Pack My Hospital Bag with Me! // Mom, Dad & Baby for 3rd C-Section

hey what it says today I am here to do a really relaxed but exciting video with you guys and that is packing my hospital bag the time has come and you know what next week I start my weekly ultrasounds and weekly midwife visits at 35 weeks so just in case at any of those appointments we have to go to the hospital and have to have the baby I want to be ready I am in my bedroom today because this is the easiest way for my very pregnant self to have access to this I'm going to try and show you guys as much as possible and I have done this before the past with my youngest daughter so I will link that video but just know it's like three years old at this point for those of you who don't know if you're new to my channel or my videos I will be having my third c-section and our hospital told us that the stay is going to be around three nights four days sometimes it's an extra day extra night so it just kind of depends but that's what I'm packing for so if you see my video with my youngest and you're looking at this and like that's a bigger suitcase it definitely is this time I wanted a bigger suitcase that way it could literally hold everything that way on the way home and also on the way there we're not carrying anything other than this suitcase in so keep in mind this is everything for mom baby and dad for a three to four night stay at the hospital for a c-section I got this at t.j.maxx and it was a pretty good deal I think it was around eighty ninety dollars something like that but I have been slowly putting stuff inside the bag but it's not organized it's not the way I want it so you guys are actually kind of gonna pack this back with me and I bought a lot of this stuff off of Amazon Target or Walmart that's basically the three places I shop so right here in this front pocket as you can see I have a lot of the stuff that I want to put away into a bag that we can quickly grab and kind of keep on the hospital bedside table so I've got my eyeglasses case at home I don't even use this I think my glasses are either on my nightstand my face so I don't even use it but at the hospital in case for whatever reason I have to take them off I want them at a nice place I brought a heap of nursing pads in the United States you probably don't need these they're supposed to provide everything for you but it's the one thing I am particular about some people bring makeup to make them more comfortable some people bring their favorite pajamas me I bring nursing pads because I'm particular about them so I have those I also have the hakka pump I'm going to put this on the other side while I nurse off of the other one that doesn't have the Haku pump on it but I did want to bring this to the hospital because when I do have my milk come in I do leak a ton in the beginning and pretty much the whole way through my breastfeeding journey but I want to see if that will help collect some of that extra milk that just gets wasted typically then I have our little pill case in here I have tums I've got tylenol ibuprofen and then I have my husband's medicine and also my prenatals because typically prescription prenatals make me nauseous mine do not bring in this with us it was a lifesaver the last couple times and then I have this boob ease pumping lubricant as of right now I'm not planning at pumping in the hospital but I did have to for my youngest because she had trouble with her blood sugars on top of everything so there's that and then I also have this nipple bomb that's called nipple crack now I used to love the honest company brand it was my favorite but they discontinued making it so I don't know about this brand it's gonna be the first time using it and then I have some hello Bell Oh hand sanitizer this is for everybody you want to hold my baby you need to be doing this and then I also have a ten-foot Amazon cord for my iPhone both times be in the hospital bed my regular cords do not reach all the way to the hospital bed so for that reason I'm gonna get extra long cord because especially like the first day after my c-section I don't want to get up and down all the time just to go get my phone not worth it and then I just have a large Vera Bradley make up case that I literally never use except if I'm having children you can tell because this was in there from what I had for me so I'm just gonna fill this up like I said I just want this to sit out on the table like the roll-up table that they gave you while you're in the hospital bed and that way I can easily grab the stuff I need and as you can see I could still fit even more stuff in there and the inside is also wipeable so if anything explodes or whatever you don't have to worry about it but I'm just gonna stick that right back inside where it goes right where everything was that way when I tell mark grab the bag in the top pocket it's just gonna be right there ready to go I also forgot to mention of course there are a couple things that aren't gonna be in here there's Mark's phone charger and also my hairbrush and my going home outfit which is just gonna be leggings and a maternity top but I use my leggings in maternity tops right now obviously if being pregnant so for that reason those things are just gonna have to wait maybe small stuff like lip balm and things like that and my wallet you know last-minute stuff you grab but this is the general gist of what my framing and then in here I have kind of like special items whether it be for Lexi or for my two other daughters it's all for them so I guess I'll show you the stuff for my oldest – to begin way so for their kind of like gift from Lexi they are obsessed with Toy Story so I found these two little plushies from Walmart I know the Disney four key was recalled this is not the same one they actually came together online as a set for like $7 and Sophie really loves forky and Remy really loves Bo Peep so it kind of worked out perfectly that they came together as a set and then I have two little mini Toy Story play packs for like wow they're there if they want to keep themselves