Overcoming Postpartum Depression through Boudoir Photography

I was maybe two months postpartum I had a c-section and that was my third c-section I've got three daughters which also kind of plays a role in my feeling too I evolved a lot with this because I need to see myself in a different perspective than just looking at myself you know I can look at myself in a mirror and I can see things that I don't like but in photography it's a little different it's the way you're posed it's the way you're dressed it's the way you're it's a feeling and being postpartum I struggled with baby blues and then it went into more postpartum and after about a month I kind of having my child I kind of just got to the point where I wasn't feeling sexy and I wasn't feeling like myself and I wasn't feeling like my old self and as a person not only was i evolving but I was also going through these physical changes and hormonal changes and I just just didn't like myself and I was kind of depressed and wanted to feel good again and I felt like this was a good opportunity for me to be able to feel sexy and once I got the pictures back and I looked at him I was shocked at how good I looked and just by simple posing and just by no there was really no there was no editing done and it was just something that made me feel good it was like okay yeah I do look good and that it isn't certain lights that you see certain things but but photographers are graded at fixing that and I really truly mean this when I say that that was a gateway of of coming out of my depression and it was a really a i opening experience to be able to look at myself after having a baby my is my body back works where i wanted to be of course it's not but i can look at these images and remind myself of who i am and and and love myself and that that's a huge token of appreciation for me

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