Paano ba malalaman kung may Gestational Diabetes ang buntis? (OGTT) | Tagalog

[Applause] hello mama miss its million to do mommy test a particular Pocoyo as of the moment I am 26 weeks pregnant Kuwait why Putin Samaha by including my twenties mr. Pooh bump of movement is not an apple healthy paella hot and pretty very muscle to be cutie baby's not in any way cooler periscope okay I'm not a six month now you should really apparent I am constantly Nikita dynamo OB or midwives nothing now oh do you know Papa Odie if I am already Bluehost tolerance tech here apartment in Hindi bath Valley mommy's vinegar and says my papa romantic comment I will just a tional diabetes and on a man and sensational diabetes if I can only one lab isn't like the develop a bond sound goodbye i'ma go for tea cup of macaron TinyCo hey bonbon nice maraming complication somebody nothing more innocent to let the most emotional night receive a breast plate early birth organ preterm labor high blood pressure into a clown show no mama della capitale and sooner later in our life Bahamut reptile insightful dad became autonomous analemma mommies kaientai elemental control by eating healthy foods exercising am emma available medications marinara to control our blood sugar now going back to the oral your footsteps before having this tasty ramen Pune Film of fasting number eight the twelve are Italian the advisable sat in my previous number butum it is suggested now we do this during our sleep for example 10:00 p.m. put I'm a tulip we can have our last knock at 9:30 p.m. and then have our first blood extraction 8 6 a.m. or 7:00 a.m. maybe so that an art effect an earth and then after the first extraction by enemies who died in a nap hahaha miss Madhu's cousin bathroom hello hello oh so Hong Joos oh boy Paragon and patellas are healing of England see Napoleon once upon a pompous motto mommy Tama poo before kama and artha and put oil in them to go second extraction a common foe – you are no owner we're in a mincer kind of work that mother find a home tournament is a whole grab a comb negative negative negative not gonna do most 100 minimum to Big Bear oh it's an old Papa Hilah and paying back the timer in picnic I know or towards a lager mama mommy after another our extra hand animal holy pine and the boat finally third and last extraction aha Hina for one you know you resort after mile on earth but in uniform sayin pero se but Allah elephant uncle vanilla can cope after two days or Palm Sunday they're also highly dynamic Arsenal's Nescafe up do it in a manner fucka you know you chose the net upon my venue Imam measurement you first extract Singapore while fasting and then your first are and then the second our primary source me ma number in milligrams per DL or mmol per litre usually no man Palomar is all similar experiences like this one seventy point 10 to 90 5.51 got but I'm normal and then my result is 79 point 65 ABC billion pass of syringe and laughing before seen where people heart normal had nurse or school a big boon to be an op-amp intended Nakata Mercosur sugar intake so mama me Fujin and a half ago de pinna come on so powerful to Anna prepare aspire normal very similar Marin below average resource son I'm coupon in advice a minimal OB or meet where it's new please comment them below Bahama two loci Samaha for mommy's new birth mapping and I'm going upon you're upsetting my Freddy's number controlling diet parents at a make afraid no sweets parameter gamma P didn't come I know my family left me to die subpoena Fontaine keyboard celebrates definitely make a cat ice cream contain game what's behind syllabus I mean go give people a concern Europe sweet better before I end this video I just want to remind you all that what we eat while we're pregnant assess our little ones inside us I hate mahira from them for mommy's big deal and for nothing Alencon higher higher nothing can say as mommies or so to be mommies yeah Hana Hana attainable sacrifice for our kids give us a little hotel had my memory 9 mama mommy and a happy sacrifice is the higher nothing go win since the moment we conceived a dinner in a strip so they help Iman and I my cell I must was a banana or no video NATO give me suggestions or requests film for business to you it discussed nothing he does a channel the tone you can email them at contacts access DeLeon calm I but what happened when opinion wholly upon Holly moving the Maglite most common among subscribes a charming little virus a base a bayonet in explore our motherhood and the inform motherhood is a terrifying roller coaster ride it's the greatest and the hardest thing at the same time but at the end nothing beats how rewarding the feeling is that your mama mommy see you on a next video bye

11 Replies to “Paano ba malalaman kung may Gestational Diabetes ang buntis? (OGTT) | Tagalog”

  1. Ask ko lng po 3 months p lng po ako at mag ogtt n ko pasting dn po b ung ggwin ko po at panu po ung process po nun para my idea po ako tnxs po

  2. Ask ko po kung bukas pa ko magpapatest ng ganyn pwde po ba kumaen ng skyflakes ska bearbran . Bukas pa namn po ako ng maaga pag papa test nyan

  3. Hi momshie, ask ko lang pinaparetake kase ako sa OGTT test
    Ang result ko ay ganito:
    4.11 – 74.06'
    9.85 – 177.50
    6.79 – 122.36
    -Yung pangalawa ko daw ay malapit na sa 180 kaya pinapretake ako as per doc.

    Any comment or suggestion po.

    Thank you.

  4. Hi sis ask ko lang kase nag undergo ako ng ogtt last week and then after ko uminom ng glucose drink mga 20 minutes naisuka ko sya pero hindi naman ganun kadami. Ask ko lang kase ung ung result is normal as walang problem sa tingin mo ba nakaapekto un sa sinuka ko or hindi accurate ung result???

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