busy and if they're not like totally obsessed with their sister then they'll have something to do and then the other stuff I have in here is Lexi's baby book I always bring this every single time I'm glad I have because not only for footprints and handprints but also because just it's so nice when you kind of have a minute while you're in the hospital already all of this information is fresh in your brain to just kind of jot it down I mean I know everybody tells you to sleep and to do other things but honestly I'm like running on adrenaline for the first like five days so I've loved bringing the baby book with us and then I do have a folder it's just there's nothing in it but this is for all the paperwork everything they give you to bring home just have a spot for it everyone recommends this and they're right you get like a million into papers when you deliver in the u.s. so having a spot for it all is kind of nice otherwise it just ends up getting shoved by my husband and random spots in the suitcase and then this I wasn't gonna show until she was here but I'll share it with you guys here you guys can have a sneak peek but I got this sign off of Etsy it is her name Lexi Dean and there's a rainbow because she's every movie be so pretty self-explanatory the other hospital that we delivered at for our other two daughters they had little name carts that they put in the bassinet they were really cute and that's what I did for them but this hospital that we're going to be delivering at does not do that so I still wanted her to have a name sign just like her sister's did so this is what I went with and that is everything that's in that pocket and I'm pretty much going to keep that the same and then we're gonna open this bad boy up so it does have a pocket over here that I have not put stuff in so I'm just gonna flip it to the back like that and as you guys can see my breastfeeding pillow is in here so like I said it's going to hold everything me mark stuff Lexie's stuff everything I don't want to carry a single thing in my hand other than my phone so for that reason here's my breastfeeding pillow this is the Mambo I don't even know if they make it anymore I don't know why they don't because honestly out of all the ones I've tried it's my favorite I'm sure you can find it secondhand or like on eBay or something like that Merck re but just has a cover on it one side is a little bit more squishy kind of like a Boppy and the other side is a little bit more stiff I love this like even breastfeeding the third time around it's still super helpful so for that reason definitely bringing that I move to you guys a little bit you're probably not gonna be able to see me completely when I sit up like this but you're able to see the back which is a lot more important than my face so this right here this is our snack bag I'm gonna make this look a lot nicer but between breastfeeding and also my husband who will go to the vending machine the second he gets hungry and thirsty if he doesn't have something this is a must especially when you're there for three or four days I don't love to bug the nurses every time I need a drink of water or something to eat so for that reason we bring our own stuff and also to keep my husband from spending disgusting amounts at a vending machine because he will do it now that vending machines take credit cards and debit cards it gets out of hand quick and the one thing I'm missing from there is I do want to get some change because I don't bring drinks so I'll put some change in there for him to go go drink every now and then but he can survive off of water for a few days but I did pack my Jujubee fuel cell because that's what I'm gonna be putting the snacks in and I'm gonna speed this next part up but I'm gonna take all this and try to put it in there I guess before I do that I'll show you what we're actually gonna be putting in there so I've got this box of Clif bars both my husband and I like those he wanted candy so I got him sea salt caramel and then also sea salt caramel almonds I got myself these kind bars and then I've got a few random bars and stuff in our pantry that we already like and then I found these little mini uncured pepperoni turkey sticks great and then I also have some raw mixed nuts so yeah I'm going to take everything from there and put it into the fuel cell you all right so I got it all packed up I didn't need to put the candy on top but I guess that's how it's gonna roll out and everything these nuts the bags of nuts are a lot smaller than I thought that they would be so we'll probably eat like two or three of these at a time but doesn't matter whatever this thing's full and like I said I'll just put a bag of change right up here in the top but this was a lifesaver last time when we had Remy and I'm glad that we're doing it again so snack bag is packed and then over here kind of the same situation I've got a toiletry bag I mean this is nothing special I think we got this at t.j.maxx like a million years ago and you open it up and here you go it looks pretty empty because it is and we don't ever go anywhere unless we're having children so this bag is just full of toiletries that I've also been buying and actually the only thing in here is some honest baby powder which I use for my hair well I did last time for my hair for instead of dry shampoo and then I put this in here which is kind of like a leave-in kind of thing that I wanted to bring I've got some hair ties right there and then these are nail clippers tweezers stuff like that they just kind of stay in there so in here I've got travel toothbrushes cut it remember what they're called some toothpaste Mark's body wash mouthwash some flossers I think this was just an extra one that I didn't end up filling up q-tips dry shampoo I don't really love this on a regular basis but it'll be fine enough for the hospital I mean it is what it is and then here's a bag of our toiletries Marc and I used the same shampoo and also the same conditioner and then this is my body wash that is coconut oil and oh that's Marc's styling cream for his