Part 1 / Gender, Parents, Abortion & Federal Election / Intro with Faytene Grasseschi

as Parliament close late June and our leaders quickly pivoted towards full campaign mode there is no shortage of issues to talk about and issues that are concerning Canadians in so many ways Canada has walked off its map these past few years legalizing assisted suicide for the terminally ill some provinces requiring doctors who consciously object to the procedure to participate and now edging towards expanding who is eligible for it also legalizing recreational marijuana use for Canadians 18 and older when study after study showed that it negatively impacts brain development if used before the mid-20s and when respected doctors and medical associations advised against it being legalized for Canadians this young running unprecedented federal deficits for a non recession psycho pledging 1.4 billion to initiative such as funding international abortion and all across Canada seeing repeated court cases where people in institutions are seeking to defend their religious freedoms and conscience rights whether parents seeking to protect their right to raise their children according to their moral values in matters of sexuality Trinity Western seeking to defend its right to become an incredible are nonprofit groups seeking federal funding for summer jobs while still honoring their pro-life values for people of whom these types of trends are alarming the last several years have given no lack of material to chat about for people that work in the area of law and policy advocacy they have been given no lack of things to do one person that knows this full well is general legal counsel and director of law and policy for Arbor Canada Andres shootin R / Canada is committed to equipping reformed Christians for political action but also in advocating for Christian values in both our Parliament and our courts in his role with arpa Andre has appeared before the Supreme Court of Canada several lower courts parliamentary committees and has dialogue extensively with our national leaders I have invited him to be with us today to discuss what in his opinion we should be watching as we go towards this federal election and how we can be in dialogue with our leaders important issues like the ones I just rolled out I'm looking forward to introducing him to you so let's get to it

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