The reproductive cyle begins with ovulation,
the release of a ripe egg, or ovum, from the ovary Hundreds of thousands of follicles
sit nestled inside the ovary. Each follicle is a sphere of cells
with an immature egg at its center. The typical 28-day menstrual cycle begins
on the first day of menstrual bleeding. During the first 7 days of the cycle,
a few follicles start to grow. These maturing follicles secrete estrogen
hormone into the blood stream to prepare the lining of
the uterus for pregnancy. Around Day 7, all of the follicles stop growing
and begin to degenerate except for one. This dominant follicle continues to grow,
nourishing the developing egg inside it. Around Day 12, the follicle secretes
a surge of estrogen into the blood stream. When the estrogen reaches the hypothalamus
and the pituitary gland in the brain, the anterior or front part of the pituitary gland
floods the blood stream with luteinizing hormone. Around day 14, luteinizing hormone causes
the follicle to undergo a sudden growth spurt. Right before ovulation, the egg detaches
from the inside of the follicle. The bulging follicle releases chemicals, signaling one of the two fallopian tubes
to move in closer and envelope the follicle. The follicle swells until… it bursts open, ejecting the ovum and fluid from
the follicle into the abdominal cavity. In response, the fimbriae,
tiny finger-like projections at the end of the fallopian tube, sweep across
the ovulation site and pick up the ovum. Microscopic cilia on the fimbrial surface
guide the ovum to the entrance of the fallopian tube. Muscular contractions
along the wall of the fallopian tube gently propel the ovum
toward the uterus. The ovum lives for 12-24 hours, the interval when fertilization can occur. If not fertilized, the ovum will disintegrate and be shed along with the
uterine lining during menstruation, marking the end of one reproductive cycle
and the beginning of another.

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  1. @antlerbaby
    Who said anything about rocks?
    Don't be so naive. There is proof of evolution. There is nothing to say that "God," whatever it is, made such things.

  2. @antlerbaby
    Why do you say rocks? That's just an utterly idiotic statement on your behalf.
    The molecules that make up rocks were made from whatever.
    The fact of the matter is; the most plausible, proven and logical answer to what made everything is the Big Bang Theory.
    God, being a" supernatural being conceived as the perfect and omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe" has not been proven, and most likely never will. I say most likely so I don't come across as pedantic.

  3. @antlerbaby

    Of course it depends on what your beliefs are, but with you acting immaturely and thoughtless about the scientific evidence and facts behind everything, then there is nothing bad about me saying that you need to get a grip of yourself if you seriously think some being morphed and shaped everything we now know out of thin air.

    Use your head.

  4. @Adj19888

    Ever seen Anencephaly?

    Aside from that, because there is no reason to assume the existence of a magical being.

  5. @Xanquo you just said I am an idiot for implying things evolved from rocks but your buddy here says that it is true.

  6. If one person evolved from a rock you did too… evolution actually has proof unlike many many aspects of religion, people use god to explain everything but in a lot of cases the human mind can be used to explain god.

  7. no wonder women bitch all the time when there menstruating… look at all those hormones! its like if I were too take steroids lol

  8. @queenfanforever – i know 🙂 just making a point of stupidity, something abiotic cannot create a biotic material unless it has reference to the "amino acids" theory of creation

  9. @ichmalealsobinich Actually, you can do this kind of animation with 3gb of RAM or less… you thing you need the most it's called Patience… and practice too… and knowledge…

  10. And all those wonderful processes (and millions of others that occur in our bodies very second of our lives) are the result of blind chance, of course *…

    * sarcasm

  11. everything that nature made is just perfect! Its not perfected the very first time. Nature took millions of years to achieve perfection, each time it become more perfect and will continue to do so……

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  13. completely inacurrate! Women are not crude Egg Bags. This kind of misrepresentation distorts Women`s Health in hazardous ways! You must correct this asap. Women`s Ovaries contain Stem Cells that mature into Eggs. Women Are Not Egg Bags!

  14. what about the development of the egg? the different tapes of the ovulatios and divisions inside the egg, before the expulsion of the egg utside the follicle caused by the hormones LH and FSH? sorry for grammatical mistakes.

  15. Thats way it feeles like something is trying to explode when I'm ovulating. It literally erupts. Okay thanks so much.

  16. I always wondered why I get this sharp pain in my side about 2 weeks before my period so I looked it up. I’m like oh an egg just burst through from my ovary. That’s great lol. What the video didn’t mention is that estrogen that surges through your blood stream before the egg is released makes you extremely extremely HORNY!! But then after ovulation the hornyness disappears almost completely lol.

  17. Abortion shouldn’t exist we lost the meaning of motherhood God is the most amazing creator 😊🙏 He Did not make any mistakes

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  21. I am ready to ovulating I am Waiting for my sweet lovely baby all prayer for me pls God bless you

  22. Mam, on 17th day my follicle size is 24×24 and ET size is 12mm .any chance get pregnant please reply

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  24. When my mom was pregnant with me my whole family told her to get rid of me but when they learned that I was a girl they were like KEEP HER NOWWW

  25. My period lates 2 months, im not pregnant but can i get pregnant now, almost 60 days after first day of cycle, is it possible to ovulate that much later?

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  28. I actually didnt know this. Well I knew what was happening but I didnt know how it was happening. This is very amazing how our bodies can do this

  29. Wow! Amazing. Who knew all the gooey pink stuff inside of us was so intelligent? It’s so cool how much our bodies do and we kind of take it for granted.

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