hair that he likes that's what I think is in there that looks like it already started leaking and then I have mark see odorant which this is not the one he typically uses but it's something close so that's what I got and then look at this little baby native deodorant when this came in the mail I was like so embarrassed that I had paid $3 for that tiny little stick of deodorant there's an overview of the toiletry bag nothing crazy and I'm just going to like I said shove my brush in there last-second whenever it's go time hopefully the day that it is scheduled it's go time the rest of it is pretty much closed with the exception of I do have a couple insulated bags like I said when my milk does come in it kind of comes in fast and furious I with both deliveries have had bottles upon bottles of milk to take home and that's not normal I am a natural / producer and that's just something that happens but with us delivering an hour away this time from home I wanted to be sure to bring an insulated bag to keep that breath smell good until we got here so I am bringing a couple of those that's definitely not something that's necessary for most people but I did want to show you for the sake of being honest and then I also have a laundry bag this is just nice to keep dirty stuff from clean stuff it's also nice so that when we get home and I tell my husband just throw the laundry bag clothes in the washer wash them and then over in this side pocket right here I just have some shower flip-flops I will throw these away when I'm done using them I don't care about them and then I found these slippers at IKEA for like two dollars so these are great they want you to get up and walk around when you have a c-section it's really important it's important no matter what the delivery that you're up and moving around but I wanted to be able to throw them away afterwards and not feel bad about it so that's how a – I'm kind of a little bit of a germaphobe when it comes to the hospital and then right down here I do have this motif medical postpartum recovery support garment now with my other deliveries the hospital provided me one it was just like a giant band of stretchy velcro they would come in and two nurses with literally just either side put that sucker on me it feels amazing if you have a c-section and your hospital isn't going to provide you with some kind of support arm it I highly recommend you get one for yourself with my other two deliveries that free one that they gave me the stretchy velcro was a hundred percent fine and it did exactly what it was supposed to do nothing flashy nothing expensive doesn't look great under clothes but honestly post part of me does not care about that stuff at this hospital they don't provide that so I wanted to bring one of my own and motif was nice enough to send me one so I'm really excited to see how this works out because I was really bummed when I heard that they didn't provide one so I'm hoping this is the answer it makes a huge huge difference in comfort in my opinion after having two c-sections oh I forgot the mouthwash it didn't make it into the bag woops kind of glad I noticed I don't think it would have leaked but had it I would have been upset whatever there's not even enough stuff in there to care about what it looks like inside it's a toiletry bag it doesn't need to look glamorous so the rest of this stuff is for mom dad and baby clothing wise I guess I'll start with my husband because he has the least amount of stuff I packed two pairs of sweatpants three shirts and then a change of socks and underwear for every single day he gets a shower and gets in some clean clothes the day of when we go so he'll have that outfit for an entire day on top of this stuff so that is all his stuff sitting right here and then underneath that is stuff for mom and I have one adult diaper my camera needed a little bit of a cool-down time but what I was saying is that with the adult diapers and being plus-sized I looked at a lot of different reviews a lot of them said for plus-sized that the always brand was the best so I can't remember specifically what the packaging looked like on these I will link them down below if you guys are interested I'll try to link as much as I can down in the description box but I'm only bringing one for me to wear on the way home while I'm at the hospital they can double triple pad me I don't really care so while I'm there I'll use what they have but on the way home this is probably what I'm gonna go home in and then I also have my bravado nursing bra and this one is super relaxed super super comfortable it's soft both on the outside and on the inside it's like butter I absolutely love this bra I loved it every time I ran into like mastitis and dogs and everything in between when I was breastfeeding with Remy because it was so relaxed and comfortable so felt like if I was going to wear a bra at the hospital that's the one I want to wear and then I did get a couple of nursing tanks but I got this a nursing tank from Walmart it was only like $15 and I have in the past gotten the Target brand but I feel like over the years target has kind of declined and how comfortable their nursing wear is so I went with Walmart because it was really cheap and these bands that look like they're pretty nice so I don't have high expectations for it to live up forever but it'll do for now so I'm just bringing one because this is part of my homecoming outfit and that's one of the things I said I didn't have with me in this bag is I'm just gonna grab my big comfy gray maternity shirt that I have put this underneath of it and then wear some maternity leggings home and that's gonna be my going home outfit and then I have to nursing nightgowns here I got these on clearance from Walmart for like four dollars a piece and there are these longer dresses that are maternity but they have button downs at the top and they also have sleeves with myself I'm pretty modest I do like to have sleeves on stuff I like for things to be longer I am plus size I would like for things to be flattering I didn't think this would