Over 330 Abortion Workers Left Industry Because Of This Group

Some of these strongest voices against the abortion industry are the very people who used to work in them. Former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson has been one of those brave outspoken voices, and for our “Pro-Life Focus” segment this week, we introduce you to more abortion workers she helped make the pro-life jump. “Anytime there’s a a large human tragedy, such as abortion, people look for someone to blame.” Abby Johnson has been on both sides of abortion industry walls. A post-abortive mother herself, Johnson was the director of a Texas Planned Parenthood clinic before making a very public conversion to the pro-life movement and the Catholic faith. She’s seen the deceit of the abortion business firsthand and now Johnson is helping others lead the industry with her group ‘And Then There Were None.’ “One of the biggest successes that we have had is just the sheer number of people who have come to us.” Now in year four her ministry has helped over 330 abortion clinic workers leave and seven full-time abortion doctors transitioned to life affirming clinics. “Our goal with ‘And Then There Were None” is to to show the humanity of people who are working industry that they’re normal people. They’re moms, they’re wives, they’re daughters.” Two of those everyday women open up about why they decided to exit the abortion industry. “I was drinking heavily, my marriage was pretty much done, my kids were angry with me and I was working six days a week 10 to 12-hour shifts. And after packing up the entire clinic by myself with just a few staff members, I was told ‘This might not be the place for you, you just don’t fit in;’ and I was like ‘Yeah, you’re right.'” For former Planned Parenthood manager Sue Thayer, the decision came after her clinic started performing webcam abortions. “I remember them saying you know if you are breathing, you can do a vaginal ultrasound. It helps if you’ve played a video game, because it’s a lot like running a joystick. And I said is this even legal to do this? And they said – all of our i’s are dotted and our t’s are crossed and nothing will stop us.” Now on the outside of the abortion industry, these women helped shatter stereotypes and give valuable insights to pro-lifers. “You do get a hardening of the heart when you work there, which is probably why people have the misconception that they do it oh they love to be there and they’re defending it so vehemently, but it’s because you do have this hardening of your heart and then it’s almost like the darkness just overtakes you. Your your humor becomes dark, you become dark, it’s just a very dark industry.” If you ask them how the transition has been so far, they admit it has it’s rough patches. “Oof.” “You lose all your friends and you have to get all new friends yeah. Really I mean in the process of like flipping side, it’s a big adjustment, but it’s the best adjustment you’ll ever make.” “The biggest benefit for me was I got my family back.” For Abby Johnson, seeing other abortion workers make the brave jump is part of her mission to end abortion from the inside out. “The best moments of my life are when I’m on the phone with someone when they’re walking out of their job for the last time. You can almost hear the unburdening in their voice and just the joy, just the sheer joy.” If you are working in the abortion industry and want information about how you can leave your job, or if you simply want to know more about “And Then There Were None”, visit AbortionWorker.com

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