Pain Under Breast During Pregnancy

What can cause pain under breast during pregnancy? One possibility is heart burn. It may feel
like it is under the breasts if it doesn’t reflux all the way up the esophagus. I have not had heartburn. Heck, I didn’t
even have much in terms of morning sickness. Is the kid playing kickball with your liver? It used to be fun to feel the baby kick. Now
he’s sitting on my bladder. If he’s pushing hard against the diaphragm,
it could make you short of breath. Or it might even strain the diaphragm. This feels vaguely like a pulled muscle. That’s a normal strain as you’re carrying
the kid around. It’s worse when the baby pushes against the lungs, making it hard to
get a deep breath. I know they say the baby takes your breath
away, but I never thought they meant literally. There’s also the possibility that the breasts
aren’t getting enough support. If the tissue is being pulled down or the bra is digging
in, that would make you uncomfortable. I’ve been poked by an underwire, and this
isn’t it. When is this going to get any easier? The baby is at its highest point in your body
around week 36. He’ll drop down into the cervix after that, giving you a little breathing
room. Until I’m huffing and puffing in labor. If the problem is the baby’s positioning,
you can use hot packs or cold packs. Or try supporting yourself with cushions, but don’t
hunch over. Given the load, its hard not to. Part of the pain is just that the baby is
taking up so much space that there isn’t enough room for everything. They say that the discomfort of the last month
of pregnancy is supposed to make you eager for labor, but all I want is an epidural now.

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