be flattering on me because I don't really typically like to wear tighter things but it really is if I can find this I will link it but if not just any kind of nightgown where you can either button it down or zip it or something like that and also I think nightgowns are really great for c-sections because they are checking you a ton they're checking your incision a ton so for that reason I think I brought pants with Sophie my oldest and it was just a nightmare I was constantly having to take them down take them off and when you have a c-section that can be pretty difficult sometimes you know your body just kind of feels really weird but with the dress I'm just able to yank it up lay down for them and they can check me out once I washed that c-section postpartum garment from motif I will put that on top as well but that's pretty much everything for myself I've brought more clothes in the past I've brought robes I've brought socks and underwear and bras and tank tops and everything before and honestly this is what I know I'm actually going to use so this is what I'm gonna bring and as far as underwear go like I said I'm wearing the mesh panties I'm wearing the triple pads that give you at the hospital and I would just wear that adult diaper home and I'm also for shoes just gonna wear my under armor slide on shoes I'll wear those to the hospital I'll wear them home that's another big thing with c-sections it's nice if you don't have to bend over and put your shoes on so if you could wear slide on shoes whether they be moccasins slide outs flip-flops you know whatever you can get away with so I'm gonna put that stuff right there and all that's left is baby stuff and I'm actually gonna put all of her things on this side of the bag because that way if I need something I can tell mark go to the baby side and get this out of it and so hopefully it makes it a little bit easier for him but I'm gonna turn my bag so it's easier for you guys to see I probably should have had the bag like this from the start because honestly it's a lot easier to see but for baby I do have one bow her older sisters have matching bows to this I do when I get a picture of that and then there's this hat that you guys saw in the last baby haul video and this is gonna be for going home and then as for clothes I just have basically a lot of sleepers I've got a couple hats these are kite baby organic bamboo hats they're super soft like butter so I've got a teal one and I've got a white one which pretty much goes with everything that's in here and I have a couple of side snap onesies these are really nice because you can just undo these snaps entirely and put these on them without having to put stuff over baby's head so if you've never seen these before don't have them I would definitely recommend them it's a ton easier than trying to put a floppy newborn head through a hole but these are the two sleepers I have I have this one which we bought one of the times I was pregnant in 2018 and I've always loved it you guys know I'm a sucker for like that thermal material and then this is her going home onesie how cute is that I still cannot get over it thank you so much crystal for introducing me to this but Jamboree actually went out of business in the United States so you could only find this on like eBay that's where I got this newborn size so I'm going to bring this I'm debating throwing one more sleeper in here and then I did bring Berk cause sometimes in the hospital they would give us burp clothes and sometimes they wouldn't and then I do have a few blankets this is probably the one she's gonna go home in this is just an organic thermal blanket you know it's not colored or anything but this is probably what I will put in the car seat with her it's not a super huge one it's not meant for swaddling or anything like that and then I do have a Lulu and Co one that is like a burgundy color this we will be swaddling with it's very big stretchy stuff like that and this one I mainly brought for pictures this was the first thing I unknowingly bought while I was pregnant and do you guys know that stars are really sentimental to us so for that reason I wouldn't bring this one as well like I said this one's more for pictures but it is a swaddle blanket it's a muslin one from Pottery Barn but that is everything as far as she's concerned as well like I said I'm debating on the extra sleeper you know this stuff might look like too much it might look like not enough to some people it just kind of depends but I also want to make sure we're not going without because it is an hour away we can't easily go home so that's one of the reasons why I've got a few blankets I've got a few changes about fits just in case I probably will throw an extra sleeper in there because why not we have the room there's a ton of space in here but that is everything that's in our hospital bag I can't believe it this makes me feel so much better that it's organized kind of ready to go I don't know this just feels so weird oh I guess I can take the breastfeeding pillow that's propping up the bag and you can see that I can fit that right on top and I probably don't even need the extender anymore but this is probably gonna close just fine with all that extra space in there it is definitely tempting to add other things the only thing I've been back and forth on is maybe a blanket that's big enough to cover both Lexi and I for doing skin-to-skin with Remy it was a little chilly in the hospital and all the blankets they gave us only kind of covered her and I had major side boob happening so for that reason I might throw a blanket in here but yeah that's everything that's in our hospital bag for the third time around for my third c-section for mom dad and baby like I said I would try to link everything that I can down below if there's anything crucial that you think I'm missing you can go ahead and leave it in the comments because I've got room to fit it so maybe you'll remind me of something I didn't think of but yeah I hope you guys enjoy the video and as always thanks for watching [Applause] you

