100 Replies to “Parents Say Their Once-Charming Honor Student Daughter Now Steals, Runs Away And Skips School”

  1. Tell u one thing those rules make it worse the more u do wat your doing the more she is going to rebel against u all. My mom was not strict sure i stayed out till 2am when i was in school but i always got up and went no matter how tired i was i made money in school so i did not like missing thats where all my drugs got sold was in school. I sold to ppl u wouldnt think used like jocks, cheer leaders, preps, who evere pretty much

  2. She is not pregnent shes doing this out of spite thats the reason she dosnt want the hospital to let u know anything cause shes not pregnent and her thinking is u took my condoms so this is what u all get and she wants to drag it on as long as she can cause shes thinking shes teaching u all a lesson

  3. Aren't these parents taking the time to think? I bet they are leaving out so many details such as abuse that may have caused their daughter to change. I mean she ran away. If you were really perfect parents, then why tf would she try to escape, huh boomers?

  4. Something is going on at school to make her not want to be there. Kids usually at least want to go to school to see their friends everyday…even badly behaved kids.

  5. It looks like a cry for attention to me, she knows what she's doing and the consequences are exactly what she's looking for. She knows her mother will read her diary so she could've written about a fake pregnancy in spite.

  6. She wanna buy diapers!??! HAHAHAAA child I'm buying diapers pull ups and goodnites NO you don't wanna buy diapers!!! I don't wanna buy them!!! Lol

  7. I have a question
    If school started 6 weeks ago how on earth does she have 32 absences.
    1. That's not even possible bc 6 times 5(The numbers of days in a full school week) equals 30. 32 is more than 30 making it not even possible with 6 whole school weeks, it makes absolutely no sense

  8. This reminds me of my ex best friend after I dropped her, she was a straight A student now she’s hanging with the wrong people and she’s getting, detention, skipping class, smoking, and stealing from stores

  9. Why are people blaming the parents? Like Jesus have some sympathy. She was such a good kid before that now since she’s out of control, they have no idea whT to do because they have never been in this position before. Use your brains. Atleast their trying their best.

  10. How on earth does one miss 32 days in a 6 week period? First of all that’s only 30 days, secondly she’d have to miss every single day & would be put on Becca bill if they have it in their state

  11. Atleast there parents are ready to stop problem why don’t she rest and go to school and sleep in her room with toys

  12. She always has done those things as a "perfect honor student". But you caught her once and now she's pissy. Now she's just being a delinquent.

  13. Abstinence may be the only way to 100% prevent pregnancy, but taking away the only form of birth control a (possibly) sexually active person has readily available will definitely result in pregnancy.

  14. Sounds like this little girl is being influenced by someone outside. She don't know whether she is coming or going anywhere. They should check into who she is hanging out with.

  15. Stupid little girl "I wanna buy diapers" smh
    Only a little girl would say something like that. Lock her up in jail and the parents raise the child
    I bet in a few years when she comes out of jail she'll be more mature minded and remorseful. That should be the plan
    She doesn't even deserve to raise a child in her state of child mind.

  16. As soon as her mother brought this man into their home as a father figure, she turned her daughter's life upside down too. I will never understand the hypocrisy of parenting. You wanted this kid. No one was holding a gun to your head when you decided you wanted to be a mother. If you can not love them because they did not turn out how you expected, then you loved a reflection of yourself. It's absolute narcissism

  17. I don't even feel sorry for the kid. The parents had tried to do to control her but she's refused every help. Now if she's really pregnant it's too late already. Say goodbye to your teenage life kid.

  18. They took away her condoms? That right there’s a bad move. If a teens gonna do something, they’re gonna do it, they might as well be safe doing so. Why would you take away her protection? Same with parents who won’t let their daughters get out on birth control, they’re going to do it regardless so you need to keep them as safe as possible.

  19. “School started 6 weeks ago and she had 32 absences” school is only 5 days a week and 6 weeks is only 30 days of school?

  20. Best way to alienate your child and have them lose all trust you; read their diary!
    I do not agree with doing that at all, no matter how bad things are. Once your teen finds out that you have breached their privacy and read their innermost thoughts then all trust in you is gone, and very difficult, if not impossible, to get back. Solves nothing and just makes things worse.

  21. i feel like they get mad/dislike her for not being perfect, cheerful and active. you can't dislike someone into being happy. if she's doing bad then she needs your help, not your punishment. you can't isolate and disown someone into acting better. being mad at her for not being so good and outgoing as she was when she were younger is sooo backwards. she'll feel bad and become less cheerful and outgoing. not that this behaviors would be justified if it had worked because it wouldn't be. it's still be deplorable even if it had the desired outcome.

    discipline is good. it has it's important uses. but you can't withdraw love because someone isn't "good enough" to deserve it. love is supposed to be unconditional. these parents are making the situation worse.

  22. School started six weeks ago and she already has 32 absences!!!
    Six weeks of school is only 30 days so she could only have 30 absences!!!
    Can someone do the maths PLEASE!!!

  23. They tried everything except pressing charges for theft, fraud and assault. 🤦🏾‍♀️ If there are no consequences kids will push boundaries beyond the laws.

  24. 😐😐😐 why took the condom at least you know she's safe from pregnancy rule 1 never take a teenager condoms 😑😑

  25. Sounds like my cousin: An absolute scumbag. I'm gonna have go see him every day for 4 years too. It sucks.

  26. This is my exact story. I ended up doing heroin, eating out of the garbage, and selling my parents jewelry. Today, I am in graduate school and almost 3 and a half years clean. All because my parents never gave up on me, and I got the help I needed.

    …also…"we took her condoms" "OMG SHES PREGNANT?!?!?!" …..jesus h 🙄🙄🙄🙄

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