Overgrown Houseplant Solutions : How to Fertilize House Plants

Alright, when I watered both these plants
in I used a little fertilizer. See my fertilizer is a little blue. I did that because when
the plants start growing their roots I want some nutrients that are readily available
to them. There’s something for them to start growing on with. You can use any general-purpose
fertilizer from a garden center. There are some that are specifically for houseplants,
indoor, outdoor, high acid. I think just a general all-purpose will be fine like a 20-10-20.
I would use it full strength. You can water with every watering or once a month. It’s
how fast you want your plants to grow. If you want them to really take off, you could
use fertilizer with every watering. If you don’t want a plant that’s going to become
overgrown, you could fertilize it a little less. I would suggest maybe once a month would
we fine.

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