Panorama Test for Mothers: A safe and simple non-invasive test that detects more

Safe and accurate prenatal testing is here. As early as nine weeks into your pregnancy,
you can test for Down syndrome and other conditions that might be affecting your fetus by providing
a simple blood draw. The Panorama prenatal test was developed by
Natera to check for these conditions as early and as accurately as possible. It is completely
safe for both you and your fetus, without any risk of miscarriage. When you are pregnant, some of your fetus’
DNA circulates in your blood stream. We use a special DNA technology to separate
the maternal DNA from the fetal DNA, which lets us screen for Down syndrome
and other conditions. The Panorama prenatal test is special. It
uses a new and better approach that gives more accurate results than other
non-invasive prenatal tests. Panorama has been used in many clinical trials,
and is shown to give the most accurate results available. So how does the Panorama test work? It’s as easy as One: Ask your doctor about the Panorama Test. Two: Get your blood drawn. Three: Review your results with your doctor. Along with receiving your personalized results
in just 7-10 days, Natera has a website that includes a variety
of resources and helpful links Just visit In addition to being safe and reliable, the
Panorama Test is affordable and backed by our Patient Access Program
to make your options easy. At Natera, we’ve worked to develop the most
accurate and comprehensive non-invasive prenatal test available, because you deserve it.

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