Painless Natural Delivery

Painless Natural Delivery Pregnancy is a physiological phenomenon, and we expect that delivery will be a physiological phenomenon as well. Fortunately, in recent years, there have been arrangements to make people more inclined towards physiological delivery, and Maryam Hospital has been very active in this regard so that it has been able to take first place in promoting natural delivery among private hospitals throughout the country. To be able to achieve this great goal for us, one of the most important things that have been done is to holding free birth training classes, Yoga classes, fathers’ participation in natural childbirth, maternity room modifications that are LDR rooms. Epidural anesthesia, spinal anesthesia, and even Entonox gas have been used throughout the world for many years to make childbirth a pleasure.
Other techniques such as massage therapy, aromatherapy and all that can help the mother to have a good and happy delivery. One of the things we did at Maryam hospital during these years was epidural and spinal cord birth. That is, the two spinal and epidural procedures used simultaneously to reduce pain cause analgesia at delivery. This method is very successful, and those who use analgesia for their delivery are very satisfied. We got an interesting thing, that has not clear computation contrary to the public perception, and contrary to the old medical notion that the epidural prolonged labor, we found out that using the epidural and spinal technique, makes the delivery shorter and much easier. It does not have side effects as the epidural or spinal cord used during cesarean section. The patient can continue to move without pain, walk and sit on the ball. This method makes the delivery process much better.

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