22 Replies to “Pack My Hospital Bag with Me! // Mom, Dad & Baby for 3rd C-Section”

  1. Thank you Very helpful I'm due my 1st c section on 5th September with my 3rd rainbow baby my story is very similar to yours so nice to come along a video that helps

  2. I used those always pull-ups four months ago when I had a c section and I can’t recommend them strongly enough! It was so nice to be able to just take it off and toss it and then just slip another one back on. No fussing with wrappers or trying to position any pads just right. I felt like the absorbency was better than a pad as well. They also stay in place so you don’t have to worry about it slipping and causing a leak to clean up. In my opinion they were more convenient than the pads. I did wear the pads for the first couple of days because it was my first and I was scared to death of the brief bothering my incision but it was actually more comfortable than any of the underwear I had. It didn’t irritate it at all.

  3. Ive been waiting for this one! So happy to see it uploaded. Your giggle after showing the snack bag makes me LOL, because my husband eats like a middle schooler just like yours 😂😂 … I LOVE that your bf pillow fits in your suitcase! How perfect. 🙂 I hope your c/s goes so smoothly! Congrats mama

  4. You look so well prepared. We lived out of our bags because there was no storage/drawers on our hospital room. I'd suggest bringing wet bags or something to put dirty laundry. You'll probably wash everything when you get home whether you used it or not but this was one of the things I wished I'd packed.

  5. Love this. Wish I would have had more of these videos to watch when I was pregnant. Never could find anything and had ZERO stuff when I ended up needing a c section.

  6. I think you should be reassured that maternity wards are a bit less germy than wards with sick patients. They're also closed units where visitors are screened. I get why you're a bit squeemish though. The only time I'd worry is if my hospital had a superbug (since they're very resistant to everything). I'm lucky I didn't have severe discomfort after my csection (after the second day). Not to mention I barely bled compared to my vaginal birth. By the 3rd day postpartum, I only needed regular pads. I think a belly wrap is essential after a csection.

    Newborn clothes are so teeny. It's my favorite size lol. Sometimes I pull out my daughter's preemie sleepers for nostalgia (they were baggy on her 3 pound figure). It's so fun packing a hospital bag. I remember throwing my second one together in 15 minutes after finding out I'd have to deliver two days later at 32 wks. Maybe next time I'll pack one earlier if I have a high risk pregnancy again.

  7. I don’t know about the always ones but I used the depends silhouette after Christian and they were fantastic! I usually wear a size 18, they fit perfectly and worked SO well. So much better than mesh panties and pads 🥴 I hope you have a smooth delivery

  8. Also I forgot to ask you but I know you said that you're an over supplier and you're going to be taking the haakaa to catch any milk that you might be leaking. Do you think everybody should be taking the Haakaa and using it the first day when your baby latches?

  9. Time goes by so fast. I'm so excited for you and your family. Also I have the same nursing tank from Wal-Mart and it has done really well I've had it for 2 and a half years and it still has a tone of life left. Hopefully yours last that long.

  10. Maybe bring an over sized bathrobe for skin to skin instead of a blanket that way you can wrap her in it and use it if you're ever cold in the night gowns

  11. I just had my lil guy 3 months ago and I had my first c section…I was so scared but it went well… I will be praying for you!! congratulations! I took a suitcase as well…so much easier!

  12. Hey just wanted to let u know that I bought the motif luna breast pump please I am need a review. I got it on ebay! On a bid

  13. You look so gorgeous in your thumbnail! Such a cute bump photo! I love the idea of taking a suitcase. So much easier than taking a million bags.

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