18 Replies to “Pain Free Supernatural Childbirth – Our First Daughter”

  1. It did also happen to me just two hours of pain free labour. It was due to that book called supernatural child birth

  2. Thank you so much for this video! So helpful! I’m 19 weeks and trusting God for a pain free supernatural child birth

  3. I wanted to write on your second video, but I couldnt find the comments. Thank you so much for sharing positive and good thoughts about that! I was just reading some terrible things about childbirth and panic was my name! And today I found you (God heard my prayers and guided me to find you) Thank you for all your informations, God keep blessing you and giving you all that you need to be fulfill with happy and love!!!

  4. Glory be to Jesus Christ for your smooth delivery and congratulations!! Just wanted to give a heads up- yoga is apart of Hinduism (false god system/Satanic)and God is a jealous God- peace and love to you all in Jesus Christ Mighty Name (John 3:3/Acts 2:38)

  5. Wonderful experience! I am now 61 & just made a video of my 4 supernatural childbirth experiences @26,29,33 & almost 39. y o.

  6. Thank you so very much for this video. I keep thinking back to Genesis and that's what keeps messing me up and thinking that I can't pray for something like this. And then since you mentioned that we were redeemed in the New Testament that was just an eye-opening experience so thank you so much for your video and for it being so positive it's so hard to find positive videos or hear positive stories without people trying to make you feel like you need the epidural which I really don't want to do.

  7. Im open to the idea but at the same time it seems totally nuts, i have not read the book, im also not Christian, im jewish so maybe it wont apply to me because i believe god is god not jesus "not that i judge others, i respect all peoples beliefs" its just when i had my son i ripped from my vagina to my butt, how could that not hurt? Are you saying jesus/god will take your pain away? Super confused here. I feel like whats going on here is mind over matter. I wont say thats what it is, i wont dare tell someone if they have had a religious experience or not, it just seems at its face that's what it is.

  8. wow God is amazing
    I am 37 weeks pregnant and I am believing God for a supernatural birth.
    I just wrote down my expectations and as the bible says, my expectations will not be cut short.

  9. I believe it! You should check out Andrew Wommack and Joseph Prince! They are Grace based, new covenant, faith filled preachers!

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