laws in favour of a very small minority in society who seem to have all the say these days and seem to be promoting ungodly things perhaps it's a fact there's globalist there's elitist are supporting these people because they wish to destroy the family unit they wish to destroy the Christian Faith

  4. I want to go further to the left. I want species justice. Let me explain. If I am a man and I want to be a dog for instance I should be given all the rights of a dog and if as a trans dog I get pregnant I want to have access to abortion until the pups are out of my womb. Lol. There is no limit to human stupidity is there.

  5. If more Transgenders had abortions… there would be fewer liberal snowflakes and the Democrazies wouldn't have prom dates.

  6. Mr Beck, I agree this stupid female presidential hopeful called a trans woman wrong and meant to say trans man. But is no excuse. None. SJW ought to have the DEFINITION clear before spewing their firm stand and commitment. Simply ludicrous. No excuse. You are right Mr Beck to feel confused to bring this to light. We can't be expected to simply excuse it by saying "oh I think she meant the opposite", like a give, like a save face moment for the idiot.

  7. He was talking about a man changing into a female being allowed to have an abortion… Insane and impossible but true. If it were a woman becoming a man then she would not get pregnant because her partner would be female right ? If she is becoming a man and has a male partner than it would go against being gay in either direction..

  8. I would like to know the statistics of how many trans men get pregnant each year, how many of them want an abortion, and how many of THEM need the government to pay for it. At what point are you advocating for something that literally affects no one at all?

  9. I would like to see a day when transgender is never discussed because there aren't any. Just like a kid today has no idea or concept of what a phone booth is. Kids of the future should have no concept of a transgender.

  10. At this time it is impossible for normal people in California, especially in public schools, to live, due to harassments from hatefilled Demopansies.

  11. I want to have babe I'm a man, what a load of BS this is Evil shyt and has to stop and anyone thinking it is a sychopath mentally disturbed stupid idiots yr IMBARASSING yrself and use need to be put in a mental institute for wanting to distroy the human mine for power with pure BS use r fucked Demofuks.

  12. Don’t forget about the African-American-Trans-American-Muslim-American-Disabled-American-Undocumented-American community of statistically ZERO people.

  13. I heard in England if your a man transitioning to a woman you can receive notices that you’re due for your Pap smear and mammogram and, if your a woman transitioning to a man you can request to have your notices canceled because after all men don’t get mammograms or Pap smears. Makes perfect sense, right?

  14. I have to admit, the democratic debate was funnier than anything SNL ever put out in the air, all that was missing were the red noses on every candidate. and these are the same clowns that call Donald Trump un presidential ???????

  15. Booker and Castro both got an applause like they really said something great?! It was utter nonsense and stupidity to me.

  16. You have got to be kidding me? A woman who TRANS to a man and is taking testosterone should be charged with felony child abuse for exposing the baby to all of the TOXIC levels of testosterone they are pumping into their body because it can and will endanger the baby even if they quit after they know they are pregnant! They jail women for taking dangerous drugs while pregnant! Everyone needs to be held accountable!

  17. Correction: a positive pregnancy test for men indicates testicular cancer but the message is still the same. Healthcare workers are starting to ignore health to be PC.

  18. What a joke! The rights America's founders were concerned with had to do with pursuing your relationship with God (or whatever you want to call Him), not giving in to every perversion that pops into your head and competing to see who can present as the most outrageous sideshow freak.

  19. A minority of a minority being given priority beyond asinine Even having this discussion is disgusting and giving creedence to a joke. Trans ANYTHING is an abomination and deserves all the ridicule to hatred bestowed upon them.

  20. Reproductive Justice? Do they believe the stork brings baby's ? Not getting pregnant is controllable. Irresponsibility isn't a right.

  21. Glen are you crazy when men can have baby do they have womb i never heard of it. This country is becoming so grotesque, abominably lowrst of low it's beyond one's imaginstion of sane mentally normal people, it is infurating constatly hearing about lgbtq, gays lesbians aka mentalliy ill people, why people, media, Glen do not talk about real problems, illegal aliens, moslem invasion by obama, homelessness, in every cities specially in california, run by democrats. when RNC will air an ad how all the cities and states run by demons aka demrats destroying all thise states, they need to on the commercial demrats are destroying constitution, they care more for illegal filths, for moslems than their own people when RNC and the RINOS will speak about this when they are going to mention moslem obama fundamentally changed this country, when they are going to day during Obama economy was in the tank.

  22. Yes, the SJW, LBGTQ++, Woke, liberal, marxist, communists people will vote for one of these people on stage. That’s .001% of all who can vote in the next election.

  23. "Why do you want to be a woman, Stan – I mean Loretta?"
    "I want to have babies."
    "You can't have babies!"
    "Don't you oppress me!"

    And it goes downhill from there. So prescient.

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